Difference Between Toyota Urban Cruiser and Brezza

Today, there are many car models manufactured by leading companies like Toyota, Maruti, Chevrolet, BMW, Audi, etc. At times, these cars may have very similar features, but it is important to note the subtle distinctions.


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The Toyota Urban Cruiser and the Maruti Vitara Brezza are two such cars that may seem similar at first but have a few underlying differences.

Toyota Urban Cruiser vs Brezza

The difference between the Toyota Urban Cruiser and Brezza is that the Toyota Urban Cruiser has a speed detecting door lock, meanwhile, the Brezza does not. Another distinction is that the Toyota Urban Cruiser includes a button start function, meanwhile, the Vitara Brezza does not possess this feature.

Toyota Urban Cruiser vs Brezza

The Toyota Urban Cruiser was produced as a joint venture between Maruti Suzuki, and Toyota is the second model of their collaboration. It comes with a warranty period of three years.

It is equipped with a button-start feature and even the central locking system is keyless. The Urban Cruiser is also provided with emergency brake light flashing.

The interiors of the car are dual-toned.

The Brezza designed by Maruti comes with a warranty of two years. It is not equipped with the button-start feature and even the central locking system is remote controlled.

The feature of emergency brake light flashing is not available in this car. The Brezza comes with single-tone interiors, in the color black.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonToyota Urban CruiserBrezza
Warranty PeriodIt has a warranty of 3 yearsIt has a warranty of 2 years
Button StartButton start is available in Toyota Urban CruiserButton start is not available Brezza
Curb weight It has a curb weight of 1115 kgs It has a curb weight of 1110 kgs
Emergency Brake Light FlashingEmergency brake light flashing is available in Toyota Urban CruiserEmergency brake light flashing is not available in Brezza
HeadlightsIt features an LED projectorIt features a halogen projector
Interior ColorsDual-tone (black and brown)Single-tone (black)

What is Toyota Urban Cruiser?

The Urban Cruiser is the second model in the joint venture between Maruti Suzuki and Toyota. As a result, the Urban Cruiser is a sub-4m small SUV inspired by Vitara Brezza.

It is Toyota’s first foray into the competitive sub-4m small SUV market.

Toyota has implemented several extravagant tweaks to the Urban Cruiser in order to distinguish it from its sibling. The Toyota Urban Cruiser‘s front end has been altered, for an all-Fortuner-inspired frontal bumper and a new logo.

It certainly gives it more personality and a distinguishing face. At the front, the Urban Cruiser receives a full-LED design with dual projector headlights and LED DRLs that also function as side indicators.

There are three Toyota Urban Cruiser variants: Medium Grade, High Grade, and Premium Grade. Even the base models of Toyota’s small SUV are well-equipped.

If you can not live without cruise control, leather-wrapped steer rims, auto headlights, and other features, the Premium Grade grade is the way to go.

The Urban Cruiser has an all-black interior with a 7.0-inch display in the center, followed by a temperature control system and a recognizable gear lever.

Toyota has updated the fabric, and the seats are now also dark brown along with black.

What is Brezza?

Maruti designed the Vitara Brezza to best suit the Indian market. The dual-tone exterior paint plainly indicates that Maruti is targeting a youthful demographic with the Vitara Brezza.

The tiny SUV’s overall appearance is sleek and well-balanced.

For its 1st time, the Vitara Brezza has received a mid-cycle makeover. Previously available solely with a diesel engine, the Vitara Brezza is now only available with a petrol engine.

As a result, the Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza prices have dropped to a more reasonable level. The Vitara Brezza is adorned with modern and unobtrusive design features.

Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza models range from the entry-level LXi to the top-tier ZXi+. Of course, the lower-grade version is not as well-equipped as the higher-grade version.

It does not include body-colored door handles or ORVMs. Brezza does not have alloy wheels and instead has steel rims.

The interiors are conventional in design. The cabin is completely black, yet the design is modern.

It has the company’s 7-inch display system, which includes navigation, as well as support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. 

The front seats are pleasant, and the rear bench can accommodate three travelers for a short distance, but it is recommended to keep only two in the back. The legroom in the car is also adequate.

Main Differences Between Toyota Urban Cruiser And Brezza

1. The warranty period of the Toyota Urban Cruiser is three years and the warranty period of Brezza is two years.

2. The button-start feature is available in Toyota Urban Cruiser, however; it is not available in Brezza.

3. The Toyota Urban Cruiser has a curb weight of 1115 kgs meanwhile Brezza holds the curb weight of 1110 kgs

4. In terms of headlights, Toyota Urban Cruiser has an LED projector meanwhile, Brezza possesses a halogen projector which provides a crisper cutoff between darkness and light.

5. The feature of emergency brake light flashing is available in Toyota Urban Cruiser whereas it is not available in Brezza.

6. The interiors of the Toyota Urban Cruiser are dual-toned, provided with the colors of black and dark brown. The interiors of Brezza are single-tone, provided with the color black.


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