Difference Between Sephora Beauty Insider and VIB

Sephora is a brand that is famous for its beauty and personal care products. Whenever someone shops from Sephora online or in the shop he/she will get two offers- Beauty Insider and VIB.


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Beauty Insider is where you can earn points on every purchase while VIB is a higher-level membership for earning points. 

Sephora Beauty Insider vs VIB

The difference between Sephora Beauty Insider and VIB is that Sephora Beauty Insider earns 1 point per dollar while Sephora VIB members earn 1.25 points per dollar. All those who are eligible for Beauty Insider cannot be eligible for VIB only some will go for it.

Sephora Beauty Insider vs VIB

The Beauty Insider Program is Sephora’s unfastened rewards application within the United States and Canada. It helps you to earn points on all of your purchases and redeem those points for rewards.

Based on your popularity level, you may additionally acquire extensive reductions throughout their actual income occasions. VIB repute is conferred on the ones registered Beauty Insider individuals who spend a minimum of $350 yearly.

If a member does not requalify for VIB repute and no longer qualifies Rouge repute, the member will revert to Beauty Insider repute. Here, you will enjoy more benefits than Beauty Insiders.

Comparison Table

Parameters for ComparisonBeauty InsiderVIB
Bonus for members10% for all purchases15% for all purchases
Special PerksGet 1 point for every dollar, personalized recommendationsGet 1.25 points per dollar, hand-picked gifts, one-time free custom make-over
Free standard shipping$50 minimum$35 minimum
Exclusive GiftsNo gift will be receivedYes, here you will receive a gift or 250 points
Product SizeA trial-size product is available.Both trial and full-size products are available

What is Sephora Beauty Insider?

It is a free rewards program within the US and North American nations that allows you to earn points on all of your merchandise purchases and redeem those points for rewards.

Insiders get one point for every dollar spent at Sephora. You may earn points while purchasing in-store, online, or at JCPenney’s Sephora.

Simply offer your email address at checkout in-store or online once you’ve joined up, and you’ll be credited for your purchase. Sephora occasionally gives extra points for special purchases.

These possibilities are only available for a short time, so keep an eye on your inbox for them. In-store services such as Dry Bar Services and Brow Bar Services can also earn you points.

During bonus point periods, you may no longer earn points on gift cards, e-gift cards, FLASH delivery subscriptions, tickets for exclusive events, taxes, or shipping unless otherwise stated.

Once you earn five hundred points (spend $500) you earn $10 off your in-store or online purchase. To redeem your points, tell the cashier you would like to use your points or choose ‘redeem my points’ if you’re searching online.

Sephora’s website offers you one or two probabilities to redeem it just in case you forget to pick it out after you log in. 

What is Sephora VIB?

It is an abbreviation of Very Important Beauty Insider. To achieve VIB status, you need to spend $350 a year. Once you spend $350 and emerge as a VIB, you hold that popularity for the relaxation of the current year and subsequent year.

So, in case you emerge as a VIB in the first month of 2021, you’ll hold that popularity till the stop of 2022.

Insider participants who’ve moved as much as VIB popularity is rewarded with the aid of using Sephora with 3 present options: makeover certificate for you and a friend, 500 greater points, or a year’s well worth of unfastened popular transport in the purchase of $35 or more.

Sephora’s VIB occasion gives Beauty Insiders reductions of 10, 15, or 20% off, relying on their Beauty Insider status. The sweetest part of the sales occasion, however, is that it falls early in the vacation season.

Sephora VIB contributors can count on the 15% off sale on maximum gadgets each April, August, and November.

These 15% off Sephora reductions come for the duration of the spring, summer, and holiday bonuses. You can use Insider rewards with alternative promotions together with product discounts and Sephora coupons.

You can use Insider rewards with alternative promotions together with product discounts and Sephora coupons.

Main Differences Between Sephora Beauty Insider and VIB

  1. Beauty Insiders is free to join whereas VIB is unlocked after spending a positive value.
  2. Beauty Insiders customers also have many benefits but VIB has comparatively more benefits like custom makeovers and free monthly gifts.
  3. In Beauty Insiders, you have no extra choice but in VIB you have the option to choose a gift or 250 points.
  4. At the time of annual sales, Beauty Insiders have a slightly greater net worth as compared to VIB.
  5. Beauty Insiders have around 10 million customers which can be easily made as it is the first stage and at no cost whereas in VIB customers’ number is less as many don’t attain to fulfill its condition.


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