Difference Between Nike Air and Adidas Boost

In the past twenty years, sneakers and running shoes have become a crucial part of our lives. If chosen rightly, not only do they look fashionable but are super comfortable too.  


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But when it comes to shoes, there is no exact best shoe available. One must just know how to find one which fits his requirement.

Nike Air and Adidas Boost are some of the most popular shoes worldwide, which is why there is a need to draw a line of difference between the two.  

Nike Air vs Adidas Boost

The difference between Nike Air and Adidas Boost that the cushioning technology of  both shoes is different from each other. In Nike Air, a sole unit is present in the shoe filled with pressurized air which provides flexibility to the person who wears it while the Adidas Boost tiny particles of thermoplastic polyurethane are combined to create elasticity in the sole.  

Nike Air vs Adidas Boost

The air technology was launched by Nike in 1987 which stormed the whole world of shoe technology. It is the evolutionary shoe technology that comprises of an air bag being present in the midsole of the shoe.

It enhances the comfort offered by the shoe and provides a luxury experience. 

On the other side, Adidas Boost emerged as the major competition for Nike Air in 2013 with different cushioning technology. It has a panel of small particles of a specific quality of plastic which gives an immense level of flexibility to the buyer.

This shoe by Adidas stands as a major counterpart for major shoe-making companies.  

Comparison Table

Parameter of ComparisonNike Air  Adidas Boost 
Definition  Nike Air is the product offered by Nike, which is known for its wide variety of shoes available all across the world.  Adidas Boost is the product of Adidas and one of the major market competitors for Nike Air.  
Use  Used mostly by athletes for reducing the weight while wearing it.  Used mostly by beginners for marathons or daily workout sessions.  
Technology  The shoe contains a flexible but tough air bag filled with nitrogen which doesn’t let the person feel its weight and offers maximum support and comfort.  In this shoe, multiple tiny particles of thermoplastic are joined together to create a light weighted and flexible sole.  
Outer design  This shoe looks premium while giving a plastic glass-based finish on the other side. The microparticles of thermoplastic are visible in the sides of the shoe, which gives it a sporty yet casual finish.  
Developed by    Nike alone. Adidas and German Chemists BASF. 

What is Nike Air? 

In 1987, Nike presented its air technology to the world at large, leaving all its competitors behind. This particular series of shoes ruled the shoe industry in the 1990s and 2000s.

However, the inception of this technology lies in an innovation made by a tech engineer of NASA. M. Frank Rudy developed space helmets for NASA’s Apollo missions.

In the helmets, there was a hollowed midsole comprising of air pouches filled with dense air.  

Accordingly, in the Nike Air technology, a tough bag is embedded into the midsole which is filled by air, mostly nitrogen. It absorbs the impact during the movement of a person, which makes it very comfortable to wear.

The airbag cushioning is present in the areas having the highest movements, like the heel. With each movement, the air units release energy and return to their original shape.

This absorption of shock without changing the shape of the airbags makes it feel very seamless and flexible.   

This technology comes with a range of benefits. For an average shoe person, this shoe provides great cushioning whereas for an athlete, it reduces the impact and weight to the maximum extent.

Also, the Nike Air range has multiple shoes included in it which use a whole different cushioning, hence there exists an ideal shoe for different kinds of buyers. 

nike air

What is Adidas Boost? 

Emerging as the major counterpart to Nike Air, Boost by Adidas made its debut in the year 2013. In the arena of both sportswear as well as daily wear shoes, the shoe range earned itself a name.

But it should be told that the technology was not developed by Adidas alone. BASF, a leading chemical company in Germany developed the technology to be used in the context of shoes.  

To make this shoe, a specific polymer named thermoplastic polyurethane is expanded to form tiny energy capsules. This expanded form is precisely known as e-TPU.

These tiny particles create a Pannel which is fitted into the sole as the cushioning. These particles are generally visible as a group from the outer look of the shoe.   

This revolutionary cushioning style gives rise to many attributes. The shoe easily adapts to the temperature thus making it wearable in any weather.

The tiny particles of polymer feel like small clouds while putting the feet over them. And most crucial attribute is the energy return by the shoe which makes it go for another mile without any issue.   

adidas boost

Main Difference Between Nike Air and Adidas Boost 

  1. Nike Air is the shoe range of Nike while Adidas Boost is the shoe range of Adidas.   
  2. Nike Air was introduced in the year 1987 while the Adidas Boost was introduced in the year 2013.   
  3. Nike Air technology was developed by a tech engineer for NASA’s space helmets and the Adidas Boost technology was developed by a German chemical company.  
  4. In Nike Air, the midsole has an air panel filled with air pouches. These pouches absorb shock and get back to their real shape in few seconds. In Adidas Boost, the sole is made of expanded tiny particles of polymer which absorb energy and feel comfortable.    
  5. Nike Air is more popular than Adidas Boost due to its premium look and design.  
  6. The cushioning in Nike Air makes sure that there is no damage or pain caused to the muscles or joints. On the other hand, Adidas Boost works best for absorbing energy and adapting to different weathers.   
Difference Between Nike Air and Adidas Boost


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