Difference Between Nike Benassi and Adidas Adilette

Almost every shoe enthusiast has had an argument about which shoe gear brand is the greatest and which dominates the other at some time. However, both the US (Nike) and German (Adidas) sports labels have retained two globally renowned names over the years. With the arrival of the Nike Benassi and Adidas Adilette, the argument continues.


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Nike Benassi vs Adidas Adilette

The difference between Nike Benassi and Adidas adilette is that Nike Benassi is a waterproof slide which resulted in them being the ideal shower slides, on the other hand, Adidas Adilette is not waterproof but yet can be considered to wear them after a shower.

Nike Benassi vs Adidas Adilette

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Nike Benassi is a pair of comfy slides that come in a variety of colors. The front strap is also available in both synthetic and leather variations, both of which look quite fashionable. They are quite comfy and give enough arch support. The sizing is accurate. However, the slides do expand with each wear.

Adidas adilette is the first sport slide. These sandals are comfortable to wear and available in seasonal pastel colors, inspired by that classic design from 1972. The adilette, which was first introduced in 1972 to the delight of appreciative feet everywhere, is the most well-known après-sport slide on the marketplace currently.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonNike BenassiAdidas Adilette
ColorsWhite, Black, Oracle Aqua, Red, and Game Royal are some of the colors available.Available in core black, Adi blue, and focus orange among 16 different colors
AvailabilityThey are available differently in both women and men’s sizesThey are unisex in size.
WaterproofNike Benassi is waterproofAdidas adilette does not make a good slide near water.
The year they were released20171972

What is Nike Benassi?

Nike Benassi features a Nike emblem that appears on the foot strap, which is lined with super-soft fabric. The foam midsole gives your feet a beachy sensation while also adding spring to your laid-back look.

Athletes prefer to wear the Benassi Swoosh style slides before and after training and games. They give massaging comfort for the feet’ soles. They include a footbed with a massaging texture that is both comforting and energizing for tired feet. They’re great for relieving fatigue or sore feet after physical contests

The top is formed of a single piece, so there are no seams to cause friction or irritation in the foot. The midsole is constructed of phylon, which is pumped to offer springiness with each stride, along with the foam midsole which serves as an outsole and provides lightweight cushioning. The herringbone traction pattern on the slides provides excellent grip.

These Nike slides are multipurpose whether it’s for a workout or a casual occasion, and the brand’s distinctive pool slides are a fan favorite. They’re waterproof, so they’re ideal for taking a shower. They’re also light enough to wear after a workout or around the house.

Since these slides are quite lightweight and sturdy, one will be able to stroll and enjoy wearing them all day.

What is Adidas Adilette?

Adidas adilette was first introduced in 1972 and is now the world’s most popular go-to slipper. They are the ideal sandals for wearing to and from athletic events. The footbed takes some getting used to, but that really doesn’t take long.

Made at a higher standard than most sports shoes. They are worn by people other than soccer players. They are also the NBA‘s official off-court footwear. While they are not waterproof like a typical hard slide, they are incredibly soft, almost like standing on marshmallows, and are said to be ideal for just getting out of the pool.

 For ladies, Adidas recommends purchasing two complete sizes down from your usual size. Further, if the slides are made of knit fabric, it is recommended to wash them with cold water, light soap, and a gentle brush. If the top or complete slide is made of leather, cleaning it on a regular basis to keep discoloration and smells at bay would be enough 

They aren’t memory foam like under armor slides, but that’s a good thing because memory foam wears down over time and isn’t as comfortable. They have a more mattress-like or rubber-like feel to them.

They are extremely comfy and highly received by the public. It has a pretty great simplistic style that matches almost anything you wear. And with some of the other slides, it’s quite rapid and simple to slide on. And the tightness of the grasp is exactly right; it won’t feel like it’s going to slip off or suffocate your foot; it’s just right.

Main Differences Between Nike Benassi And Adidas Adilette

  1. In terms of brands, as the name suggests Nike benassi is part of Nike collection meanwhile, Adidas adilette were released under Adidas.
  2. Nike benassi was released in White, Black, Oracle Aqua, Red, and Game Royal among others, while Adidas adilette is available in core black, Adi blue, and focus orange among 16 different colours
  3. While speaking of availability, Niki Benassi is offered in both women’s and men’s sizes, whereas adidas Adilette is available in unisex sizes.
  4. The Niki Benassi is waterproof, making it a perfect shower slide, however the adidas Adilette is not waterproof like the normal hard slide.
  5. Nike benassi were released in the year of 2017 however, Adidas adilette were released early in the year of 1972.
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