Difference Between 14K And 14KT Gold

Precious metals have been in demand for special occasions. Be it silver, gold, diamond, or platinum, there are specific uses for all of them.

While the most varied implication is in the field of jewelry making, some people also use such metals as a means of investing their surplus income.

14K Gold vs 14KT Gold

The main difference between 14K Gold And 14KT Gold is that the former is a combination of fourteen karats of pure gold while the latter is an alloy made up of fourteen parts of gold and ten parts of other metals. These are the two purest forms of this yellow metal.

14K Gold vs 14KT Gold

14K Gold is highly famous for making jewelry and is one of the counterparts of 24 karat gold. The resale value of this type of gold is quite high.

Though it is much cheap in comparison to 14KT, it is not a good choice for those looking for durability. Investment in large quantities might backfire.

14KT Gold is an alloy. The ten other metals to be combined with the yellow metal should be such that they increase the mechanical properties of gold instead of downgrading them.

It is best used for creating gold biscuits and other hard objects. It allows the goldsmith to enhance quality.

Comparison Table Between 14K Gold And 14KT Gold

Parameters of Comparison14K Gold14KT Gold
Definition in Jewellery Industry14K Gold is 58.5% pure gold, referred to as fourteen karat gold. 14KT Gold (karat-troy) is alloyed with other essential silver-hued metals, thus losing its inherent purity.
BackgroundIt came into existence after the purity standards of 24K gold were halved. It owes all its combinations to the Aurum metal.
Composition14K Gold is 58.5% gold put to use with 41.5% similar metals.14KT Gold is made up of 58.5% gold, 17% copper, and 25% silver.
UsesIt is best used in making jewelry pieces. It finds use in the creation of hard gold pieces used for decorative purposes (not hollow from inside).
Distinctive Features14K Gold is best known for its “metallic yellow color” and also possesses calming values as per Hindu mythology. 14KT Gold is known mostly for its durable nature and lustrous appearance.

What is 14K Gold?

14K Gold is the basic form of gold used to make affordable jewelry pieces. Though it is not a scientifically formulated allow, the jewelry designing industry has experimented enough.

This type of gold is put to use in making bi-metallic or tri-metallic jewelry pieces. The combining metals mostly include silver and platinum.

In some cases, diamonds (or American diamonds) are also attached using welding procedures.

14K Gold possesses all the properties of the metal gold, found at the seventy-ninth spot in the periodic table (based on the atomic number).

As per the scientists, its name was formulated based on the Latin word that implies the color of shining dawn.

This explanation fits the context well and 14K gold is best known for its metallic yellow color that remains unaltered irrespective of exposure to severe climatic conditions and rigorous oxidation.

14K Gold has been around ever since hallmarking of gold based on karats was introduced in 1906 by the National Gold and Silver Stamping Act.

Other ways to regard gold of fourteen karat points include labeling it as 583 or 587. These numbers were decided based on chemical properties that can be enriched using alloying procedures on a wide scale.

What is 14KT Gold?

14KT Gold is also known as the most powerful alloy of gold mankind has come across to date. It has exceptional qualities that make it the choice of many fashion enthusiasts and elite society people.

To understand the significance better, it is essential to understand the essence of its properties.

They are often confused with malleability and ductility which have no known connection with the metallic properties of gold.

The durability of 14KT gold is akin to the dictionary meaning of durability, indicating that it lasts long. Thus, investing in this type turns out to be cost-effective in most cases.

As far as lustrous appearance is concerned, it owes its existence to the way ornaments or other objects are incorporated using gold.

The shine might decrease if the oxidizing process is left to happen freely. Some other properties of 14KT gold include lifelong strength and color constancy.

14KT Gold, unlike 14K Gold, is not measured using the standards of karat. It has a whole new means of ascertaining the quality of alloy – a troy.

This might come as a surprise to most gold enthusiasts but one to fourteen troys help in evaluating the purity of 14KT gold (that’s why the ‘t’ in the designation).

Main Differences Between 14K Gold And 14KT Gold

  1. 14K Gold can be expanded as fourteen karat gold while 14KT Gold can be expanded as fourteen karat-troy gold.
  2. The journey of 14K gold began to reduce the softness of 24K gold to half while 14KT gold was formulated to improve the existing metallic properties.
  3. The purity of 14K gold is 58.5% while 14KT gold becomes contaminated due to subsequent alloying for enhancing the properties.
  4. The uses of 14K include making of moulded jewellery while 14KT gold is used to make articles with a gold filling, including biscuits and other decorative pieces.
  5. 14K gold has got its high reverence owing to its color while 14KT gold has high durability and lustre.


Choosing gold ornaments over those of other elements is nothing new. Countries are even graded based on their gold reserves.

As far as the condition of the economy is concerned, the prices of gold play a crucial role in determining the ups and downs. Once the trend begins, the purchasing power is affected considerably.

Considering the different standards of gold has become important owing to the prevalence of fake gold circulating in many developed and developing countries.

That being said, it becomes necessary for the buyer to check for hallmarks and invest the hard-earned money only in authentic gold pieces.


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