Difference Between Scientology and Christian Science

Scientology and Christian Science are often confused with each other as they are considered branches of Christianity. Scientology is often considered a nickname.


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Scientology and Christian Science

Apart from this, there are other reasons why they are mistaken for each other. Both religions believe that when each is applied to any case, the results are as expected.

Also, in the past, both religions avoided medical practices. They consider their faith more effective for medical purposes and treatments.

They are different religions having very few things in common.

Key Takeaways

  1. Scientology is a religious movement founded in the 1950s, centred around the teachings of science-fiction author L. Ron Hubbard; Christian Science is a religious movement founded in the 19th century, emphasizing the importance of spiritual healing and the power of thought.
  2. Scientology focuses on the spiritual and mental aspects of the individual, aiming to achieve higher levels of awareness and personal growth; Christian Science emphasizes the divine nature of God and the ability of prayer to heal illness and overcome problems.
  3. Scientology has been criticized for its secretive nature and controversial practices, such as auditing and disconnection from family members; Christian Science has also faced criticism for discouraging medical treatment in favor of prayer.

Scientology vs. Christian Science

Scientology believes that spiritual liberation is achieved through counseling and an E-meter. Christian Science is a Christian denomination founded by Mary Baker Eddy in the 19th century that rejects traditional medical treatments and instead relies on prayer and spiritual healing to overcome illness and disease.

Scientology vs Christian science

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Comparison Table

ParameterScientologyChristian Science
Founded byL. Ron HubbardMary Baker Eddy.
Founded in19531879
BasicIndependent religionChristian denomination
GodThis does not mainly focus on God as the creator of everything. According to Scientology, ‘thetan’ is the creator.This mainly focuses on God and Jesus and respects the divinity of the Bible.
ChurchThe churches have audit meetings every day, from morning to night.The churches have weekly services on Sundays, usually lasting for an hour. 
SalvationIt is believed that audits help to achieve salvation. Obtaining a ‘clear’ state is the first objective, and becoming ‘operating thetan’ is the second.It is believed that God helps to achieve salvation. Jesus or God provides power and wisdom. He helps remove sickness, sins, and death.
SinIt is believed that some men have mental attitudes that are aggressive. Scientologists deal with such crimes and misconduct. It is thought that sin is the misled state of mind. Only Jesus Christ can help to get free of sins.
Healing‘Engrams’ is used to help men achieve the state of ‘clear.’God and his love are supreme in mind healing.

What is Scientology?

‘Scientology’ has been formed from two words, ‘scio’ and ‘logos.’ ‘Scio’ is a Latin word that means to know in the full sense.

‘Logos’ is a Greek word that means how to know. 

It was first founded in 1953 by L. Ron Hubbard, and it provided a path for people to follow to understand their true religious nature and connection with themselves and others. 

It is believed that man’s mind acknowledges life’s traumas and keeps him away from reality. The auditors try to understand this trauma and find its origin.

Then they try to help them achieve the state of ‘clear.’


What is Christian Science?

Christian Science was founded in 1879 by Mary Baker Eddy and was defined as the ‘Law of God.’ 

The term ‘Christian Science’ explains that it originates from Christianity. It mainly concentrates on God and Christ, and its teachings are also based on God.

The Bible is considered sacred and an important part of man’s life. 

It is believed that God is the only one who can help one to be free from sins. He helps man not to commit wrong deeds and have evil thoughts.

christian science

Main Differences Between Scientology and Christian Science

  1. Scientology and Christian Science are different in their concepts of God.
    Christian Science comes from Christianity. Its main focus is on Jesus and God, and the faith and practice are based on God. Bible is also considered sacred and holy. They also follow and acknowledge the authority and holiness of the Bible. Christian Science focuses on Christ’s objective to expand God’s kingdom.
    On the other hand, Scientology does not consider God as the creator of everything. It deals with therapeutic help for people. It helps to fulfill human capability. Scientology considers ‘thetan’ as the creator.
  2. The Christian Science churches conduct services every Sunday for about an hour. During this service, the parishioners pray and read the Bible and other Christian beliefs.
    The Church of Scientology, on the other hand, conducts its services on all days of the week for training courses which last from morning to night. The auditors are skilled in Scientology.
  3. There is also a difference in the concept of sins between Scientology and Christian Science.
    In Christian Science, the misled mind state is considered a sin. It is considered to be a deceived state of mind. One should understand evil’s real meaning if one wants to raise himself. It is believed that only Jesus and God can help eliminate the sins.
    Scientology believes some men have wrong mental attitudes and are violent and aggressive. It has its justice method wherein the Scientologists deal with such crimes and misconducts.
  4. Christian Science was established by Mary Baker Eddy in 1879, whereas Scientology was initiated by L. Ron Hubbard in 1953.
  5. Christian Science is a Christian denomination, whereas Scientology is an independent religion.
  6. In Christian Science, salvation is achieved through God. He helps to provide wisdom and power, and his spiritual understanding removes all sins, sicknesses, or deaths.
    On the other hand, in Scientology, salvation is achieved through audits. The first objective is to obtain a ‘clear’ state, and the second is to become ‘operating thetan.’
  7. Another point of difference between the two is in the matter of healing.
    In Christian Science, God and his love are considered primary in mind healing, whereas in Scientology, ‘Engrams’ help men achieve the state of ‘clear.’
Difference Between Scientology and Christian Science
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