Bishop vs Pastor: Difference and Comparison

Religion, in general, is quite a confusing term. If used in the wrong context, it could lead to breakouts or worse situations for the world.

Each people have a way of believing a power above themselves, and these beliefs are often termed religion.

Christianity is a religion that is based teachings of Jesus. The church was the people who go to pray, managed by different people who fulfill the duties of a church.

The word often used for them are bishop and pastor. Since they are always used in similar contexts, they are considered the same.


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Key Takeaways

  1. A bishop is a high-ranking Christian clergy member responsible for overseeing multiple churches and priests.
  2. A pastor is a leader of a single church congregation and is responsible for providing spiritual guidance and support to its members.
  3. Bishops are appointed by higher authorities within their denominations, while pastors are often chosen by their congregations.

Bishop vs. Pastor

Bishop is a churchman with authorities and power to maintain churches spread in a large area, also ordain priests in churches. Pastor is a religious and spiritual figure head responsible for holding sermons, counselling sessions and talk session in a church context.

Bishop vs Pastor

The word ‘bishop’ was initially used for highly educated and respected people who often took on the roles of church management. Now bishops are the ordained or consecrated leaders of Christian clergy.

The word ‘pastor’ was initially used for the ones who spread the message of God to the people and told them the right ways to follow in the Almighty’s footsteps. Now pastors are the ordained leaders of a Christian congregations.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonBishopPastor
OriginEnglish derivative of the Greek term ‘episkosos.’Latin term ‘pastor’ and the Latin verb ‘pascere.’
HistoryThey were first used for the ones who were highly educated or respectedIt was used constantly to refer to the ones who spread God’s message and were God’s shepherd.
MeaningThey are ordained or consecrated leaders of the Christian clergy They are an ordeal leader of the Christian community
TypeThey are a type of ordained ministerThey are a type of ordained leader
ResponsibilitiesThey have various responsibilities along with maintaining the congregationIt is only to look after the congregation
GenderThey are always menDepending on the church and their preference, they can be a man or a woman
Relation to ChristianityAlong with the Christian church, they also take responsibility for others like the Catholic church.They are related to only the Christian church.

What is Bishop?

Bishops are the ordained ministers of a congregation who have taken up the duties and responsibilities of the particular church. They look after the congregation, the people bound by the congregation, and the priests and sisters who live within it.

These responsibilities are given to the bishops because of the hierarchy. Bishops are not contained within Christian churches.

They are also the same for Roman Catholics, Old and New Catholics, Oriental Orthodox, and many other churches. In some churches, they are also considered as the chief pastors.


What is Pastor?

Pastors are the ordained leaders of the congregation. They are derived from the Latin word ‘pastor,’ which means shepherds and are also related to the Latin verb ‘pascere,’ which means to herd a flock.

Pastors can be both men and women, depending on the church and their preferences. They are not required to be men like in the case of bishops.

Pastors are also the term used for the priests of a Christian church.

Like the meaning of the word, pastors must act like shepherds who care for their flock. This also requires teaching them the right and wrong ways of following the word of God.

pastor 1

Main Differences Between Bishop and Pastor

  1. The terms have different origins. Bishop is from the Greek word ‘episkosos,’ whereas Pastor has a Latin origin. It comes from the Latin noun ‘pastor’ or the verb ‘pascere’.
  2. The term bishop was first used for those highly respected or educated but later for those responsible for the church’s duties. At the same time, the term pastor was always used for the ones who spread God’s message to the people and were often seen as God’s shepherd.
  3. Pastors are the ordained leaders of the Christian congregation, while bishops are ordained and consecrated leaders of the Christian clergy. They perform different duties.
  4. Bishops are ordained ministers who look after the people and their needs, whereas pastors are ordained leaders who only have to spread god’s message to the people.
  5. Bishops have a lot of responsibilities, from managing the congregation to the priests and the people within the church and the region of the congregation. The pastors have only one duty: to look after the congregation.
  6. Bishops are preferred to be men, whereas there are no gender specifications for a pastor. Depending on the church’s preferences, they can be either men or women.
  7. Pastors are found only in Christian churches. They do not take the responsibilities or duties of any other churches. But the bishops look after many types of churches, from Roman Catholic to the Church in the East.
Difference Between Bishop and Pastor
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