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Difference Between American Bulldog and Pit Bull

Pets are the best friends of many. We love to play with dogs and cats. It makes us relax and give us peace. Many coffee shops give a chance to play with different types of dogs and cats.


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Around 470 million pets holders in the world. And the majority of people love to keep the dog as their pet. But it is vital to take care of your pets both physically and mentally.

American Bulldog Vs Pit Bull

The difference between American Bulldog and Pit Bull is, they have different snouts and heads. They are two different breeds but, people misconception the American bulldog as a pit bull. The knowledge of their breeds helps you to choose the correct dog. Both have minor similarities that lead to the misconception. People are also confused with American Bully that is a completely different breed.

American Bulldog Vs Pit Bull

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The American Bulldog is royal, assertive, and confident. They are in many colors like white, brown, red, fawn, brindle. The male dog is attractive than a female dog. The hill dog and country dog are other names for American bulldog.

It is a member of the American Kennel Club(AKC) and Foundation Stock Services(FSS). It is considered the cultural icon of the United States of America. American Bulldog is used in dog sports and showcases.

The Pit Bull is an Old American dog. It is descended from Bulldog and terriers. Occasionally crossbreed between Pit Bull and American Bulldog happens. It is popular for its dogfighting.

Pit Bull is now widely used as a pet dog around the world. There are many restrictions to get the ownership of Pit Bull breeds by breed-specific legislation.

Comparison Table

Parameters on comparisonAmerican BulldogPit Bull
DefinitionThe American Bulldog has a round face with cute little ears, and it is a brilliant dogThe Pit Bull has a long head and ears and a bulky body type.
ColorWhite, Brindle, BrownRed, black, buckskin
HeightMale:50-71 cm
WeightMale: 30-58kg
Male: 15-27kg
Female:13-22 kg
Lifespan10-15 years8-15 years
Head shapeRound in shapeSquare in shape with a long nose

What is American Bulldog?

The American Bulldog looks like a pug dog. It has a round little face with cute ears. It is brilliant and learns things fastly. It is represented as strong and tough. Most American people have American Bulldog as their pet.

It has a very well-structured body. Its body filled with muscles on half of its weight. It is called a muscular dog. It is originated in America and found in the early 1700.

It is a companion to the whole family as well as a good protector. Its V-shaped ears make a cap to its head. They are also used for hunting in America.

It is used as a guard dog for its brilliance and protection from enemies. Once it is trained it Remember everything has a good memory power.

Children are attracted by these. The young puppies are quite hyperactive.

American Bulldogs have high energy levels and need to practice socialization in young days itself to avoid aggression when it becomes adult. Because of its good sensitivity, it is considered a good family dog.

They have trained easily because of their enthusiasm like humans.

The American Bulldogs are healthy but affected by many diseases like cherry eye, dental disease, bight by parasites. Before reach, to a high level, it is suggested that consulting the doctors to prevent the infections.

It is vital to take care of your pet. Keep an eye on its vaccination, hygiene, and its food. Its hygiene also affects the children who are in the home.

american bulldog

What is Pit Bull?

The Pit Bull is super active and energetic. They have a long square-shaped face. It is not a single dog instead it is a huge breed. It is originated in the united kingdom and founded in the early 17 century.

Pit Bull is highly used in police work for its athleticism. They are addicted to many families even if is a member of its family. It is a hard-working dog with confidence and royal.

The environment must be good for the dog else there is a chance of doing antisocial things. It must have cared very well. There is a history of considering these as dangerous dogs just because of their owners and their parenting.

They have a good personality and that makes them participate in various sports eagerly. It has become one of the members of families in recent days.

The Pit Bull dog is healthy and has a good immune system, still, it is affected by many diseases like allergies, cherry eye, etc. It gets infected easily by poor hygiene.

You must care about its hygiene make its bath at least twice a day and keep an eye on its regular checkups and vaccinations. Be a good Pet lover will be a good doctor too.


Main Difference Between American Bulldog and Pit Bull

  1. The American Bulldog will grow up to 71 cm, and The Pitbull will grow to 53 cm.
  2. The American Bulldog weighs around 58 kg and the Pitbull weighs around 27kg.
  3. American Bulldog has a round shape face and The Pitbull has a square shape face.
  4. The American Bulldog is available in white, brown, fawn, Pitbull is available in red, black, and buckskin.
  5. The American Bulldogs are affected by dental disease whereas Pitbull is affected by allergies.
  6. The American Bulldog has its origin in America, and The Pitbull has its origin in the United Kingdom.
Difference Between American Bulldog and Pit Bull
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