Nike Pegasus vs Vomero: Difference and Comparison

Deciding on the right footwear is always a struggle for everyone. One must ensure that the footwear they wear gives them comfort and durability.

Nike is one of the very famous and go-to footwear companies around the world. Nike, Inc. is a very popular footwear company based in America. Nike Pegasus and Vomero are two shoe types owned by Nike.

Key Takeaways

  1. Nike Pegasus is a lightweight running shoe suitable for daily running and training.
  2. Nike Vomero is a cushioned running shoe that provides extra comfort during long runs.
  3. The Pegasus is designed for speed and versatility, while the Vomero is built for maximum cushioning and support.

Nike Pegasus vs Vomero

The Nike Pegasus is designed for runners who want a versatile shoe that can handle a variety of running surfaces. This shoe features a breathable upper, a cushioned midsole, and durable rubber. The Nike Vomero is designed for runners who need extra cushioning and support. This shoe features a plush, cushioned midsole that provides exceptional comfort and shock absorption.

Nike Pegasus vs Vomero

Nike Pegasus is a line-up of Nike running shoes. The present version of this shoe is thirty-eight.

This current version of the Nike shoes was launched globally in the year 2021. The weight of Nike Pegasus is around ten-point two oz (10.2 oz).

They come in a variety of colours. Nike Pegasus is a part of the Nike Zoom series.

Vomero is a line-up of the air zoom series of Nike. They are best suited for those who look for shoes with more cushioning.

Though they are expensive when compared to Nike Pegasus, they are the ideal shoes with maximum comfort, and they are quite compatible with runners as they do not make them slow while running.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonNike PegasusVomero
MeaningNike Pegasus is the line-up of the Nike air zoom series.Vomero is a type of running shoe owned by Nike.
PriceNike Pegasus is budget-friendly when compared to Vomero.Vomero is considered to be expensive due to its premium material.
SoleThey have soft cushioning and flexible soles. The external sole comes in black colour.Vomero comes in premium cushioning. They have a ten-millimetre heel to toe drop.
Launch dateNike Pegasus 38 was issued to the public on April 29, 2021.Vomero 15 was launched in 2021. They are available in certain countries only.
Ideal forThey are ideal for daily workouts and morning jogs.They are suited for morning runs and can be used in running tracks.

What is Nike Pegasus?

Nike Pegasus 38 was launched on April 29, 2021. In terms of pricing, they are budget-friendly when compared to the Nike air zoom Vomero 15.

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The Nike Pegasus was built in such a way that they are ideal for long-distance running. They also got good cushioning. They have a very small upper tongue.

They have ten-millimetre heel setoff.

They are highly recommended for those who opt for casual running every morning. The Nike Pegasus 38 also has built-in aesthetical designs.

The Nike Pegasus 38th version has improved heel support and is provided with a wider toe box.

They come in a wide variety of contrasting colours, such as Platinum, grey, white and navy blue. Nike Pegasus can also get well for lifestyle.

Concerning disadvantages, some people felt that they are not comfortable with the huge cushioning under their feet in Nike Pegasus 38.

But many claimed that they were happy with the footwear due to its high cushioning with an air zoom unit, and they especially loved the midsole as they give more flexibility and softness while running.

The external sole comes in rubber form. The pattern provided in the outer sole is the same type that was used in the Pegasus 37 version.

Overall, this shoe is good and ideal for morning runs.

nike pegasus

What is Vomero?

Vomero is one of the premium line-ups of Nike air zoom. The Vomero 15 was launched in the year 2021, and they are available in only selected countries as of now.

In terms of pricing, as already said, the Vomero 15 is quite expensive due to its premium features. They weigh around 10.5 oz and make a good pair of runners for morning runs. Vomero 15 has a flexible upper mesh.

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They are really good for long-distance running as there is support due to the presence of an outer heel cap. They have good and premium cushioning that makes one feel more comfortable.

They are not too soft, but they are stable enough to make up for a good run or jog. Unlike Nike Pegasus 38 version, the Vomero 15 has a large tongue with foam pods.

One must see that they are purchasing the right size as they are a little bit big. The outer sole is made up of plenty of rubber.

The midsole contains the Zoom-X foam and the carrier foam. The Vomero 15 is also praised for its durability.

Overall, this Vomero 15 and all the other Vomero are ideal and comfortable for everyday running.


Main Differences Between Nike Pegasus and Vomero

  1. Nike Pegasus is budget-friendly and affordable. On the other hand, the Vomero of the Nike air zoom series is quite expensive due to its quality and premium material.
  2. Nike Pegasus have smooth and soft cushioning and are considered to be lightweight. On the other hand, Vomero has premium cushioning and longer durability.
  3. The Nike Pegasus 38 was launched on April 29, 2021, whereas the Vomero 15 of the Nike air zoom series was also launched in 2021, but they are available in a few countries only.
  4. Nike Pegasus is ideal for trail running and lifestyle. Similarly, Vomero can also be used for casual running and biking.
  5. The Vomero 15 of Nike air zoom weighs around 10.5 oz, whereas the Nike Pegasus weighs around 8.2 Oz.
Difference Between Nike Pegasus and Vomero



Last Updated : 15 August, 2023

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