Difference Between Aluminum Fences and Iron Fences

Aluminum and iron are two metals taken from the earth. These two are using as raw materials in many products.
Aluminum is extracted from bauxite and Iron is extracted from iron ore.


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Aluminum Fences vs Iron Fences

The difference between aluminum fences and iron fences is that the aluminum fences can not rust, and the iron fences can rust. The aluminum gates are lighter, and they are easy to handle. The iron fences are strong are intricate to install because its heaviness. But in some secured or prohibited places, iron fences are recommended for their strength and durability. The aluminum fences are cheap compared to iron fences. The aluminum fences attract by their design, and it is maintenance-free aspect. The iron fences become a preference for people for its security and durability.

Aluminum Fences vs Iron Fences

The aluminum fences are light weighted and easy to install. They are available at a low cost. It is a stylish option that makes our home more attractive from the outside.

The iron fences consist of wrought iron. That is an alloy with a minimal content of carbon. It acts as a security guard for your home with its strength.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonAluminum FencesIron Fences
RustAluminum fences can not rustIron fences can rust
MaintenanceAluminum fences need not require extra maintenanceIron fences need maintenance
CostAluminum fences are cheaperIron fences are expensive
TypeAluminum fences are lighterIron fences are heavier
PurposesAluminum fences are used for householdIron fences are used for commercial properties
Easy to repairAluminum loses its shape in repairingIron looks the same even after repair.

What are Aluminum Fences?

The aluminum fences are exposed to ultraviolet rays and get damaged. It is maintenance-free, and it is available at budget prices.

The aluminum fences are easy to clean and maintain. They are weather bearing and cable to resist any weather conditions. The aluminum fences are cost-efficient and available at cheap rates in online stores.

The aluminum fences are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. By powder coating, they have many colors. The colors applied by the electrostatic process and smoked to heat to make a smooth surface.

aluminum fences

What are Iron Fences?

The iron fences are a barrier to the unwanted things that come from inside and protect the property. It closes the yard and keeps the children and dogs playing inside.

The iron fences act as lattices for plants that spread like ribbons. The plants like beans, Cucumber need aid to grow. The iron fences give support to the plants and make them grow faster.

The iron fences first introduced in England in 1710. The iron fences made by molding and compressing the iron ore. Sometimes it is damaged by heavy molding.

iron fences

Main Differences Between Aluminum Fences and Iron Fences

  1. Aluminum fences are used for household, and iron fences are used for commercial buildings.
  2. Aluminum fences are lighter, and iron fences are heavier.
Difference Between Aluminum Fences and Iron Fences


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