Difference Between Polo and Swift

Polo and Swift are 2 questions between German reliability and Japanese refinement of super quality cars. But when the only concern is the price the economical cars take the stage.


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The two differentiating cars are the choice of upper-middle-class families in compact automobile options. The brands are trustable but the choice of buyer depends upon his budget and the quality provided by the company.

Polo vs Swift

The difference between Polo and Swift is that Polo is the registered product of Volkswagen and Swift is the registered product of Maruti Suzuki. The model of Polo is based upon the Hatchback design and the model of Swift is based upon the Sedan cars. In the technical specification, Polo is more in demand than swift. 

Polo vs Swift

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The term Polo is a four-wheeler brand of the German car manufacturing company Volkswagen. The car was initially launched in the year 1975 in Germany and later on, supplied in other parts of the world gradually.

In the year 2009, it was introduced in India. The Volkswagen Polo was the rebraced model of Audi 50

The term Swift is a well know four-wheeler model of Maruti Suzuki. It is prominently known as Swift Dzire. The car player is very powerful in Indian markets.

The first model was launched in the year 2005 and since then it is upgrading. In the European market, Swift is classified as a B-segment marque. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonPoloSwift
Engine CapacityVolkswagen Polo has an Engine Capacity of 999 CC.Swift has an Engine Capacity of 1197CC.
PowerPolo has a power backup of 75 bhp. Swift has a power Backup of 89 bhp.
Production The Polo car is manufactured by the German company Volkswagen. Swift is the Product of a Joint Venture between Maruti and Suzuki.
TaglineThe tagline for Volkswagen Polo is  “Polo – built to protect”The Slogan for Maruti Swift Dzire is “#BeLimitless.
MileagePolo has a mileage of 16.47  KMPLMaruti Swift has a mileage of 24.12 KMPL.

What is Polo?

Polo is a well-established car model designed by a German manufacturer. Initially, it was launched in Europe as a super-compact car in the year 1975 and gradually it gained popularity for its power, engine, and design.

The Volkswagen Polo is very smooth for the city driving experience.

The design of Polo is tall but quite small in size as a comparison to other models of Volkswagen company. The recent model of Polo was introduced in the year 2017 with high-quality LED lights, Sun-roof, Self Parking, etc.

This budgeted automobile has a classy appearance with a premium touch. 

Fuel efficiency and the running cost is the premium feature of this demanding automobile. It is very suitable for hustle traffic and nuclear families. The car is accompanied by 6 airbags regarding the safety of passengers and drivers.

It has an auto emergency braking system designed for emergencies. 

The Polo Viva model has set a benchmark in Australia by selling the largest number of products there. It has appeared for the Russian car championship and apart from this, it has had many achievements since 1975.

The Polo has rear-only fog lamps in the car. Polo has a long length than swift by 210 mm. The Volkswagen Polo has consistency in sales due to exquisite interiors. The wheelbase of Polo is quite ahead of swift.

What is Swift?

Swift is a Japanese car model manufactured originally by Suzuki. The car has gathered space between the Agnis model and Baleno. The Suzuki Cultus model was replaced by the launch of swift in the year 2000.

The twisting force capacity of the Swift is very good at 113 Nm@4400 rpm. The least turning radius of the car is 4.80 m. 

The Swift Dzire model does not contain folding rear seats like Volkswagen polo. The car is equipped with fog lamps also. The model is powered by four gasoline engines to relate with upgraded technology.

Swift has taken an entry step into the market when Maruti was facing a huge business crisis and Swift gave it the hope of sustainability. 

The design becomes very prominent in the Indian market and just turn the business of Maruti after 2005. The appealing hatchback looks gained so much popularity among car lovers.

This subcompact four-wheeler has a thundered market with its technical features. 

In India, Swift is considered as most selling car among upper-middle-class families. The combination of small, sleek design with spacious interiors makes it an outstanding automobile.

Some great characteristics of the cars include touch screen infotainment, voice command assist, LED projector lights, and navigation system.

Main Differences Between Polo and Swift

  1. Wheel Base: The Wheel Base of the Volkswagen Polo is 2469 mm and on the other hand the wheelbase of Swift Dzire is 2450 mm.
  2. Boot Space: The Boot space of Polo is 280 liters and in contrast, the boot space of Swift is 378 liters.
  3. Fuel Tank: Polo has a fuel tank capacity of 45 liters and Swift Dzire has a fuel tank capacity of 37 liters which is quite less.
  4. Cylinder: Polo has three cylinders installation and Swift has four cylinders installation space.
  5. Torque: The twist of Polo is 95 Nm@2950-3800 rpm and the Twist force of Swift is 113 Nm@4400 rpm
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