Difference Between Toyota Kluger GX and Toyota Kluger GXL

Four-wheelers are the most attractive and prestigious vehicles. Every family needs a car to go somewhere or anywhere. Toyota is a popular four-wheeler producer. It stands number one by its quality and design.


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Toyota Kluger GX vs Toyota Kluger GXL

The difference between Toyota Kluger GX and GXL is their navigation system. The Toyota Kluger GX has no satellite navigation but the Toyota kluger GXl has satellite navigation. Both have almost similar features and designs. Only they have small changes in their physical properties. Their split seats ratio is 60:40, which you fold the seats to your convenience. Toyota Kluger GX has a pre-collision system to avoid accidents. The Toyota Kluger GXl has an intersection assistance system.

Toyota Kluger GX vs Toyota Kluger GXL

Toyota Kluger GX is a new model hybrid engine vehicle. It is a compact car for a family trip. You can make your convenience by changing the seat positions. The extra innovations are installed in Toyota Kluger GX.

It has 2000kg of breakdown capacity, which pulls you out from accidents. The wheel size of the Toyota Kluger GX is 18 inches which is wider and super compactable for a long journey. It comes with drivetrains and alloy wheels.

Toyota Kluger GXL is an innovative new hybrid engine vehicle. Like GX, the wheel size of GXL is also 18 inches. It has many innovations like collision systems, cyclist detection, Emergency steer assists, Road sign assist, and lane trace assists.

Toyota Kluger GXL has 200kg of braked-down capacity. It comes with three drivetrains and various surprising features. It has seven airbags in sudden situations.

Blind spot, Rear cross alert, and red cross alert are some features indicating the innovations in GXL.

Comparison Table

Parameters of comparisonToyota Kluger GXToyota Kluger GXL
Satellite NavigationToyota Kluger GX has no satellite navigationToyota Kluger GXL has satellite navigation
InteriorToyota Kluger GX has a black fabric interiorToyota Kluger GXL has a black synthetic interior
Air conditioning zoneToyota Kluger GX has dual zoneToyota Kluger GXL has three zone.
Lumbar supportToyota Kluger GX has no lumbar supportToyota Kluger GXL has power lumbar support
Adjustable front seatNoYes

What is Toyota Kluger GX?

The Kluger GX SUV is a compact four-wheeler for the family and makes a smooth journey with Kluger. It gives a practical luxury and beautiful design for perfect car lovers. Kluger GX is the ultimate car for kids.

Toyota provides a dream car for everyone with a budget price. A perfect four-seater car with a foldable third row. The seats can split up to 60:40 and adjust to your convenience.

Toyota Kluger GX has a 3.5L engine with a 2.5L hybrid engine. Kluger gives the perfect flexibility that the modern family expected from the producers. It has a 2WD V6 engine for ultra-fast speed capability.

The hybrid engine is enough for 218k of exploring power. Toyota Kluger GX is capable of a smooth moving facility. It is suitable for heavy terrains and provides a confident journey.

The Kluger GX has an exotic interior design that attracts anyone. Increased storage space for better compatibility luggage taken for a family trip is the best option in Kluger GX. Since it is budget-friendly, the look gives a luxury feel.

Toyota provides the most innovative features in the Kluger GX. Kluger has acoustic glass that is quite a protector from sun rays. JBL speaker system provides gradient features to your journey.

What is Toyota Kluger GXL?

Toyota Kluger GXL is an economical four-wheeler. It has a hybrid and improved engine that makes a powerful journey. The safest technology of Toyota is installed in Kluger GXL. It is a seven-seater cargo car flexible for the entire family.

The second and third-row seats are foldable for your convenience.

The power of Kluger GXL is 184kw. The combined fuel suspension is 5.6L/100km. The SUV comes with three-dimensional powerlines for a perfect driving experience.

The Kluger GXL has alloy wheels for heavy terrains. The best tires are offered by Toyota always in their products. The chromtec wheels are used in the Toyota Kluger GXL. These wheels can withstand all conditions.

Like GX, the Kluger GXL has also had a JBL system that is the gradient feature for the journey.

The Kluger has retracting mirrors that make you park your car without any help. Once the vehicle is locked, the mirrors are automatically locked in. The interiors of Kluger GXL have a balanced structure and ultimate features.

The innovations take place here. Every single thing is made to consider in GXL. It is a budget-friendly vehicle with high features. Toyota provides a smooth and calm journey.

Main Differences Between Toyota Kluger GX and Toyota Kluger GXL

  • Toyota Kluger GX has no satellite navigation, and Toyota Kluger GXL has satellite navigation.
  • Toyota Kluger GX has a black fabric interior, and Toyota Kluger GXL has a black synthetic interior.
  • Toyota Kluger GX has dual-zone air conditioning, and Toyota Kluger GXL has three-zone air conditioning.
  • Toyota Kluger GX has no lumbar support, and Toyota Kluger GXL has power lumbar support
  • The adjustable front seat is absent in Toyota Kluger GX and present in Toyota Kluger GXL.


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