Difference Between Running and Cross Training Shoes

We need shoes whenever we run or do some training. Doing it with normal sandals or without any support on our feet is not a good idea. It will make our condition worse.


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There are shoes designed specifically for people who want to run, and they call them running shoes. And some shoes want to do training, and they are called cross-training shoes. 

Key Takeaways

  1. Running shoes are designed for forward motion and provide cushioning and support for runners, while cross-training shoes are versatile for various sports and activities.
  2. Cross-training shoes offer more lateral support and stability for multidirectional movements, whereas running shoes emphasize cushioning for impact absorption.
  3. Running shoes prioritize lightweight design and flexibility, while cross-training shoes may be heavier and sturdier.

Running vs Cross Training Shoes

The difference between running and cross-training shoe is running shoe is designed specifically for people who run on a race. But cross-training shoes are designed for people who do training at a gym or some other place. Running shoes are even used as sneakers. But cross-training shoes cannot be used as sneakers. 

Running vs Cross Training Shoes

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Running shoes are available in the market, especially for runners. These will give them much-needed support while running. But for that, they have to pick the right pairs of shoes then only it will help them.

Otherwise, it will cause injuries while they run. A good leather sole will make a running shoe better, and it will give you a good grip. 

Cross-training shoes are designed specifically for people who do training regularly. These are very good for people who go to the gym and do all sorts of training.

Because these shoes will give the support that is required when people do some sort of rigorous training. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonRunning ShoesCross Training Shoes
Designed forRunningTraining purposes
SoleSoft and strongSoft
Sneaker typeYesNo
Walking purposeIt is recommendedNot recommended

What are Running Shoes?

Running shoes are shoes that are used, especially when you participate in a race. These are specifically designed for runners.

This kind of shoes won’t be that heavy because if they design them to be heavy ones, then it will be difficult for you while you run. The sole of these shoes will be very lightweight and comfortable.

Different kinds of running shoes are available in the market.

Even some people wear regular shoes for running. But that does not matter as long as you are comfortable while running. Sneakers will come under the category of running shoes.

Sneakers are so comfortable, and the sole will be very smooth, which will give you a good grip, and you won’t fall very easily during running.

Even you can use sneakers for your other outfits as well. So, if you buy one you can use it for both the activities at a single price.

When you buy a running shoe, make sure you buy a size half your correct size. Then only will it help you to expand. If you wear the wrong pair, then it will cause severe injuries like leg and ankle sprain. So avoid that by choosing the right pair.

running shoes

What are Cross Training Shoes?

Cross-training shoes are used by athletes. The heel of this shoe will differ because it is used for many sports, and they can’t specifically design for one particular game.

This kind of shoes will support the socks you wear. This kind of shoes can be used for gym workouts where you get the training. These shoes are specifically designed for working out at some places.

You can’t wear this kind of shoes for running because it won’t give you the much-needed support for running. It will support you for a mile after that, your feet will get hurt, and in worst cases, it could even get sprains.

These kinds of shoes are available in different brands. And the problem comes in selecting the correct size. If you are very sure about your foot size, then go ahead with online shopping.

Otherwise, visit a store and get the perfect size with the help of the store people.

These shoes cannot be used for walking people. They hold a strong grip which is not good for your feet. It will hurt you more when you use this and go for a walk.

You can use this only for training purposes. You can even use these shoes for the treadmill. But if you could not find a training shoe, then you can wear running shoes on a treadmill because you are going to walk on the treadmill. 

cross training shoes

Main Differences Between Running and Cross Training Shoes

  1. Running shoes are specifically designed for people who participate in a running race. On the other hand, cross-training shoes are designed for people who do training.
  2. Running shoes can be used for walking as well. On the other hand, cross-training shoes cannot be used for walking.
  3. Running shoes can sometimes be used as sneakers, and we can even use sneakers as our running shoes. But cross-training shoes cannot be used as sneakers.
  4. Running shoes can be used on the treadmill, and you need not buy a new pair for that. But cross-training shoes are designed for training, so you can wear them on the treadmill.
  5. The sole of the running shoes will be soft and strong. But the sole of the cross-training shoes will be soft. 
Difference Between Running and Cross Training Shoes
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