Difference Between Christian and Protestant Bible

Bible is a holy book of Christians. It contains the ancient history and the stories of prophets who came to the world to give the message. The Jewish translated the scriptures into the Greek language to make it easy for Christians to read. 

The bible was translated into many languages, in which some of the chapters were added while others were removed. The Christian bible and the protestant bibles are different versions but believe Jesus is the son of God.

Christian Bible vs Protestant Bible

The difference between the Christian bible and the Protestant bible is that the Christian Bible consists of  66 books under the section old testament and new testament, whereas the protestant bible consists of  73 books under the section old testament and apocryphal, but seven books were excluded from the old testament.

Christian Bible vs Protestant Bible

The Christian Bible includes the history of humanity before and during the life of Jesus, the God of Christians. The Christian Bible contains many versions; some have 66 books, some have 73, and some 54 books. The Christian bible was written in the Common Era between 40CE and 80CE.

The followers of the Christian bible are referred to as Christians.

The Protestant Bible is also one of the bibles of Christians, but it was transformed in 1534 CE when Martin Luther protested against the corruptions practiced in the churches. Martin Luther added 14 books in Apocrypha sections and has removed many of the books from the Old Testament. 

Protestant churches follow the 16th-century principles of humanity, where Christians come together to worship God and support each other in following Christianity.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonChristian BibleProtestant Bible
Definition  It is holy books followed by Christians that includes the Septuagint of Greeks, the life of Jesus.It is the holy books followed by protestants that organize the anon of Judaism into two sections.
Formation YearChristianity was started in the Common Era, and the Christian bible was written between 40CE and 80CE.Protestant Bible was written in 1534 CE.
Number of BooksChristian bible consists of 66 books 39 from the old testament, and 27 from the new testament.Protestant bible consists of 80 books under the section old testament and Apocrypha.
Place of originRomanGermany
Written byThe Christian bible was retrieved from, Hebrew which was written by Moses, and the life of Jesus was written by Apostle Paul.The Protestant bible also includes the old testament materials additionally other books, were organized by Martin Luther.

What is Christian Bible?

Christianity formed through Judaism in the third century of the Common Era. The Christians are the people who believe in the Godfather, Son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. The Christians have many books. The Hebrew books were written in Greek, as Greek was the most spoken language at that time.

The Hebrew bible contains 39 books under the section of Old Testament in the Christian bible. At that time, people believed that no books would be revealed, but later some books were added under the New Testament section by the followers of Jesus.

The Christian Bible includes the life history of Jesus. One of the authors was the Paul Apostle, who became Christian after meeting Jesus and followed him to give the message of god to other people. The four Gospels letters were also included in the bible. 

The Christian churches have saints, popes, pastors, and other leaders who have a special understanding of the holy book. People follow them and listen to them to gain forgiveness from god.

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What is Protestant Bible?

Protestant Christianity emerged in Germany when one of the followers of Christians-Martin Luther, protested against the corruption practiced in the Christian churches in the name of forgiveness to the sins.

Martin argued that anyone could read and understand the bible and pray to get forgiveness from god. The Protestants and Christians believe that the blood and body of Jesus became the bread and wine, so they symbolize bread and wine in the church.

Protestant also believes in the trinity- the godfather, the son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. However, the protestant churches do not have a special pope or pastor. However, anyone can become a pastor to speak about his understanding and support other Protestants to follow the protestant bible.

According to the protestant bible, humans should read and understand the bible by themselves and get connected to god by themselves. There do not worship priest or pope like Christians.

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Main Differences Between Christian and Protestant Bible

  1. Moses and Paul Apostle were the writers of the Christian Bible,  whereas the Protestant bible is the organized bible that was translated by Martin Luther.
  2. The Christian bible was written before the fifth century in the Common Era, whereas the Protestant bible transformed in the 16th century.
  3. The Christian bible includes all the materials from the Hebrew Bible, whereas the protestant bible removed seven books from the catholic bible.
  4. The Christian bible originated from Roman, and the protestant bible originated from Germany.
  5. Christian bible includes the veneration of saints, but the protestant bible stresses the connection between the human and god.
Difference Between Christian and Protestant Bible


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