Difference Between Polo and Ralph Lauren

Many brands exist in this current fashion world. Be it, men or women, the brand marks excellence in lifestyle. Incidentally, the brands available for women are more than for men. However, men’s garments have their charm and style too.


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The sporty garments and well-stitched suits are all made for elegant looks. With the number of brands available in the market, there are issues with getting confused with their logos.

Significantly, the Brands Polo, as well as Ralph Lauren have misleading and confusing logos that people may misinterpret the brand. There were instances when e-commerce websites also posted it under the wrong brand.

Though the logos look similar, they are not. The two brands have other technical differences, from their establishment to their nature of business.

Key Takeaways

  1. Polo is a brand within the Ralph Lauren Corporation, specifically focused on sportswear and casual clothing inspired by the sport of polo.
  2. Ralph Lauren is a global fashion brand and corporation encompassing many clothing lines, accessories, and home furnishings, including the Polo brand.
  3. The primary distinction between Polo and Ralph Lauren is that Polo is a sub-brand under the larger Ralph Lauren Corporation, focusing on sportswear and casual clothing. In contrast, Ralph Lauren represents the entire corporation and its diverse product offerings.

Polo vs Ralph Lauren

Polo is a brand of clothing and accessories, which was established in 1967 by Ralph Lauren, and is known for its classic American style. Ralph Lauren is an American fashion designer who started his career in the fashion industry in the 1960s and is the founder and designer behind the Polo brand.

Polo vs Ralph Lauren

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Comparison Table

Parameter of ComparisonPoloRalph Lauren
Name of the CompanyUS Polo Association founded in 1981Ralph Lauren Corporation founded in 1967
Logo2 Polo Players on their horses, one with Mallet in a higher position while the other has a mallet in a lower positionOne Polo player on his horse with Mallet raised high
Meaning of the LogoPromoting and emphasising the sportThe logo is a feature of the lifestyle
PriceLess Expensive compared to Ralph LaurenThey are expensive
HeadquartersFloridaNew York


What is Polo?

Polo is a T-shirt manufactured by the U.S. Polo Association. It is a United States Polo Association subsidiary and was founded in 1981.

The T-shirt was introduced to promote and emphasize the sport called Polo. US Polo Assn is also a brand licensing company; they distribute many sports accessories worldwide.

The logo of the US Polo Assn is unique. It has two polo players on their horses. One person has a darker shirt and his mallet raised high, while the other has a lighter shirt with a mallet positioned lower than the other.

It is an authentic American brand with its headquarters in Florida. The brand is well-established and available in more than 135 countries worldwide.

Further, Polo is not the only t-shirt they make; they also specialise in clothing for women and children. Additionally, they also make accessories for men and women.

Though the brand was established in 1981, Polo Association was formed in 1890. USPA significantly fostered the game of Polo, and thus, the brand was established in the name of Polo.

The brand came into existence to show passion and aspiration towards the game. They are nowhere connected to Ralph Lauren, though many get confused because of their similar logos.

polo 1

What is Ralph Lauren?

Ralph Lauren Corporation is a fashion company that produces garments for men and women. They were established in the year 1967. The name Ralph Lauren came from the American Fashion Designer. He was the one who founded this brand.

They have no patronage of Polo, but they established the brand as the elegance of lifestyle. People often misread the logo of Ralph Lauren to be Polo. The logo has only one polo player on his horse, having his mallet raised high, marking victory.

Ralph Lauren is ultimately a fashion industry that also caters to tailoring services. Customised service on the branding of their clothes is done with sheer excellence.

Ralph Lauren garments are expensive compared to Polo. Ralph Lauren has a wide variety of products, right from garments to footwear. Ralph Lauren has a reputation for designing clothes for celebrities in the movie industry.

Moreover, the 2012 American Olympic Team garments were designed by Ralph Lauren.

Ralph Lauren’s headquarters in New York has more varieties of fashion items than Polo.

The polo T-shirt of Ralph Lauren came into existence when he wanted to make alight weighted clothing to play tennis. It was assisted by a tennis player Rene Lacoste.

ralph lauren

Main Differences Between Polo and Ralph Lauren

  1. The main difference between Polo and Ralph Lauren is the logo. Polo has two polo players in their respective horses, while Ralph Lauren polo has only one polo player on his horse and has his mallet raised high.
  2. Polo was established in 1981, while Ralph Lauren started in 1967.
  3. Polo garments are relatively less expensive than Ralph Lauren Garments.
  4. The Logo of Polo emphasizes the sport of Polo, while Ralph Lauren exhibits the lifestyle.
  5. The headquarters of USPA is in Florida, while the Headquarters of Ralph Lauren is in New York.
Difference Between Polo and Ralph Lauren

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