Nexus vs Global Entry Program: Difference and Comparison

To secure the shared border and maintain the security of ingoing and outgoing migrants, some security measures have been taken.

Nexus and Global Entry Program are both programs implemented by the respective governments to offer benefits and security to travelers entering Canada and the US.

There is an application process through which you can apply and be a member of either a program or both programs in unison.

Key Takeaways

  1. Nexus is between Canada and the United States, while Global Entry Program is between the United States and other countries.
  2. Both programs offer expedited clearance at airports and land borders, but Nexus also offers expedited clearance for marine travel.
  3. Nexus requires a separate interview and application process, while Global Entry Program does not require a separate application or interview for US citizens.

Nexus vs Global Entry Program

Nexus is a program for travelers who want to enter Canada. This program is handled by US customs, border protection and Canada border service agency. Global Entry Program is a program to enter the US. It is managed by US customs and border protection. People who applied for the Nexus program can also have benefits of a global entry program.

Nexus vs Global Entry Program

Nexus is a program implemented by the government which allows pre-screened U.S. and Canadian citizens to immediate border crossings.

These citizens are safe travelers who don’t have to face immigration and custom questioning all the time. The membership for the Nexus program is valid for 5 years.

Global Entry program is a government-based program implemented by the US custom and Border Protection. It is implemented for the safety of travelers.

Earlier, this program was implemented in the US only though now it is being expanded to Canada, Australia, and Japan. It allows the privilege of TSA Precheck.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonNexus ProgramGlobal Entry Program
Implemented ByThe US customs and Border protection implement the nexus program along with the Canada border service agency.US customs and Border protection implement the Global Entry program.
EligibilityUS citizen, permanent lawful resident, Canadian Citizen, a lawful Canadian resident.US citizen or permanent lawful resident.
PassportNot required for the application process.Required for the application process.
Travel IntoBoth Canada And the US.Into the US only.
Application Processing TimeIt takes a little longer.It doesn’t take that long.

What is Nexus Program?

The US and Canadian governments implement the Nexus program for passengers’ safety and easy traveling.

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This program is run by US customs and Border protection along with the Canada border service agency.

Through this program, the members can enjoy the benefits of TSA Precheck as well as of Global Entry program. They don’t have to be a member of the Global Entry program.

Being a member of this program, the passengers can travel easily without facing immigration questions into Canada and the US.

Also, they don’t have to remove their belts, shoes, and light outwear for the security screening. These benefits are for traveling through land, sea, and air.

Also, they can keep their laptops in their carry-on bags. The members don’t have to stand in lines for security checks, and they have a separate clearance criterion.

The eligibility criteria for applying to a Nexus program membership is to be a citizen or a permanent lawful US or Canadian resident. And have to pay the application fees.

The membership of the program is valid for 5 years. Children can also be a member of the program, though they will need guidance’s permission.

What is Global Entry Program?

The government of the US implements the Global Entry program. It is a customs and border protection program.

Identification is used of these members in the application process, making them pre-approved, low-risk, and safe travelers.

The eligibility is to be a permanent lawful resident of the US. And The applicants have to go through a background check and in-person interview.

They can use it when they travel into the US from Canada. Though like the nexus program, people cannot use this membership when they enter Canada from the US.

The members can identify themselves with the Global Entry Kiosk with their fingerprints and machine-readable passport to complete the customs declaration.

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The members don’t have to stay in lines for security checks or face custom questioning. The people traveling through air, land, and sea in the US can enjoy these benefits.

The program is run to speed the process, but if there is any violation of the program’s terms and conditions, action will be taken strictly.

It can also lead to the termination of the membership. Almost 40 airports in the US have the program going on, with more coming around slowly. The membership is valid for five years.

Main Differences Between Nexus And Global Entry Program

  1. The US customs and Border protection implement the nexus program along with the Canada border service agency. While the Global Entry program is run by US customs and Border protection only.
  2. The application fees of the Nexus program are just half of the Global entry program.
  3. The members of the Nexus program can use their membership cards to enter both the US and Canada. That means they have the benefits of the global entry program too. Though with the global entry program, members can enter the US from Canada but cannot enter Canada from the US.
  4. Both Canadian and US citizens can apply for the Nexus program. A Canadian Citizen can not apply for a global entry program.
  5. A passport is not required in the Nexus program application process while it is required in the global entry program application process.

Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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