14K vs 18K Gold: Difference and Comparison

Gold jewellery has become a fashion nowadays. Whenever there is a function or party, people used to wear jewellery so that it acts as a complement to their dress.

There are different varieties of gold karats available in the market. Based on their requirements, people will either buy 14K gold or 18K gold for their jewellery. 

Key Takeaways

  1. 14K gold contains 58.5% gold and 41.5% alloy, while 18K gold comprises 75% gold and 25% alloy.
  2. 18K gold has a higher content and appears yellow than 14K gold.
  3. 14K gold is more durable and resistant to wear and tear than 18K gold due to its higher alloy content.

14K vs 18K Gold

Pure gold makes up 75% of 18k gold. 18k gold appears more vibrant and brighter. Compared to 14k rose gold, 18k rose gold looks more brassy. In contrast, pure gold makes up about 58.3% of 14k gold. It offers greater durability and resistance to deterioration, the best fit for an active lifestyle.

14K vs 18K Gold

14K is gold which is available in the market. Since it contains both gold and other metals mixed, it is less expensive in the market compared with other products.


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If you maintain proper care and all the necessary safety requirements, it will last for any number of years. If you find it changing into black color or something, you can always polish it from a nearby gold shop so that it will again look like a new one. 

18K is a gold variety used for making gold ornaments. It should be maintained well so that it will last for a long time. This contains more gold than the normal metals so that the gold jewellery will look brighter.

If you want to test whether it is real gold or not, you can easily identify it by keeping it near the magnet so that the metals will get attracted to it. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of Comparison14K Gold18K Gold
Gold Mixture58.3%75%
Metal Mixture41.7%25%
Metals usedCopper, Nickel, Silver, and ZincCopper, Silver, and other Alloys
Perfect forLightweight chainsRings
RateLess expensiveMore expensive

What is 14K Gold?

14K gold is one of the real golds that are available in the markets. The special thing about this gold is that it contains 58.3% of pure gold mixture, and the rest of it will be occupied by 41.7% of other mixtures.

The other mixtures are metals that are involved in the process of making the gold are copper, nickel, silver, and zinc. The whole gold content is 24. Of those 24 parts, only 14 parts are with a mixture of gold.

The best thing about this gold is when we compare it with other karats of gold in the market, this is somewhat less expensive in the overall karats.

Some people have this belief that their wedding jewellery should be made only in pure gold and not in other metals and mixtures. In that case, the gold will be made in the form of 24K so that the whole mixture will be 100% pure gold. 

The problem with 14K gold is that you should maintain it properly while you are wearing it. If you fail to take, proper care of it will start to tarnish. Since it contains other metals, you should leave it in water or any other liquid mixture. 

14k gold

What is 18K Gold?

18K is gold that is used for making ornaments. In this, it will contain more gold mixture and a small number of other metals, so people who are finding to buy jewels with some gold and some metal mixture can go for it.

Since it contains more gold mixture than a metal mixture, the price of the product will be high in the market. This type of gold will be ideal for buying rings.

In 18K, the gold will contain a mixture of 75% pure gold, and the rest will be occupied by 25% of other metals. The metals which are occupied in these golds are copper, silver, and other alloys.

So that the weight of the jewellery will increase when you weigh it in a shop, comparing it with 22K and 24K gold jewellery, it is at a very affordable price for those who want to buy more jewellery for their wedding. 

If you are a woman and would like to wear gold every day daily, then 18K gold will be perfect for you. Since it is not pure gold, you have to take proper care of it when it comes to maintaining it.

Otherwise, it will start to rust, and the surfaces will become tarnished. Taking proper care is very much important when it comes to wearing gold jewelry. 

18k gold 1

Main Differences Between 14K and 18K Gold

  1. In 14K gold, the amount of gold mixture used will be 58.3%. On the other hand, the amount of gold mixture used will be 75%.
  2. The metals that are used in the 14K gold are copper, nickel, silver, and zinc. The metals that are used in the 18K gold are copper, silver, and other alloys.
  3. When you compare the rates of 14K and 18K gold jewellery, 14K is less expensive, and 18K is more expensive because of the amount of gold mixture used.
  4. 14K gold is very lightweight and would be better to go with chains. On the other hand, 18K would go better with rings.
  5. The rest of the metal mixture used in the 14K gold is 41.7%. The rest of the metal mixture used in the 18K gold is 25%.
Difference Between 14K and 18K Gold
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