Difference Between Toyota Fortuner and Toyota Land Cruiser Prado

A Japanese multinational manufacturer Toyota is one of the famous four-wheeler producers and the largest automobile manufacturer.
It produces around ten million vehicles per year. Toyota Fortuner and Toyota land Cruiser Prado are two different models by Toyota.


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Toyota Fortuner vs Toyota Cruiser Prado

The difference between Toyota Fortuner and Toyota Land cruiser is that they have different fuel types. Toyota Fortuner has petrol as fuel, and Toyota Prado has diesel as fuel type. Both have inline cylinders with four valves engine types. The Fortuner is cheap compared to the Toyota Prado. Both are different models by the same brand Toyota. The Fortuner has no electronic stability program but, the Prado has an electronic stability program.

Toyota Fortuner vs Toyota Cruiser Prado

The Toyota Fortuner is a seven-seater SUV model that provides various safety measures with a stylish design. Fortuner is better for kids. It provides child-resistant sensors.

The Fortuner is the best option for smooth travel with mild features. The engine is four inline valves gives you better mileage.

Fortuner has a Tough Frame with Exceptional Torsional and Bending Rigidity. The entertainment is here, with its Touch Screen Audio with Capacitive Switches.

The 6 Speakers keep the party high.

The Toyota Prado is for the heavy road with ultimate inside comfort. It provides the next level of comfort whatever the road. The sensors for dis-landing and daytime LED available for nights are superpower for smooth travel.

Toyota Prado has standard connectivity options. Prado keeps you updated with its satellite connection. It is a seven-seater with leather-made seats.

Toyota Prado has many options for colors. The cornering lights give you extra safety. Prado is a better choice for your weekend gateways.

Comparison Table

Parameters of comparisonToyota FortunerToyota Land Cruiser Prado
Number of gearsFortuner has five gearsPrado is automatic.
Gross WeightFortuner has 2510 KgPrado has 2990 Kg
Drive TrainFortuner has 2WDPrado has 4WD
Displacement (CC)Fortuner has 2694 CCPrado has 2982 CC
Fuel TypePetrolDiseal
Fuel Tank Capacity80.087.0
Automatic HeadlampsNoYes

What is Toyota Fortuner?

The Toyota Fortuner has a garnish look from front to rear. The front bumper has a catamaran style with sharp and sleek style.
The seven-seater has a superior suction ventilation system.

Fortuner is the art for connectivity features. It makes you move like a jungle with safety. The geo-fencing, real-time vehicle tracking, and walking to the car are additional features you can experience.

The seven SRS airbags save you from hustle bustle accidents. The Fortuner Cabin Wrapped in Soft Upholstery, Metallic Accents, and Galaxy Black Patterned Ornamentation.

The length, width, and height of the Fortuner are 4.795 m X 1.855 m X 1.835 m. Fortuner has 2.745 m of wheelbase. Fortuner wheel turns with a minimum radius of 5.8 m.

The fuel capacity is the maximum worry of everyone. The Fortuner has 8.7L of fuel tank capacity which, makes up to 100km. The space area with seven seats makes you like home. The gross wheels have 2610 kg of weight.

Fortuner has a Sleek & Cool Design Theme Grille with Piano Black Highlights.

The vehicle stability control and brake assist can make sure your safety. The HAC (Hill Assist Control) and TRC (Traction Control System) will give a smooth journey.

The sensors for glass breaking and anti-theft have to keep your things safe inside. The front seats are WIL Concept Seats [Whiplash Injury Lessening] which lesson your every moves.

Fortuner cares for your kids. So, it provides children-resistant sensors on ISOFIX + Tether Anchor on 2nd Row. The seatbelts have a Pre-Tensioner + Force Limiter. Fortuner gives you a tranquil journey.

toyota fortuner

What is Toyota Land Cruiser Prado?

Toyota Prado made for heavy terrains with lavish comfort inside. It is an ultimate combination of power and style. The 2.8L turbo engine gives a smooth journey to 150km. The direct-injected power of 500Nm torque gives enough muscle to travel anywhere.

Toyota distinctive is its Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System (KDSS), Adaptive Variable Suspension system (AVS), Crawl Control, and Multi-Terrain Select system (MTS) for heavy drives.

Toyota Prado can pull up to 3000kg. It makes you take your things for your travel. The prediction of the collision system explains your level of safety. The reversing camera gives you a look at what’s happening behind.

A panoramic camera gives birds a 360-degree view. During night travel Fortuner, provides a low and high beam that changes according to your visibility.

The speed-recognizing sensors alert to change according to the rules. The land departure alert system alerts your dis-landing and pumps the break automatically.

The bold and luxurious exterior attracts everyone. The front row seats are highly ventilated and warmed with the weather. Since it is leather made seats give you extra comfort. The stylish daytime running LED makes you travel at nighttime.

The multi-information display keeps you updated when you are out of the city. Apple Car Play and Android Auto keep you connected and make driving easy.

The satellite connection is standard in all the models of Toyota. Prado has three-zone climate-control sensors that keep your temperature in control.

toyota land cruiser prado

Main Differences Between Toyota Fortuner and Toyota Land Cruiser Prado

  1. Fortuner has five gears, and the Prado is automatic.
  2. Toyota Fortunes has Rear Wiper, and the Toyota Prado has no Rear Wiper.
  3. Toyota Fortunes has Front Cup Holders, and the Toyota Prado has no Front Cup Holders.
  4. Toyota Fortuner has Dusk Sensing LED as light type, and the Toyota Prado has Projector as light type.
  5. Fortuner has no GPS navigation, and the Prado has GPS navigation.
Difference Between Toyota Fortuner and Toyota Land Cruiser Prado


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