Difference Between Carol and Hymns (With Table)

Singing songs is very famous in Christian prayers. They used to worship their god by singing praises to them. Some songs are particularly sung during festival times, and they are called Carol. Some of them will sing songs together as groups to praise God, and it is called Hymns. These are very famous and have some benefits in learning and listening to them. 

Carol vs Hymns

The difference between Carol and Hymns is that carol is a song sung during Christmas time to celebrate Jesus’ birth. Hymns are sung to God to praise them. People will sing carols mainly during Christmas time, and they may or may not sing them during another part of the year. Hymns are sung together as groups whenever they worship God. 

Carol is a song which is sung by a group of people during Christmas. When people sing this carol sings other than Christmas time, it is considered unlucky, and it will create bad omens. It is now affecting our modern culture as it has now become a celebration of consumerism and wealth. This was not the motive behind the people when the first carols were introduced. 

Hymns are songs sung for the praise of God. Learning hymns will help children to understand the rhythm of poetry recitation quickly. It is also a great way to teach children who have just started to read. Its purpose not only involves worshipping a god but also learning the poetic and literary style. Also, it helps to unify the congregation while people sing. 

Comparison Table Between Carol and Hymns

Parameters of ComparisonCarolHymns
WorshipThey may or may not sing carols during worship timeThey will sing them particularly during worship time
Derived fromOld frenchGreek
Evolution13th century2nd century
AdvantagesIt helps to feel betterIt is one of the good ways to introduce the poetry genre
DisadvantagesIt will show other people how rich the family isSome bad hymns will break our hearts

What is Carol?

Carol is a song that is sung joyfully. It is mostly sung during Christmas time. They will go as a group outdoors during Christmas time and merrily sing them. It is originally derived from a French word called Carole, where people will dance in a circle accompanied by a group of singers. This has some good effects on people. Hearing this song will make them feel better. In the song, they will celebrate the Christian message.

They will properly sing the song to celebrate the birth of Jesus. For this, they will mix new Christian words along with old Christian songs. During the middle age time, it has become very famous and associated with nativity and Christmas. This tradition first happened in Europe. They sang their first carol around thousands of years back. They celebrate this particularly during the winter season as it is the shortest period of the year. 

They also sing this during Winter Solstice, which is one of the shortest days of the year. This day often falls on December 22. During the song, the ghost of our past will leave us, and we will get a good start to our journey. Christmas carols were first invented by Edward White Benson. There are many themes available in Christmas carols. Some of the most common and main themes in Christmas carols are passed, present, and the future. 

What are Hymns?

It is a religious song sung by Christians. It is derived from psalms which are often sung in the Hebrew temple. They sing this song during their Christian worship. The word hymn means song of praise. They will praise the god while singing. It was sung during choirs and in the Latin language. But in the later period during the 16th century, people were encouraged to sing them together as a group in congregations. 

One of the examples of hymns is amazing grace. People gather together and sing praises for God. It will remind each other in the group that this god is what we serve. God only gave them this life which will be reminded during singing. This is mainly intended to reflect the god’s qualities. They will have good poetry that will be beautiful, simple, pure, reverent, and accurate. There are many hymns available in the world.

Among them, some will stand as the best hymns in the world. There are also some types available in hymns. The first type is created mainly for poetry. Some of the popular poetry types are free verse, acrostic poems, haiku, and sonnets. The second type will contain sings which are mostly used during concerts. People who composed hymns were called Aryas. This name was given by them. 

Main Differences Between Carol and Hymns

  1. Carols can be either sung or not sung during worship time as it was mainly sung during Christmas time. On the other hand, hymns are mainly sung by people during worship time.
  2. The word carol is derived from a French word. On the other hand, the word hymns are derived from a Greek word.
  3. Carol is in evolution from the 13th century. On the other hand, hymns are in evolution from the 2nd century.
  4. Listening to carol will help people to feel better. On the other hand, listening to hymns is considered to be a good way for introducing the poetry genre.
  5. Carol has some disadvantages, as it will show other people how rich the family is. On the other hand, some bad hymns will break people’s hearts. 


Both these songs are very famous. It was developed a long time back and is still sung by people together as groups. The main reason is because of their immense benefits, which help people not only in singing but also in learning poetry. This will help children to understand the importance of poetry, word formation, and everything.

It is very useful for children when they start to learn and read something. Guiding them at that time will improve their poetry writing abilities. Because if hymns are sung using bad poetry and vocabulary, then the entire meaning will be changed, and it will create issues in the quality of the song and start to break people’s hearts. 


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