Difference Between Sephora White and Sephora Black

Sephora is a French retail business created in 1970 by Dominique Mandonnaud. At Sephora, one can discover everything from cosmetics, skincare, fragrance, bath, and body to beauty accessories and tools under the sun. Sephora offers membership cards that are a free reward program it lets you earn points and redeem them for rewards, they are available in two varieties: Sephora White and Sephora Black.


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Key Takeaways

  1. Sephora White is a free loyalty program, while Sephora Black requires an annual spending minimum.
  2. Sephora Black offers more benefits, such as a birthday gift, exclusive events, and early access to sales.
  3. Sephora Black members receive more Beauty Insider points per dollar spent than Sephora White members.

Sephora White vs Sephora Black

Sephora White is an entry-level program that is free to join. Members of Sephora White can earn points for their purchases, which can be redeemed for rewards. Sephora Black is the loyalty program’s premium tier, in which members spend a certain amount of money at Sephora within a year.

Sephora White vs Sephora Black

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Sephora white entitles you to the following special incentives and bonuses: Birthday Month: 2x Beauty Pass points applicable for one-time use digitally or in stores (exchangeable during birthday month), as well as Members-only limited editions and seasonal promotions. Merely subscribing to Sephora Beauty Pass qualifies you as a White Member.

Sephora black entitles you to the following special benefits: Welcome Gift, which is one-time use only digitally or in shops (valid for 30 days after Gold Membership has been initiated), Invitations to Sephora exclusive private sales, gatherings, and tutorials. And last but not least, they offer a birthday Gift – redeemable once only digitally or in-store.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonSephora WhiteSephora Black
QualificationSimply purchasing a Sephora Beauty Pass entitles you to the status of White Member.When your white card points reach 250, you will be upgraded to a Black Cardmember.
MaintenanceYou can retain it as long as you don’t accumulate more than 250 points.Requires you to meet your tier’s necessary purchase within 365 days
In-store facilitiesThe Sephora white card provides no in-store advantages.Sephora black cardholders get access to a premium brow bar service.
SalesThe Sephora white card does not advertise or provide special invitations.The Sephora Black Card does provide special offerings such as sales, events, and seminars.
Beauty pass salesThe Sephora white card does not provide an endorsement or a welcome gift.The Sephora Black Card does come with a welcome gift that is valid for one-time use online or in stores.

What is Sephora White?

Sephora white membership card entitles the customer to be exclusive and intriguing birthday Month 2x Beauty Pass points that are a one-time redeemable online or in-store promotional offer and it also encourages members-only limited new releases and seasonal specials.

To become a Sephora White Member, the consumer must first simply register for a Sephora Beauty Pass.

Sephora Beauty Pass may be obtained in three ways: through the Sephora Mobile App, the Sephora Web, and in-store, where one may approach one of the Beauty Advisors, who will be pleased to assist you in signing up.

You may maintain the Sephora white card as long as you don’t achieve 250 points, but you shouldn’t have to; it’s not required.

The Sephora white card has fewer in-store perks than the black card, does not promote or offer special invitations to Sephora private discounts, gatherings, or training, and does not endorse or send a welcome gift regardless of the fact that it is a free sign-up. Sephora white card membership is a fundamental and standard starting point from which every consumer begins their adventure when purchasing at Sephora.

sephora white

What is Sephora Black?

Sephora’s black card is intended to acknowledge devoted Sephora clients who have accumulated 250 points. (In Sephora, 250 points are equivalent to RM420.) Black Cardholders will enjoy greater rights and rewards in the future.

They provide a premium brow bar service that is exclusively available in participating Sephora shops as part of your Sephora member birthday gift.

One brow waxing service during your birthday month, and the deal is only good during your birthday month.

Consumers must arrange appointments at least two weeks in advance by contacting the Beauty Advisor at the Benefit cosmetics store located in Sephora shops individually using the BA contact number in the Birthday email to guarantee that slots are available.

The Sephora black membership card includes a Welcome Gift that is redeemable once online or in-store (Valid 1 month after upgrading); Birthday Month 2x Beauty Pass points that are redeemable once online or in-store; Birthday Gift that is redeemable once online or in-store; Exclusives for subscribers and seasonal promotions Invitations to Sephora personal sales, gatherings, and training. First, access to unique premieres, and last but not least, a complimentary custom makeover transformation that can only be claimed once each month per client.

sephora black

Main Differences Between Sephora White And Sephora Black

  1. Merely subscribing to a Sephora Beauty Pass qualifies you as a White Member, whereas signing up for a Sephora Black Pass qualifies you as a Sephora Black Member. Once your white card points exceed 250, you will instantly become a Black Card member. The Black Card will only be mailed to your registered address.
  2. To keep the Sephora white card, you can keep it as long as you don’t earn 250 points, but you shouldn’t have to, but the Sephora black card requires you to meet the required purchase for your tier within 365 days of successfully completing that tier.
  3. The Sephora white card has no in-store benefits, but the Sephora black card has a premium brow bar service that is only accessible in partnering Sephora locations.
  4. The Sephora white card does not advertise or grant special invites to Sephora private sales, events, or seminars, but the Sephora black card does provide exclusive deals.
  5. The Sephora white card does not endorse or deliver a welcome gift; however, the Sephora black card does provide a welcome gift that is good for a single usage online or in stores which is valid 30 days after the Gold Membership has been initiated.
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