Tennis Shoes vs Running Shoes: Difference and Comparison

Running and tennis are two different physical activities in which maximum work is done by feet and considering this fact, separate shoes are available in the market for tennis and running purposes.

It is significant to use the right type of footwear while playing a particular sport. Tennis shoes are slightly heavy as compared to running shoes.

Key Takeaways

  1. Tennis shoes are designed for lateral movement, providing support and stability during court sports.
  2. Running shoes prioritize cushioning and shock absorption for forward motion during running.
  3. The outsole of tennis shoes is more durable and flat, while running shoes have a more flexible and curved sole.

Tennis Shoes vs Running Shoes

Tennis shoes are designed for quick side-to-side movements, have durable soft soles for grip on the court, and are slightly heavy and suitable for casual wear. Running shoes are made for forward motion and have cushioned soles for shock absorption and comfort during longer runs with lighter weight.

Tennis Shoes vs Running Shoes

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Tennis shoes are mainly designed for playing tennis and considering the tennis court that consequently enhances the experience of players by providing them enormous comfort.

For a quick moment on the tennis court, lateral support is provided in the shoes. These shoes are majorly available in the shoe store of athletic.

Running shoes are commonly available in different styles and designs and are made from rubber. These shoes are used for running purposes and are further categorized based on their stability element.

Running shoes are lightweight and provide stability to the runners by providing an inbuilt heel.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonTennis ShoesRunning Shoes
UsageThese shoes are particularly designed for tennis players by considering the tennis court.These shoes are designed for runners.
DesignTennis shoes are designed ideally for lateral and other movements from one side to another and provide better lateral stability.Running shoes are designed by keeping the forefoot flexible and the midfoot will be made rigid that avoid excess movement.
AvailabilityThey are available selectively in athletic shoe stores.They are commonly available in every shoe store.
CushionThese shoes have less cushioning as compared to running shoes.Running involves repetitive movement and due to this reason, these shoes have more cushioning.
WeightTennis shoes are slim but slightly heavy.These shoes are light weighted.

What are Tennis Shoes?

Tennis shoes, as the name suggests, are designed for tennis players. These shoes are made by considering the tennis court.

They are slightly heavy and mainly designed with higher side padding that facilitates higher movement by protecting the ankles. Tennis shoes were first released by Adidas in the year 1931.

Since then, these shoes get famous among tennis players.

The cost or the pricing of these shoes depends on the model, brand, and style of the shoes. Tennis shoes have a low rubber sole that helps the tennis players conveniently move from one side to another and for lateral movements.

The sole is designed in such a way that it avoids rolled ankles.

tennis shoes

What are Running Shoes?

Running shoes are designed and manufactured for running purposes or, in other words, for the forward movement of runners. They have better cushioning that helps in repetitive forward motion performed during running.

Usually, a pair of running shoes last for three to four months for regular runners.

Running shoes are further categorized into various types that, include road-running shoes, trail running shoes, and cross-training shoes.

Road-running shoes are light and flexible and are mainly used by those who run on track, road, and treadmills. Trail running shoes are used for off-road running routes, including obstacles like mud and rocks.

Cross-training shoes, on the other way, are designed for cross-activities like gym workouts and balance activities.

running shoes

Main Differences Between Tennis Shoes and Running Shoes

  1. Tennis and running shoes are designed for specific purposes. Tennis shoes are made for tennis players and designed by considering the tennis court specifically. On the contrary, running shoes are multipurpose. They can be used for running, walking, and while performing cross activities.
  2. Shoe design is an important factor that differentiates one from another. Tennis shoes are designed ideally for lateral and other movements from one side to another and provide better lateral stability. On the other side, running shoes are designed by keeping the forefoot flexible, and the midfoot will be made rigid to avoid excess movement.
  3. In the market worldwide, there are numerous shoe stores. Running shoes are commonly available in various styles and models in every shoe store. But Tennis shoes are purposefully manufactured for tennis sports, and hence these shoes are available in athletic shoe stores.
  4. Tennis and running shoes are used for specific sports, and each sport has a different physical movement that consequently affects the design and technology used while manufacturing. Running involves repetitive movement, and due to this reason, running shoes have more cushioning as compared to tennis shoes.
  5. Tennis shoes are slim but slightly heavy, which facilitates agility. These shoes have thin padding. On the other hand, running shoes are light weighted with thick and soft heels that provide shock absorption.
Difference Between Tennis Shoes and Running Shoes

Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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