Difference Between North and South Grand Canyon

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Here there are the best hiking road trips places, “North and South grand canyon”.

Key Takeaways

  1. The North Rim features higher elevations, cooler temperatures, and denser forests than the South Rim.
  2. The South Rim is more accessible, receives more visitors, and offers more facilities.
  3. Both rims offer unique viewpoints and hiking trails, but the North Rim closes seasonally due to snow.

North Grand Canyon vs South Grand Canyon

The North Grand Canyon is higher in elevation and has a milder and wetter climate, more flora, and fewer people. The South Grand Canyon is more easily accessible, has a warmer and drier temperature, and attracts a greater number of tourists due to its breathtaking panoramic sights.

North Grand Canyon vs South Grand Canyon

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The south grand canyon provides us with a wild experience of hiking with beautiful views and 4 distinct seasons. It takes us to the memorable viewpoints from the top (known as Bright Angel Point) and shows us the sweeping views of the canyon.

South grand canyon heats up drastically during summer times and covers up in snow during winter, which makes it suitable for hiking.

The north grand canyon provides us soul calming winter camping and wide views of the Colorado River and sunrise.

The north grand canyon is pleasantly cool even during summer times and provides a relaxing vacation as it is covered with trees and shade. Its spectacular viewing height of over 8000 feet offers us a broad view of the Grand Canyon.

Comparison Table

Parameters of comparisonNorth grand canyonSouth grand canyon
Geographical location Northwest corner of Arizona, USA.60 miles north of Williams, Arizona.
Climatic conditionsPleasant climate during summer and freezing cold during wintersDrastic heat up during summer and snows during winter which makes it
suitable for winter.
Working seasonClosed for winters and opens up
for camping between May 15
and October 15.
Open 24 hours a day, 365 days
a year.
Famous tourist places to visitNorth Rim scenic drive, Camping at Demotte & Jacob Lake, Mule rides,
Ranger programs and hiking at the North rim etc.
South Rim viewpoints, desert
drives, Hiking below the Rim, bike
along the Hermit Road, watch Grand canyon IMAX movie, etc.
ExperienceRural and peaceful experience as it is remote and less developed.Well-developed and wild experience.

What is North Grand Canyon?

North grand canyon, which is located in the Northwest of Arizona, offers us astonishing views with less congestion and a chance to see the canyon in a relaxing way without many crowds.

It is more remote and less developed but yields us a getaway from machine-running city life.

Adding to its advantage is the atmosphere, and it is pleasantly cool even during the summers as it is covered with trees and has natural shades. Hence, it provides us with the best relaxing vacation and attracts many tourists for its atmosphere.

Furthermore, being the highest rim of 8000 ft in elevation provides us breathtaking views of sunrise, sunsets, canyon, and Colorado rivers.

Advantages come up with disadvantages which are breathing problems due to its high elevation. Rarely may people find issues with respiratory or heart problems.

There are plenty of hiking opportunities for adventurous people but require hiking on lengthier and less accessible trails.

For family visitors, it is fun to opt for camping, where kids can play in the campground, and parents can socialize or roam in the woods.

The north grand canyon is open for visiting only from 8 am to 6 pm daily during summer and will be closed for winter from May 15 to October 15.

What is South Grand Canyon?

South grand canyon, located 60 miles north of Williams, Arizona, offers us a perfect day trip accessible from several large cities.

The south grand canyon is more developed and known for its adventurous experience of mule driving, hiking, rafting, and bike drives along Hermit Road, etc.

During summer, the temperature heats up drastically, making it unsuitable for visitors. It is more preferred during winter as it will be covered in snow, making it suitable for hikers.

Even with its low elevation, the South grand canyon offers us the best view of the canyon and a better view of the opposite rim’s walls, attracting numerous tourists.

The south rim makes it more visible of the Grand Canyon’s sheer magnitude and is more user-friendly with paved paths.

It is well known for the Grand Canyon IMAX movie, which is highly recommended for kids. In fact, the South grand canyon is considered a “true canyon” by many visitors.

South grand canyon has four distinct seasons: warm in summer, chilly in winter, spring and fall.

Among all, spring and fall are considered to be the best season to visit the South grand canyon, and it is the peak season when all the reservations for the lodges must be made before six months.

The south grand canyon is open 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

Main Differences Between North and South Grand Canyon

  1. The south rim is more accessible to several large cities and less remote, while the North rim is more remote and less developed, inhibiting the features of rural.
  2. North Rim has a higher elevation of 8000 feet, making it difficult for people with breathing problems, while the South Rim provides a better view of the Grand Canyon with its low elevation.
  3. South Rim has more user-friendly paths than North Rim and provides a better experience for hiking.
  4. People generally visit South Rim for better exploration of the Grand Canyon, while North Rim is more known for its relaxing atmosphere and stress relief as it is covered in trees and natural shades.
  5. The South grand canyon offers more restaurants, lodges, hotels and more scheduled fun activities, such as mules, rafting, hiking etc., for families in comparison to the North grand canyon.
  6. Camping is mostly preferred in North Rim for its climatic and environmental conditions compared to North Rim.
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