Swift vs Brezza: Difference and Comparison

The Swift, launched in 2005, and the Vitara Brezza, launched in 2016, are both hatchback cars that Maruti Suzuki manufactures. A hatchback is a vehicle with a rear door that swings upward to allow access to the cargo area.

Key Takeaways

  1. Swift is a hatchback car model, while Brezza is a compact SUV.
  2. Swift has a smaller engine capacity and lighter weight than Brezza, resulting in better fuel efficiency.
  3. Brezza offers a higher ground clearance and a more spacious interior than Swift.

Swift vs Brezza

Suzuki Swift is a sporty hatchback automobile famous for its fuel efficiency and quick handling. It has petrol and diesel engine options with a variety of features. Suzuki Brezza is a subcompact SUV with a roomy cabin, high ground clearance, and a rugged appearance.

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The Swift debuted at a time when Maruti was in a tough spot, and its rivals were taking up more and more market share. The Swift debuted in 2005 and was designed to appeal to India’s most popular hatchback sector.

It was an unheard-of combination of ergonomics and excitement on the market. It was a more luxurious and appealing hatchback.

The Brezza, on the other hand, entered the Indian market in 2016 and quickly became the fastest-selling SUV in its market, selling 500 000 units in only 47 months.

It rapidly became India’s best-selling small SUV, and in 2017, it won the Indian Car of the Year.

Comparison Table

Parameters of comparisonSwiftBrezza
TypeIt is a sub-compact supermini hatchback car.It is a sub-compact crossover mini-SUV.
First ModelLaunched in 2005Launched in 2016
Engine1197cc – a less powerful engine1462cc – a more powerful engine
Mileage23.2 kmpl – More economical17.03 kmpl – Less economical
SafetySafer — Brake Assist, Seat Belt ReminderLess secure — No brake assist, No seat belt reminder
LED Fog lampsUnavailableAvailable

What is Swift?

Suzuki manufactures the Maruti Suzuki Swift, a subcompact automobile. It was the first vehicle on which Maruti Udyog Ltd. engineers and designers collaborated with the Suzuki team in Japan.

This is why a globally offered car like the Swift fits in so well with Indian standards.

The Swift, which debuted in 2005, aims to target India’s most popular hatchback class. It was an unheard-of combination of ergonomics and enthusiasm in the market. It was a more expensive and appealing hatchback.

All of these features combined to make the Swift a hit even before its arrival, with Maruti receiving a record-breaking amount of pre-orders. People were queuing outside the Maruti showroom to get their hands on the new Swift.

Today, the Swift hatchback appears to have changed significantly. Despite the development of other modern-day hatchbacks, the Swift is still one of India’s best-selling vehicles.

Swift’s design has always adhered to the successful formula of sleek, small, and athletic proportions combined with large interiors.

To mention a few features, the Swift has a touchscreen infotainment system, a navigation system, voice command assist, LED projector lights, and DRLs.

ABS with EBD, dual airbags, a reverse parking camera, and IsoFix-compliant seats provide excellent safety.

maruti suzuki swift 1

What is Brezza?

Maruti Suzuki’s Vitara Brezza is a subcompact crossover mini-SUV. It was presented in 2016 during the 13th Auto Expo.

It is the company’s first foray into the subcompact crossover sector in India and its fourth foray into the SUV market, following the Gypsy, Grand Vitara, and SX4 S-Cross.

The Brezza is the company’s first automobile that was entirely designed in India. It works on the Maruti XA Alpha concept vehicle, which was initially shown in 2012. Since 2020, Toyota has marketed it as the Toyota Urban Cruiser.

Since its debut in India in 2016, it has quickly become the fastest-selling SUV in its market, selling five hundred thousand units in only 47 months. It rapidly became India’s best-selling small SUV and won the Indian Car of the Year in 2017.

Since then, Suzuki has maintained a 23 percent segment market share in India and an 11 percent overall SUV market share.

The Suzuki Vitara Brezza offers four different model variants. The 1.5 GL is available in both manual and automatic transmission, and the 1.5 GLX, which is also available in both manual and automatic transmission.


Main difference between Swift and Brezza

  1. Although both the Swift and the Brezza are sub-compact hatchbacks, the Brezza is classified as a mini-SUV.
  2. The Swift has been in the marketplace for more than a decade and has gone through various interactions and facelifts. Meanwhile, the Brezza is a newer edition of the Maruti Suzuki roaster.
  3. The Brezza has a larger engine of 1462 cc and more torque power than the Swift, which has an 1197 cc engine and less torque power.
  4. A more powerful engine has the drawback of losing fuel economy. The Swift provides a higher mileage at 23.2 kmpl, whereas the more powerful Brezza has a mileage of only 17.03 kmpl.
  5. The Swift offers much better safety for its passengers with brake assistance, pedestrian protection compliance, seat belt reminder and buzzer; these features are lacking in the Brezza.
  6. Because the Brezza is a more premium vehicle than the Swift, it has a better and more comfortable interior.
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Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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