Holy Bible vs Catholic Bible: Difference and Comparison

The Bible is the most sacred holy book among Christians, Jews, and many more sects. The Bible is a text-based book associated with the belief in God.

It consists of the new and the old Testament, depending on the messenger of God. Eventually, the Bible has been ubiquitous among churches of different classes.

Moreover, it had abounded with teachings and instructions from God to humanity. 

Key Takeaways

  1. Holy Bible is a collection of religious texts and scriptures that includes the Old and New Testaments. At the same time, Catholic Bible is a subset of the Holy Bible, which contains the Apocrypha and the Old and New Testaments.
  2. The Holy Bible is used by various Christian denominations, whereas the Catholic Bible is used solely by the Roman Catholic Church.
  3. The Holy Bible has more translations and versions than the Catholic Bible, which has fewer translations due to its limited use.

Holy Bible vs Catholic Bible 

Holy bible, also known as a Christian bible, is a book that includes texts, prayers, proverbs, hymns and prophecies regarding God, and it is based on Hebrew beliefs. Catholic bible is a bible that is mostly used in and was introduced by the Catholic Church and contains 73 books in the Old and New Testament.


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Holy Bible vs Catholic Bible

The Holy Bible is widely called as Christian Bible. Like what constitutes a bible, the Holy Bible includes texts, hymns, prayers, prophecies, and proverbs regarding God.

It is the compilation of all Hebrew beliefs, stories, and myths about the cognizance of God. The old Testament consists of sacred scriptures of the Jewish faith, while the new Testament contains the fulfilment of the prophecies of the Old Testament. 

On the other hand, the Catholic Bible is set up per the church’s jurisdiction. That is, Catholic bibles are acknowledged as deuterocanonical books. It mainly contains stories that are translated into Greek.

Also, they heed the old Testament of the Septuagint version alongside the Hebrew scriptures. However, the new testament books have excluded the Hebrew scriptures. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonHoly Bible Catholic Bible
Meaning The Holy Bible is an ancient collection of religious scripts followed by Christians, Jews, Samaritans, and Rastafari. The Holy Bible is believed to be the revelation of God in the version of King James I.Catholic Bible is the version of the bible introduced by the Roman Catholic Church, which contains more than 73 books in 46 Old Testament, 27 in the New Testament, and other books of the Apocrypha and Deuterocanonical. 
Introduction The Holy Bible is divided into two sections: The Old Testament (original Hebrew bible and Jewish beliefs) written in 165 BC. on the other hand. The New Testament was introduced and registered in the first century AD.The Catholic Bible was found at the Council of Florence and later in the Council of Trent between 1545 and 1563. The Holy Bible is entirely bible covering nooks and corners of nuances of the Lord God. 
Chapters and Verses The holy bible contains 1189 chapters and 31,102 verses overall. The Catholic bible is similar to the Holy Bible with 1189 chapters, but the catholic bible has Apocrypha and Deuterocanonical as extra chapters.
Published The holy bible took many years to get published because of the translation. Later in 1611, King James I  agreed to promulgate the Holy Bible to the world.Catholic Bible published its volumes in a different set of the period- Old Testament in 1582, New Testament in 1609, and others vary.
Languages The Holy Bible is initially recognized in Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic. Catholicism is believed to follow Hebrew, Aramaic, Latin, and Greek. 
RevisionThe Holy Bible was revised in 1952, named “Revised Standard Version” by NCC, and modified into a modern English translation.Revised Standard Version-Catholic Edition was published in 1966 by NCC.

What is Holy Bible?

The Holy Bible is often called as Christian Bible. For instance, the King James Version of the Bible is considered an example of the Holy Bible as it contains stories of God. The Holy Bible consists of stories of God.

Moreover, the Holy Bible is nothing but Bible itself, with the noun holiness. It encompasses the stories, prayers, prophecies, sayings, and beliefs on the realization of God.

The most pleasant thing about the Holy Bible is that they have been canonized over time.

They follow the Old Testament in Hebrew along with Greek Septuagint tales of prophets. Meanwhile, the New Testament mainly focuses on Jesus. The usage of the Holy Bible differs among various Christian groups depending on their beliefs.

The Holy Bible has been regarded as the most sold copy of the twentieth century with different versions. 

Furthermore, the Holy Bible is a compilation of various songs and tales of God over several generations. The Holy Bible came to the limelight in the year 1611. The holy book is widely read by Christians, Jews, Samaritans, Rastafari, and other religions. 

holy bible

What is Catholic Bible?

Nonetheless, the Catholic Bible is often considered a deuterocanonical book. Furthermore, it is a collection of books approved by the Catholic Church.

The old Testament consists of over twelve books, with five introductory books: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. The remaining part of the old Testament encircles the accounts of the conservations of Prophets with God.

In the meantime, the New Testament covers the establishment of Churches and the outgrowth of Christianity over the centuries. Moreover, the Old Testament was in the Hebrew version, and the New Testament was in the Greek version.

Together, they compiled the Catholic Bible at the instruction of Catholic Church authorities. Unlike other bibles, Catholic Bibles inscribe the words humans, and God speak.

Also, Catholics follow the teachings of the succession of Popes as per God’s interest in humanity. 

catholic bible

Main Differences Between Holy Bible and Catholic Bible

  1. The Holy Bible is referred to as the King James I version. In contrast, Catholic Bible is believed in another version of the Holy Bible with addendum books- Apocrypha and Deuterocanonical.
  2. The Holy Bible has two sections- Old Testament and New Testament. The Catholic Bible contains the Old and New Testament, Apocrypha and Deuterocanonical.
  3. The Holy Bible contains 46 old testaments and 27 New Testaments. The Catholic Bible consists of the Holy Bible, Deuterocanon-Tobit, Judith, 1 Maccabees, and 2 Maccabees, Sirach, and Baruch.
  4. NCC revised the Holy Bible and the Catholic Bible – Holy Bible in 1952 as RVs, whereas the Catholic Bible in 1966 was Rsv- Catholic Edition.
  5. The Holy Bible was assumed to be written in the initial stage of Adam and Eve and published by King James I in 1611. Catholic Bible was published in different periods.
Difference Between Holy Bible and Catholic Bible
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