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Difference Between Hycodan and Tussionex

Hycodan and Tussionex are mixes that incorporate opiate cough meds used to treat cough. Hycodan is joined with an anticholinergic medication that neutralizes the opiate to forestall an excess.


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Tussionex is joined with an antihistamine and is additionally used to oversee cold and sensitivity indications. 

Both the medicines react with other medicines. So when visiting a doctor, do mention all the medicines you already are taking.

Hycodan vs Tussionex

The difference between Hycodan and Tussionex is the method of release. Hycodan acts promptly and should be allowed like clockwork every 4 hours while Tussionex is a postponed discharge drug that ought to be allowed at regular intervals of 12 hours.

Hycodan vs

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Hycodan includes homatropine methylbromide and hydrocodone bitartrate. The last part is blended in with hydrocodone in insignificant sums to debilitate the capability of excess.

Hycodan is shown to alleviate the manifestations of hacking in the two grown-ups and kids six years of age or more. Hycodan tablets are white-colored, biconvex tablets with one side emblazoned with the brand name “Hycodan” and another side smooth and plain.

Tussionex contains hydrocodone. It arrives in a mix of hydrocodone and chlorpheniramine.

Tussionex arrives in a drawn-out discharge suspension and is additionally utilized in giving alleviation to hacks and upper respiratory lot manifestations that might be related to colds or sensitivities. This arrangement can be utilized by the two grown-ups and kids six years of age or more.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonHycodanTussionex
Chemical Reference The chemical reference for Hycodan is chlorpheniramine and hydrocodone.The chemical reference for Tussionex is hydrocodone bitartrate and homatropine methylbromide.
Available FormsHycodan comes in both liquid as well as tablet form.Tussionex comes only in liquid form.
Time IntervalsHycodan is to be taken every 4-6 hours.Tussionex is to be taken every 12 hours.
Intake QuantityHycodan for grown-ups and kids 12 years and more is  5 mL (1 tsp) of the oral arrangement each 4 to 6 hours or one tablet on a need basis. Tussionex’s typical portion is 5 ml two times per day.
ComponentsHycodan has homatropine methylbromide.Tussionex has chlorpheniramine.

What is Hycodan?

Hycodan is utilized to ease a dry hack generally brought about by the normal cold or different conditions as recommended by your PCP. Diminishing a hack assists you with getting more rest and rest. Hycodan is made by combining 2 prescriptions, homatropine and hydrocodone. 

Hydrocodone is a narcotic cough suppressant that chips away at specific focuses in the cerebrum to stop the desire to hack. Homatropine has a spot with a class of drugs known as anticholinergics.

This medicine is by and large utilized for momentary treatment. It ought not to be utilized for determining coughs from smoking or long-haul breathing issues or cough with a ton of bodily fluid or liquids except if coordinated by your PCP. 

Hydrocodone is a medication utilized in treating torment and stifling hacks. This semi-engineered narcotic medication is regularly joined with painkillers like acetaminophen or paracetamol.

This medication can be habit-forming; along these lines, it is viewed as a physician-recommended drug in many nations. It passes by different trademarks in different nations relying upon the maker.

Narcotic hack suppressants ought not to be utilized in kids more youthful than 18 years. Kids are at higher danger for genuine incidental effects, particularly breathing issues.

Consult with the specialist about the dangers and advantages of this medicine. hack and cold items don’t fix colds. Cough because of a typical virus regularly shouldn’t be treated with medication. 

What is Tussionex?

Tussionex is utilized to treat hacks and different side effects brought about by the normal cold or hypersensitivities. This item contains 2 meds: hydrocodone and chlorpheniramine. 

Hydrocodone is a narcotic hack suppressant that follows up on a specific piece of the cerebrum to decrease the inclination to hack. Chlorpheniramine is an antihistamine that assists with irritated eyes/nose/throat, easing watery eyes, sniffling, and runny nose.

Narcotic hack suppressants ought not to be utilized in kids more youthful than 18 years. Kids are at higher danger for genuine incidental effects, particularly breathing issues.

Consult with the specialist about the dangers and advantages of this prescription. Cough and cold meds don’t fix colds that easily. 

Shake this bottle well before each portion. Cautiously measure the portion. Do utilize an estimating gadget/spoon. Try to avoid the utilization of a family spoon since you may not get the right portion.

Try not to blend this medicine in with different fluids or meds. Doing as such can deliver the entirety of the medication without a moment’s delay, expanding the danger of incidental effects.

Main Differences Between Hycodan and Tussionex

  1. Hycodan consists of homatropine methylbromide while Tussionex consists of chlorpheniramine. 
  2. Hycodan is available in both tablet and fluid structures while Tussionex just arrives in a fluid suspension. 
  3. Hycodan can not be taken more than 30ml in 24 hrs whereas Tussionex can only be taken 10ml in 24 hours.
  4. Hycodan needs to be taken once in 4-6 hours while Tussionex needs to be taken only once in 12 hours.
  5. Chemical compounds of Hycodan are chlorpheniramine and hydrocodone while Tussionex is hydrocodone bitartrate and homatropine methylbromide.

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