Holy Spirit vs Holy Ghost: Difference and Comparison

The terms Holy Spirit and Holy Ghost are interchangeable when referring to the same person, the Trinity’s Third Member. 

The same Hebrew and Greek terminology were translated “Ghost” and “Spirit” in different occurrences of the terms in early Bible translations. The Spirit of God and the Spirit of Christ are two names for the same person in the Bible.

The only difference is how the terms were used in the past and how they are used now.

Key Takeaways

  1. Holy Spirit and Holy Ghost are interchangeable terms referring to the third person of the Christian Holy Trinity.
  2. Both terms signify God’s divine presence and power that acts in the world and within believers.
  3. Holy Spirit has become more prevalent in modern translations and discussions, while Holy Ghost is found in older texts and traditions.

Holy Spirit vs Holy Ghost

The term “Holy Ghost” is more commonly used in older English translations of the Bible, such as the King James Version. Holy Spirit” is more commonly used in modern translations. It is believed to be present in the world and in the hearts of believers, and is described as a comforter, counselor, and source of wisdom.


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Holy Spirit vs Holy Ghost

The Holy Spirit is Trinity’s third person. He shares the same nature as the Father and the Son.

He is God’s enumerated action and existence on Planet, and metaphorical titles and characteristics like, water, oil, anointing, and binding are used to portray him. When God speaks in the Bible, the Holy Spirit is at work.

The term Holy Ghost in Judaism was described as the influence of God over the universe, and the divine force, a quality that leads the force of God onto us.

When someone receives the Holy Ghost they get into a trance of life only dedicating their entire self to truth, honesty, and purity.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonHoly SpiritHoly Ghost
MeaningThe Holy Spirit is described as the God being spiritually active in the world.The Holy Ghost is described as the third member or trinity of the Godhead.
PowerThe Holy Spirit has the power to divert and alert you from the underlying danger.The Holy Ghost has the power to strengthen and provide divinity.
How To Receive It?To receive the Holy Spirit one has to perform the baptism.To receive the Holy Ghost, you should be clean, have faith in the heavenly father and have a pure motive.
Different Kinds of Works Present In ItSeven kinds of Holy Spirit works are understanding, wisdom, counsel, knowledge, piety, fear of the lord, and fortitude.Few kinds of works are renewing our minds, leading towards repentance, and condemning sin, etc.
Changes Within SelfThe Holy Spirit grants changes of Christ-like character into you.The Holy Ghost brings changes such as discipline, power, and self-love within oneself.

What is the Holy Spirit?

The Holy Spirit is commonly regarded as God, the third person of the Trinity, in Christianity.

The belief that the Holy Spirit is God’s active dimension in the world, compelling individuals to act in certain ways, is included in this.

According to the Bible, God employs both good and terrible individuals for his purposes.

The Holy Spirit is a Christianized version of a Jewish idea known as the Ruach Hakodesh or prophetic force.

The concept is that God gives the Ruach Hakodesh to prophets so that they might teach with authority and perform miracles.

When the gospels state that the Holy Spirit was sent to rest upon Jesus after he was baptized, they use this picture.

The Holy Spirit is described by Jesus as the paraclete, which means advocate or helper, someone who comes alongside to aid, comfort, and guide. Within a believer, he is God. 

He empowers those who seek him to boldly spread the good news of God’s wonderful salvation via Jesus Christ.

Scripture describes the Holy Spirit as a personal being who can be grieved and deceived. His appearances convey intelligence, willpower, and individuality.

Without the Holy Spirit, our relationship with God the Father and God the Son would be impossible. The spirit, the uplifting and motivating work of God the Holy Spirit, brings us closer to God.

holy spirit

What is the Holy Ghost?

The Holy Ghost is God’s Spirit. This is simply a different method of expressing the same ideology.

Holy Ghost” is simply a King James Bible translation.

The Holy Ghost is the Spirit of Christ who comes to reside within us to provide us with consolation in a very unsettling world. 

The further words of the God’s are that Holy Ghost comes as a God’s spirit to empower us—(However, the Comforter, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name” The Holy Ghost is God’s Spirit, who comes to empower us to live according to God’s Word (Romans 8:9).

In John 7:38-39, Jesus explains that the Holy Ghost is given to all believers, not just some.

Peter tells us in Acts 5:32 that the Holy Ghost is given to those who not only believe but also follow God. “And we are witnesses of these things,” he says, “as well as the Holy Spirit, whom God hath given to those who obey him.”

holy ghost

Main Differences Between Holy Spirit And Holy Ghost

  1. In the middle ages, the term holy spirit was prejudiced as God’s spirit or the spirit of the lord, whereas the term holy ghost was described as a third person in the holy trinity.
  1. In modern times, the term holy spirit is frequently used for every suitable instance in all the bibles except the James version Bible. On the other hand, the term holy ghost is used only in the James version of the Bible.
  1. Sometimes the term Holy Spirit is referred to as the Holy Ghost but the term Holy Ghost is not referred to as Holy Spirit.
  1. The Holy Spirit was famously known as the “father of all” and the holy ghost is known as the “Godhead”.
  1. The Holy Spirit has the power of discernment whereas the Holy Ghost has the power of virtue.
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