Difference Between Toyota Kluger and Prado

An SUV is a sport utility vehicle that has additional features appropriate for off-road vehicles. Two great SUV lines offered by Toyota are the Toyota Kluger and the Toyota Prado. They both offer great options in their various models and features that are customizable for your comfort.


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Toyota Kluger vs Prado

The difference between Toyota Kluger and Prado is that Toyota Kluger has the dimensions 1730 mm x 1925 mm x 4865 mm and is automatic and uses petrol, whereas Toyota Prado has the dimensions 1905 mm x 1875 mm 4715 mm and is manual and uses diesel.

Toyota Kluger vs Prado

Toyota Kluger is a family-friendly SUV consisting of luxurious features. It comes with great accessories like a touchscreen display, etc. It has the Toyota Safety Sense Technology, which ensures the utmost safety. It tends to be more affordable. Its compress ratio is 11:8:1, and its steering type is electric power. Its engine displacement is 2362 cc to 2994 cc.

On the other hand, Toyota Prado has a contemporary and modern exterior. Some of its features include satellite navigation, reversing camera, an active cruise control, etc. It tends to be on the more expensive side. Its compress ratio is 15:6:2, and its steering type is hydraulic power. Its engine displacement is 3956 cc.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonToyota KlugerToyota Prado
Height1730 mm1905 mm
Width1925 mm1875 mm
Length4865 mm4715 mm
Ground Clearance Unladen200 mm220 mm
Weight1990 kg2850 kg
Tyre Size245/55 R19265/65 R17
Engine Displacement2362 cc to 2994 cc3956 cc
Fuel TypePetrolDiesel
CostLess expensiveMore expensive
Compress Ratio11:8:115:6:1
Transmission TypeAutomaticManual
Alloy wheel Size18 inches17 inches
Steering TypeElectric powerHydraulic power.

What is Toyota Kluger?

Toyota Kluger has a very adaptable interior that is brimming with legroom. It also has an increased storage space. It is considered a family-friendly SUV, but it has all the luxurious materials and intelligent features that a practical SUV has.

Toyota Kluger consists of Toyota Safety Sense Technology which is especially meant to help reduce impacts and is capable of instantly deploying up to 7 airbags at once. It also has a pre-collision safety system that helps avoid or control the impact of any collision that may occur with an audio and visual alert. It can also apply extra brake force.

It has Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, which is compatible with USBs, mobile data, networks, and GPS signals. It also comes with an 8-inch colour touchscreen display that can display navigation, music, and phone calls.

It has great accessories like Toyota Genuine Accessories. These include roof racks, weather shields, headlamp covers, side steps, bonnet protector, tow bar, etc. It also comes with a 5-year warranty along with a 2 years extended engine and driveline coverage.

Some of the most liked things about the Toyota Kluger by the customers are that it’s comfortable and easy to drive. It is also very fuel-efficient. Some of the things that the customers disliked are that it is not as modern as some of its competitors and that the interior feels like it’s on a bit of a budget price.

What is Toyota Prado?

The Toyota Prado is an extremely attractive option to its demographic of customers. The Kakadu model is one of the most popular models because of its LED headlights and DRLs. It has Toyota’s Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System.

Prado has a contemporary and bold exterior and a luxurious and practical interior design allowing you to ride in style. It has heated and ventilated seats, an electroluminescent combi meter, a cool refrigerated box, etc., to make it a more comfortable experience.

Some of its amazing features include a reversing camera offering a panoramic view camera which is available in its VX and Kakadu models. It also has a pre-collision safety system, a road sign assistance, an automatic high beam, a lane departure alert, and active cruise control, etc., for more safety during driving.

It also has satellite navigation, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto with smartphone connectivity, and 3-zone climate control.

Some of the things customers liked the most about Prado are that it has serious off-road credentials and its value in the low-spec auto models. Some of the things that are disliked are that the safety kit isn’t widespread enough, and it can be pricey when seen in high-spec models.

Main Differences Between Toyota Kluger and Prado

  1. The height, width, and length of Toyota Kluger are 1730 mm, 1925 mm, and 4865 mm, respectively, whereas the height, weight, and length of Prado are 1905 mm, 1875 mm, and 4715 mm, respectively.
  2. The ground clearance unladen on Toyota Kluger is 200 mm and of Prado is 220 mm.
  3. Toyota Kluger weighs around 1990 kg whereas Prado weighs around 2850 kg.
  4. The tyre size of the Toyota Kluger is 245/55 R19, and the tyre size of Prado is 265/65 R17.
  5. The engine displacement of Toyota Kluger is 2362 cc to 2994 cc and of Prado 3956 cc.
  6. Toyota Kluger is a petrol car whereas Prado is a diesel car.
  7. Toyota Kluger is more affordable, while Prado tends to be more expensive comparatively.
  8. The compress ratio of Toyota Kluger is 11:8:1 and of Prado is 15:6:1.
  9. The transmission type of Toyota Kluger is automatic, and the transmission type of Prado is automatic.
  10. The alloy wheel size of the Toyota Kluger is 18 inches, whereas of Prado is 17 inches.
  11. The steering type of Toyota Kluger is electric power, and that of Prado is hydraulic power.



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