Aluminum vs Vinyl Windows: Difference and Comparison

Once a building is ready, the next important thing is choosing the right type of windows and doors that will match the design as a whole.

As we have several material options available now, the selection becomes a bit more tricky. Aluminium and vinyl are two such popular materials that gets used widely in the making of windows.

Key Takeaways

  1. Aluminum windows are lightweight, strong, and durable, while vinyl windows are energy-efficient and low-maintenance.
  2. Aluminum windows offer a modern, sleek appearance and can be easily painted, while vinyl windows have a more traditional look and are available in fewer color options.
  3. Vinyl windows have better insulation properties and reduce energy costs, whereas aluminum windows can transfer heat and cold more easily.

Aluminium vs Vinyl Windows

The difference between aluminium and vinyl windows is that aluminium windows are mostly get used in commercial buildings for their customizable nature, whereas vinyl windows are more popular in homes. No change in climate can affect aluminium windows however, vinyl windows do not handle intense changes that occur in the environment.

Aluminum vs Vinyl Windows

Aluminum is a strong material that gets used in the making of window frames, and its durability takes care of the windows for a long time. However, it requires fixing more often.

The texture, colour and shape can get customised, and therefore it is very popular in commercial buildings to match the overall modern outlook.

Vinyl is a great durable window frame for home use. It gives the traditional look of a wood frame but is not feeble like wood. It can withstand any sort of climate, although it is not as strong as aluminium.

It requires less maintenance and fixings, and repainting it frequently is not possible.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonAluminum WindowsVinyl Windows
Durability This type of window is known to be very durable in all seasons.These windows are durable but they do not handle extreme changes in temperature well.
Used inAluminum windows are widely popular in commercial buildings.Vinyl windows are more popular for homes than commercial buildings.
ColourAluminum windows are customizable when it comes to their colours.Vinyl windows can not be repainted so once you pick the colour, you can not change it.
MaintenanceIt requires a minimum amount of maintenance.Generally, it does not need any maintenance.
ExpenseAluminum windows are more costly.Comparatively, vinyl windows are less expensive.

What are Aluminum Windows?

Aluminum is a common item to get used in the making of windows. The frame of aluminium gets painted over with a wooden coating thus, the look may not appear very realistic. The added coating gives it a smooth finished look.

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If you go for powder-coated enamel, the look will seem very modern; thus, this window is very popular for commercial buildings.

The trendy architecture gets complimented well with aluminium windows. However, these window frames are prone to get dents and corrosion. Its colour gets faded easily too.

Steel or zinc fasteners get used in making aluminium windows, and with time they get corrode. The corrosion situation worsens in coastal towns that retain salty air.

The scorching sun can also cause the colour of the aluminium windows to fade.

Even though aluminium windows are mainly used in commercial buildings, houses with big windows opt for this type of window frame. The strength of the aluminium is appropriate to hold such huge windows and also provides impact resistance.

aluminum windows 1

What is Vinyl Windows?

Vinyl window frames are very durable and are capable of bearing dents more efficiently. It gets chosen for homes more than commercial places. These frames are comparatively thicker than aluminium. The texture of this window gets a smooth finish.

If you are looking for a wood-like texture and look but also want a durable material, then vinyl is ideal. It would give a wood-like vibe but is better than wood as it is much more durable.

Vinyl can stand strongly against dents and corrosion. Vinyl getting damaged is a very rare case.

The cost of vinyl is way less than any other material for making window frames. Also, when it comes to insulation, vinyl windows will prove to be better. Vinyl minimizes heat transfer, so it is a good way to improve energy efficiency.

vinyl windows

Main Differences Between Aluminum and Vinyl Windows

  1. Aluminium windows are long-lasting, and they are durable in every season. It can withstand any climate but vinyl windows, on the other hand, can not bear intense changes in temperature very well.
  2. Aluminium windows are widely used in commercial buildings, and vinyl windows are mostly used in homely buildings.
  3. Aluminium windows can be taken in any colour and get customized; however, vinyl windows can not be repainted, so once you select the colour, it can not be changed.
  4. Aluminium windows require a minimum amount of maintenance, but vinyl windows, on the contrary, do not need any maintenance at all.
  5. Aluminium windows cost way more than vinyl windows, and the maintenance cost is also next to none when it comes to vinyl windows.
  6. Aluminium windows are less energy-efficient, and vinyl windows have better energy efficiency.
Difference Between Aluminum and Vinyl Windows
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Last Updated : 21 June, 2023

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