14K vs 24K Gold: Difference and Comparison

Currently, investing in gold gives a higher return in the future, and also the demand for gold is increasing steeply in the markets all over the world.

So, it is essential to know the types of gold, their uses, and what gold has demanded to make the right investment. The two common gold, 14K and 24K shares similar features but also vary in many parameters.

Key Takeaways

  1. 14K gold contains 58.3% gold, while 24K is 99.9% pure gold.
  2. 24K gold is softer and more malleable than 14K gold.
  3. 14K gold is more durable and resistant to scratches due to its alloy composition.

14K vs 24K Gold

The difference between 14K and 24K gold is the measurement of purity. 24K gold is known to be the maximum pure gold that is available in the market while 14K gold is less pure comparatively. When the karat number is less, it means that there are impurities added to the gold and they are not completely made up of gold.

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14 karat gold consists of 58% of gold and 42% of other elements like zinc, copper, and other impurities. Generally, it is less expensive in comparison to other karat gold in the market.

The color of 14 karat gold will be paler yellow than gold since it contains more impurities rather than gold.

24 karat gold is the 100% pure gold that is existing in the market. As it is the purest form of gold, it has the brightest yellow color. Generally, this pure gold will be easy to bend and soft as there are no impurities or other metals involved in its formation.

Comparison Table

Parameters of Comparison14K Gold24K Gold
Purity14K gold is a gold alloy as it contains both gold and other metals.24K gold is the purest form of gold in the market and it is 100% made up of gold.
Hardness14K gold is more harder and durable than 24K gold.24K gold is not hard as they are made up of only gold.
Cost14K is cheaper in comparison to the 24K gold.24K gold is the most expensive gold in the market.
Color14K has a color of pale yellow as they contain impurities. 24K has a color of brighter yellow as they contain only gold.
Suitability14K gold is widely used to make rings, lockets, etc.24K gold cannot be used to make rings as they easily bend & do not serve the purpose.

What is 14K Gold?

14 karat gold is the combination of both gold and other metals. It is known as a gold alloy as they contain 58% of gold and 42% of other metals like zinc, copper, silver, and other impurities.

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Since they contain a higher amount of impurities, these golds are more resistant to wear and tear. They can be used to make jewelry of activewear and usage.

14 karat gold is harder and also stands for a longer duration as it is not made up of gold alone and contains some other metals. The mixture of other metals gives the 14K gold a harder element.

Due to the feature of hardness, they are widely used for making pieces of jewelry like rings, lockets for necklaces, etc. They are durable in nature.

Since it is not the purest form of gold and contains less proportion of gold, 14 karat gold is less expensive in comparison to the other gold with higher karat value. As more the karat value, the more proportion of gold they contain.

They have high market value and are highly demanded all over the world. Hence, investing in 14K gold is a good investment as it provides a higher yield of returns.

14k gold

What is 24K Gold?

24 karat gold is completely 100% made of gold and does not contain any other metals or impurities. It was known as the purest form of gold all over the world available in the market.

Since they contain only gold, there are not resistant to wear and tear and are prone to damage or scratches easily. Hence, they cannot be used to make jewelry or activewear and usage.

24 karat gold is not harder in nature as they are made of gold that has the chemical properties of being easily bendable and curved. As they are not alloy metal, it is difficult to make jewelry out of them.

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Since they lack the feature of hardness, there are also not durable in nature and prone to damage. However, their demand in the market never takes a step back.

Since they contain only gold, they are very expensive in comparison to any other karat gold in the market. They have a color of brightest yellow and shiny appearance while wearing a piece of jewelry made out of it.

24 karat gold is high in demand all over the world and hence, investing in 24K gold gives you a higher return in the future than making investments in other gold.


Main Differences Between 14K and 24K Gold

  1. 14K gold is cheaper in comparison to 24K gold as the demand for 24K gold is high in the market.
  2. 14K gold can be used to make pieces of jewelry like rings, bangles, lockets for the necklace while 24K gold cannot be used to make them as they get scratched or damaged easily.
  3. 14K gold is harder than 24K gold
  4. 14K gold has a paler yellow in color while 24K gold has a brighter yellow and shines brighter than 14K gold.
  5. 14K gold contains impurities and other metals while 24K gold does not contain any impurities or metals and contains 100% gold.
Difference Between 14K and 24K Gold
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Last Updated : 07 July, 2023

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