Hades vs Yama: Difference and Comparison

In Greek and Hindu mythology, Many gods maintain the balance of the universe.In Greek gods, Hade is the god of death, he is the ruler of the Greek underworld.

In Hindu gods, Yama is the ruler of the Hindu underworld and the god of death.
These two gods may seem similar but there are many differences in their nature of work and abilities.

Key Takeaways

  1. Hades are the ancient Greek god of the underworld, while Yama is the Hindu and Buddhist god of death and lord of the afterlife.
  2. Hades judges the dead and oversee their eternal punishment or reward, while Yama evaluates the deceased’s actions and assigns appropriate consequences.
  3. Hades are depicted with his three-headed dog, Cerberus, while Yama is portrayed riding a buffalo and carrying a noose.

Hades vs Yama

The difference between Hades and Yama is that Hades is the god of Greek Mythology, He is the lord of the underworld and is recognized as Altruisticon the other hand, Yama is the god of Hindu Mythology, is the god of death, and is described as harsh.

Hades vs Yama

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Hades is the older brother of Zeus and Poseidon and the Lord of the Underworld. His name is derived from “the invisible” because people wouldn’t talk about him to draw his attention to them.

Hades treats his companions similarly as indicated by his guidelines and keeps up with a balance on the planet.

Yama’s job comes in the underworld of Hindu Mythology, where he obtained the position of Ruler of the Underworld. He is mentioned as a dark-complexioned man, using a buffalo and sporting a noose or mace to seize souls.

Yama is the Guide of death. He Judges people and then guides them to their appropriate destination, be it one of the underworld, reincarnation, or paradise.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonHadesYama
descriptionHades is the lord of the underworld in Greek mythology.Yama is the god of death in Hindu Mythology.
personalityHis personality is described as Altruistic and Just His personality is described as Harsh.  
Literary sourceMentioned books in greek Mythology.Mentioned in the Vedas and Puranas of Hindu Mythology.
Sacred animals Cerberus, his three-headed dog.Water-Buffalo
powersCap of Invisibilitysuperhuman strength

What is Hades?

Hades is the god of death in Greek mythology. When the kingdoms were distributing, Zeus himself got the sky and Olympus because he was the king of the gods and the killer of the child eater.

Poseidon had the seas since that was next on his list. Hades had the underworld.

On schedule, his name became inseparable from his domain. It must be said obviously – since he scarcely left it. Suitably the fantasy connected with Hades concerns one of the times he did – to kidnap Demeter’s girl, Persephone.

Hades signifies “The Unseen One” – an appropriate name since Hades is the leader of the Underworld, however, the ancient Greeks rarely used this name, just as Christians rarely used “Merde” in the Middle Ages.

As the leader of the death, Hades was an inauspicious and horrible figure, rousing wonderment and dread in everyone. Thus, his seldom portrayed in workmanship.

He is normally depicted with facial hair growth with a grave and distressed look. He always wears a head protector, named the Helm of Darkness or the Cap of Invisibility.

Cerberus, the three-head canine(dog) who protects the entrance to the Underworld, is for the most part alongside him. Hades conveys a staff or holds the way into his realm.

He became related with his weapon of decision, the bident, a two-dimensional fork displayed after Poseidon’s harpoon.

Yama in the mythology of India is the lord of death.

The Vedas portray him as the principal man who passed on by bursting the way of mortality down which all people have since followed him as the gatekeeper of the south (the locale of death) and direct the resting spot of the dead, which is situated under the earth.


What is Yama?

Yama is one of the Lokapalas (guardians of the directions) He is portrayed as superb by all accounts, green or dark, with red eyes and red articles of clothing.

He conveys a noose and a mace, which might be ornamented with a skull, and rides a water buffalo. Texts portray him as the dual of Yami and the son of the solar god Surya.

Some of his fundamental appearances consist of the stories of the Pandavas, Savitri Satyavan, and the sage Markandeya.

Chitragupta maintains the statistics related to dying In present-day culture, Yama has been depicted in diverse protection campaigns in India. He is the god of death and justice as stated above.

In the Vedas, Yama is a happy ruler of the withdrew precursors, not as a punisher of sins, later he became known as the simply judge (Dharmaraja) who gauges the great and insidious deeds of the dead and decides retaliation.

Yama has additionally disregarded Buddhist folklore in Tibet, China, and Japan, where he involves a comparative yet minor job as the gatekeeper of the homestead of the dead.


Main Differences Between Hades and Yama

  1. Hades is the god of death and lord of the underworld in Greek mythology, on the other hand, Yama is the Guide of death and the ruler of the Hindu Mythology’s underworld.
  2. Hades treats his companions equally accordingly, with his principles to maintain the balance in the world, on the contrary, Yama Judges, then guide them to their proper destination, be one of the underworld, reincarnation, or paradise.
  3. Hades’ personality is described as selfless, while Yama’s personality is equally tough.
  4. Hades has a three-headed dog that protects the entrance of Underworld, is for the most part alongside him, while on the other hand, Yama has a water buffalo on with he rides to in the journey to take the life of a mortal.
  5. Hades has the power to become invisible besides Yama has superhuman strengths.
Difference Between Hades and Yama
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Last Updated : 22 July, 2023

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