Difference Between Honda Accord and Hyundai Genesis

Honda Accord and Hyundai Genesis differ in many ways. The Honda Accord has an attractive design while the Hyundai Genesis is younger more to the qualities of some expensive sports cars.


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Honda Accord Vs Hyundai Genesis

The difference Between Honda Accord And Hyundai Genesis is that The Honda Accord is lighter and more fuel-efficient, with an 8-inch LCD touch screen, and exclusive lane-watch camera whereas the Hyundai is a little bigger and offers a turbocharged engine, high-performance suspension, leather seats as well as a sunroof as standard features.

Honda Accord Vs Hyundai Genesis

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Honda Accord is a premium car launched in the 19th century as a two-door hatchback. In 1979 sedan model was added to the existing model by making it a key selling car in the whole industry.

Hyundai Genesis is a four-door passenger car with a BH interior model. From the time of its launch, the model has seen the largest scale in the markets of the USA and China.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonHonda AccordHyundai Genesis
Body TypeHybridCoupe
First Generation Launch Date7th May 19762003
City Mileage 18.54 kmpl7.2 kpml
Fuel TypePetrolDiesel
Seating CapacityFiveFive

What is a Honda Accord?

Honda Accord is a car manufactured by the Honda Automobile Company. It was originally released in 1976 and it has been continuously produced through the present. 

It is best known for being the original Honda model, to be followed by other popular cars such as Civic and Insight. 

Honda Accord focuses mainly on four categories: passenger cars, hybrid electric vehicles, commercial trucks, and motorcycles. Today, there are many versions of this vehicle, including different colors and trims.

Pros of Honda Accord:

  • 17.1-gallon petrol tank and excellent gas mileage
  • Enticing engine compartment
  • One shift can get you from 0 to 60 mph at a good low cruising rpm.
  • Excellent drag coefficient (better with trunk spoiler)
  • The legroom in the back is excellent.
  • A large trunk
  • With the intake resonator gone, it sounds great.

Cons of Honda Accord:

  • It is a tad too heavy for its strength.
  • When shifting, the engine maintains a certain rpm for a short time (like it was designed to shift smoothly only with AC on)
  • For the first few applications, the brakes are a bit grabby.
  • There are no 40/60 rear seats available.
  • On tight left bends, visibility is reduced.
  • The rear brakes are drum brakes.

What is Hyundai Genesis?

Hyundai Genesis is a car manufactured by the Hyundai Motor Company, a South Korea-based company established in 1967. 

The company has since grown to export its products all over the world, including the United States where the production of cars for U.S customers hasn’t started up yet.

Hyundai Genesis is a car line of Hyundai manufactured from 2007-2017. In 2008, it won the North American Car of the Year award for its impressive ride. 

In 2010, Insurance Institute for Highway Safety awarded this vehicle an overall score of five stars in crash tests. This vehicle has over 8 different options to choose from with a range of mileage from 11 to 29 mpg.

It features a rear-wheel-drive system, 6-cylinder engine, and has different trim levels with available luxury features.

The 2012 Genesis, now seven years old and with more than 100,000 miles on the clock, has proven to be an exquisite, gorgeous, and trouble-free vehicle. They purchased one battery and had the oil changed regularly, as well as possibly one set of brakes.

Pros of Hyundai Genesis:

  • Hyundai has improved its quality control to such an extent that competitors refer to it as the Hyundai Curve.
  • It is a turbocharged manual coupe with LSD and rear-wheel drive. It’s a fantastic enthusiast’s vehicle.
  • It consumes fuel at a rate of 30-35 MPG on the highway and can adapt to run on 87–98 octane fuel.
  • With the push of a button, traction and stability control can be turned off completely.
  • Brembo brakes with 13.5-inch discs and Bridgestone Potenza Summer Sports tires provide superb cornering traction.
  • The Torsen Limited Slip Differential allows you to kick the back end out anywhere you choose, even up icy hills in the winter.

Cons of Hyundai Genesis:

  • Expensive
  • Slow automatic transmission.
  • Turbo lag.
  • Unflattering sound engine.
  • Mediocre sound system quality.

Main Differences Between Honda Accord And Hyundai Genesis

  1. Honda Accord engine capacity is 2.4L inline whereas the Hyundai Genesis engine capacity is 3.8L V6 valve.
  1. The Honda Accord engine produces horsepower up to the extent of 177 and the Honda Genesis engine produces horsepower up to the extent of 290.
  1. In regards to the comfort of the seat, the Honda Accord offers cloth trim seats and Hyundai Genesis offers leather seats.
  1. Honda Accord comes with an inbuilt 4 speaker sound system and Hyundai Genesis comes with an inbuilt 7speaker sound system.
  1. The Honda Accord uses a 6-speed manual to maximize its transmission while the Hyundai Genesis uses an 8-speed manual to maximize its transmission.
Difference Between Honda Accord And Hyundai Genesis
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