LDS vs Christian: Difference and Comparison

There are many religious practices in the world. Every culture has different aspects of worshipping a god. Religious practices are not the only difference that is seen in the world, but the god they believe in is also different.

In Africa, cats are regarded as mythical creatures and are worshipped, but this does not follow in the world.

The LDS and Christians are the religious groups who believe in the God Jesus. These both are religious groups that believe in the same god. Still, Christians and protestants don’t consider them as Christian.

Key Takeaways

  1. LDS (Latter-day Saints) is a specific denomination within Christianity, while Christianity is a broader religion.
  2. LDS adherents believe in the Book of Mormon, while other Christians rely on the Bible.
  3. LDS practices include temple rituals, while other Christian denominations have different religious ceremonies.

LDS vs Christian

The difference between LDS and Christians is that the LDS believe in Mormon Bible, while Christians believe in the Holy Bible. The other difference is that the Christian God Father has no physical body, while the LDS God Father has a physical body. The LDS has three gods, whereas the Christians have only one god- Jesus.

LDS vs Christian

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The LDS stands for the Latter-day Saints. They are also known as Mormons. The Mormons were formed by Joseph Smith, and their church was restored in 1820.

The LDS worship three gods- Father, Son, and The Holy Ghost. All these three are different in many aspects. The religious book is the Mormons Bible. Their god has a physical body who was to Heavenly Father and Mother Mary.

The Christian is a monotheistic religion. They are based on the life teachings of Jesus’s Nazareth. Christianity is a very old and vast religion. Around 2.5 billion people follow this religion.

They believe in one god – Jesus. They believe that Jesus is heavenly born to Mary but doesn’t have any physical body. The name of the ire religious book is Holy Bible.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonLDSChristian
Full formLatter-Day SaintThe Christian itself is a name.
Year of DiscoveryThe LDS were discovered in 1820.The Christians were discovered in the 1st Century.
Discovered byThe Mormons were founded by Joseph Smith.Christianity was spread in the leadership of James the Just.
No. of GodsThey believe in three Gods – Father, Son, and The Holy Ghost.They believe in one god – Jesus.
Physical AttributesThey believe that Jesus had a physical body and was born to Mother Mary from a heavenly Father.The god they worship has no physical body.
Religious bookThe Religious book they believe in is the Mormons Bible.The religious book they believe in the Holy Bible
Another nameThe LDS are also called Mormons.The Christians are also called Protestants while they were regarded as different communities in early eras.

What is LDS?

The LDS stands for the Latter-day Saints. The Mormons church was restored in 1820 and was formed by Joseph Smith. The church that was restored was founded by Jesus Christ.

The religion includes around 16.6 million population and has almost 52,000 active volunteers. They are the fourth religious community found in the United States.

The LDS is also known as the Mormons. They believe in three gods – Father, Son, and The Holy Ghost. The Jesus Christ they believe in has a physical body which was born to Mother Mary and a heavenly father.

The religious texts being read and followed are the Book of Mormon, Pearl of Great Price, Doctrine and Covenants, and The Mormons Bible.

The worship and study are done at the meeting’s house. The most important part of the worship is Sunday worship. On Sunday worship, there is a sacrament meeting. The meetings include prayers and the singing of hymns.

It also includes separate meetings for different gender and age groups, including the Relief Society for adult women.

Many patient and teenager meetings are also kept to help them cope up and fight from the circumstances they are going through by sharing their stories.

latter day saint

What is Christian?

The Christians include Catholics and Protestants. The Catholic culture came in the 1st Century and was again popularised from the 15-17th Century. Christianity today has around 2.5 billion followers in 157 countries.

Christianity was mainly spread in Africa, America, and other parts of the world with the help of missionary work.

The Christians believe in God, which has no physical attributes. They have only one god and are also known as Trinitarian. They have a religious text called the Holy Bible which is based on the life teachings of Jesus Nazareth.

Christianity is diverse in the Eastern and Western branches. They also have a creed also called confession, where people confess their sins to the Priest; still, the confession is always a secret.

The Worship pattern has Eucharist (Holy Communication), Baptism, Marriage rituals, prayers, confession, and burial rites. In contrast, the regular communal worship rites include the Sunday prayers. These Sunday Prayers include Thanksgiving, feast days, and readings called homilies.


Main Differences Between LDS and Christian

  1. The Christian was first discovered in the 1st Century in Rome, while the LDS was restored in 1820.
  2. The LDS was restored under the leadership of Joseph Smith, while the James of Just popularised the Christians.
  3. St. George Temple and Jerusalem in Rome are the oldest churches known for LDS and Christianity.
  4. The LDS believe in three gods, while Christians believe only in one god.
  5. The God Father of LDS has a physical body, while the Christain God Father doesn’t have any physical form.
  6. The religious scripts of the LDS have the Mormons Bible, whereas, for Christians, it is Holy Bible.
Difference Between LDS and Christian

Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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