Difference Between French Bulldog and Boston Terrier

People are often fond of several things in their lives. To bring those things in their possession and take care of them is their responsibility. However, some people like to adopt animals and pet them.


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The most common domestic animal that is petted by people is a dog. There are several breeds and species of dogs that are available today. These species have different characteristic features and adaptations.

They are different from one another in physical appearances or other features. Two of these breeds are 1. French Bulldog and 2. Boston Terrier.

French Bulldog vs Boston Terrier

The difference between a French bulldog and a Boston terrier is their development. The French bulldogs were developed by the species bulldogs and they were developed in France, on other hand, the Boston terriers were developed in the United States of America by the species terriers.

French Bulldog vs Boston Terrier

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In the middle of the nineteenth century, a species of dogs called the terriers was found. They were found in Paris, France. As they were found in France, they are acknowledged as “French bulldogs”.

Their temper is moderate and they are considered as companion dogs.

The species of dogs with special characteristics like short tail, markings on the body, erect ears etc, that we’re originated in the United States of America, are known as the Boston terriers.

They are also known as the “American Gentlemen”. They are one of the most popular pet dogs.

Comparison Table

Parameters Of ComparisonFrench BulldogBoston Terrier
OriginParis, FranceThe United States of America
SkullFlat and domedRound shaped
HeightComparatively shorterComparatively taller
Lifespan12-14 years11-13 years
TypeWatch dogsCompanions

What is a French Bulldog?

The French bulldog is one of the species of dogs that originated in Paris, France.

The characteristic features of a French Bulldog are different from that of a Boston terrier. In the United Kingdom, after the Labrador Retriever and before the Cocker Spaniel the French bulldog was exported.

The history of the origin of the French bulldogs dates back to the year 1835.

Several workers from Nottingham immigrated to Normandy, France because they faced severe displacement because of the Industrial Revolution and thereafter, they brought several dogs in the country.

Later in the year 1885, even Americans imported the French bulldogs to experiment with their breeding programs of the same species but in American labs.

In the year 1896, the French bulldog was first displayed at a dog show. Later on, these dog shows started accepting more entries for the French bulldog.

The structure of the French bulldogs is slightly flattened towards their ears and as we move further towards their eyes it is dome-shaped. The ears of these dogs are upright and erect.

They are sometimes stubborn and they show fewer activities and it becomes difficult for the owner to train them. Their nature is lazy and they require training from the experts.

What is a Boston Terrier?

The Boston terrier is a dog breed. It has a different structure and temper than that of the French bulldog. It is often distinguished from the French bulldog by observing the colour and body markings.

It originated in the United States of America. Their tails are short and their physical appearance is compact and small.

The other names by which the Boston terrier is acknowledged includes the Boston bull, Boston bull terrier, however, the most popular name by which they are acknowledged is the American gentlemen.

The female Boston terrier can reproduce up to six puppies. The entire breed is one of the most popular breeds.

The information about the species became well-known in the year 1875. They are renowned for their size and overall appearance. They are small and easy to pet.

They have got a mild temperament. Their coat is generally white but in some rare cases, it is different in colour. The eyes are the distinguishing feature of this breed.

People find it easy to pet this dog of this breed because their maintenance is less and thus fewer expenses are incurred. They also require minimal grooming and they easily get mixed with humans, especially children.

Their grooming include brushing their teeth, trimming and cleaning their nails, bathing can be occasional.

Main Differences Between French Bulldog and Boston Terrier

  1. The French bulldog is comparatively shorter than the Boston terrier.
  2. The French bulldog weighs more than the Boston terrier. The weight of a French bulldog is approximately more than twelve kilograms, on the other hand, the weight of a Boston terrier is approximately seven to eleven kilograms.
  3. The French bulldog is a watchdog as well as a companion dog, on the other hand, the Boston terrier is a companion dog.
  4. The coat of the French bulldog is shorter than the coat of the Boston terrier.
  5. The French bulldog is comparatively less active than the Boston terrier.
  6. The French bulldog has more lifespan than the bottom terrier. The French bulldog has a the lifespan of nearly 12-14 years, on the other hand, the lifespan of a Boston terrier is 11-13 years.
  7. It is challenging to train a French bulldog, on the other hand, it is easy to train a Boston terrier.
  8. The ears of a French bulldog are upright and erect, on the other hand, the ears of a Boston terrier are either trimmed or left as they are.
  9. The French bulldog, as the name suggests, originated in Paris, France, on the other hand, the Boston terrier originated in the united states of America.
Difference Between French Bulldog and Boston Terrier
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