Difference Between Nike Pegasus and Brooks Ghost

Running has gained international recognition as it is an Olympic sport. Not only that, but It is also a very good exercise to stay active and in shape.


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Running requires the use of proper shoes or else it can cause more harm than good. Nike Pegasus and Brooks Ghost are two running shoes.

Key Takeaways

  1. Nike Pegasus provides a more responsive and lightweight feel, making it suitable for faster runs and racing.
  2. Brooks Ghost offers greater cushioning and support, ideal for long-distance running and daily training.
  3. Both shoes are popular among runners, but the Nike Pegasus is better for speed, while the Brooks Ghost is more focused on comfort.

Nike Pegasus vs Brooks Ghost

The difference between Nike Pegasus and Brooks Ghost is that the Nike Pegasus line of shoes is more oriented to workout and training regimes and is more rigid than the Brooks Ghost, which is more flexible and comfortable, therefore more suited to long-distance running. The Nike Pegasus is less flexible than the Brooks Ghost.

Nike Pegasus vs Brooks Ghost

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Nike Pegasus is a line of running shoes by global giant sports company Nike, the first shoes in history to be made specifically for running.

It popularised light heel running shoes after its launch in 1983. It is the most popular and best-selling running shoe series in the world.

Brooks Ghost is a running shoe line-up by American sportswear manufacturer Brooks Running, owned by the Berkshire Hathaway conglomerate.

These shoes were first launched in 2008 and have become must-consider options in the running shoe industry. It has won many awards for being the most comfortable shoe for running.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonNike PegasusBrooks Ghost
Launch YearThe Pegasus series was launched by Nike in the year 1983.The Ghost series by Brooks was launched in the year 2007.
FeaturesIt is 10.2 oz in weight and has a heel drop of 10 mm.It weighs 10 oz and has a heel drop of 8 mm.
SuitabilityThe Nike Pegasus is suited to sprints and workouts along with strength training.The Nike Pegasus is less durable and wears and tears easily when used.
DurabilityThe Brooks Ghost is relatively more durable and is designed to be used frequently.It is highly flexible and can be used in many athletic activities as it is soft on the foot.
FlexibilityIt can be considered as having medium flexibility and a more application-oriented design.It is highly flexible and can be used in a plethora of athletic activities as it is soft on the foot.

What is Nike Pegasus?

The Nike Pegasus is a series of running shoes that sportswear, clothing and equipment company Nike has manufactured since 1983.

Its primary attraction is an air gap in the heel region, making it very soft and suitable for training regiments.

The Nike Pegasus has had 38 different models of shoes since its inception, each more and more engineered for specific purposes.

Nike also started to differentiate the male and female shoes according to the different biological foot structures and features of the two genders.

The Nike Pegasus 38 came out in April 2021.

Nike has also been known for its special edition Pegasus shoes, which feature collaborations with star athletes such as Michael Jordan, Kendrick Lamar, and Travis Scott.

This has made Nike the biggest sportswear brand in the world, beating competitors such as Brooks, Adidas, and Reebok.

Overall, The Nike Pegasus is an excellent choice for athletes who are not planning runs over a long distance but have a complete set of exercises such as strength workouts and gym training.

The Pegasus series also has some great options for sprinters and casual joggers who want something reliable that can give an outstanding performance on the go.

What is Brooks Ghost?

Brooks Ghost is a running shoe line-up manufactured by the American Company Brooks Sports, colloquially known as Brooks Running.

The company started 107 years ago and has since established its reputation as a comfortable and reliable running shoe.

Brooks has manufactured 14 models of the Ghost series, with an upgrade occurring each year. The Brooks Ghost 14 shoe was launched on July 1, 2021.

The Ghost series is most known for its streamlined cushion design, making it one of the most comfortable yet performance-intensive shoes.

Brooks offers a lot of colour combinations in its Ghost series, making its shoes trendy and some of the most fashionable athletic shoes in the market, with some colours offered as limited editions.

This fact has helped tremendously with the expansion of its market coverage.

The Brooks Ghost would be an excellent choice for professional hard-track sprinters and marathon runners due to its ease of use and high comfort levels during extended use.

Brooks has established itself as the slightly more affordable, highly comfortable, and flexible running shoe in the market. These would also be perfect for walks and hobbyist joggers.

Main Differences Between Nike Pegasus and Brooks Ghost

  1. The Nike Pegasus is slightly cheaper than the Brooks Ghost, but the Pegasus is also more sold than Brooks Ghost.
  2. The Brooks Ghost 1 was launched in 2008, much more recently than the Nike Pegasus 1, which was launched in 1983.
  3. The Brooks Ghost is more padded and comfortable than the Nike Pegasus series, which introduced air cushioning in 1996.
  4. Nike has had more celebrity and brand collaborations in its Pegasus series than Brooks, which has none, so the Nike Pegasus has more brand value.
  5. The Brooks Ghost is a better running shoe than the Nike Pegasus, a better training shoe.
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