Difference Between Smart City and Satellite City

Cities are an integral part of the overall development of the country. The more advanced infrastructure of the city will ultimately make the nation powerful in terms of physical terms.


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The technological aspects help in increasing the capital. It develops the country and improves the lifestyle of the citizens.

Smart City vs Satellite City

The difference between a smart city and a satellite city is that a smart city is a developed urban city with technology and IoT infrastructure. On the other hand, a satellite city helps create a base for the development of the smart city. They are separated by villages, hills, rivers, etc. Satellite city plays an integral part in the progress of the smart city.

Smart City vs Satellite City

A smart city is a city that carries information and technology practices for developing the city to create an urban technological infrastructure.

It connects all the available information and tries to govern and make the best use of the resources. A smart city uses various technologies for its development.

Satellite city has its autonomous government to look after every work. Due to the introduction of the satellite city, the burden of metropolitan cities has become low.

Satellite cities are independent, but sometimes it depends on the smart city for some concerns. The people in the satellite cities also have an urban lifestyle.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonSmart CitySatellite City
DefinitionA smart city is a developed technological urban city having enormous economic infrastructure.A satellite city is the back center of the smart cities.
PopulationMore population due to employment opportunitiesAdequate population
Cost of landHigher due to being a metropolitan cityComparatively lower than a smart city
ExamplesMumbai, Delhi, New York, Paris, London, etc.Thane, Noida, Allentown, etc.

What is Smart City?

The technology of the smart city can be adapted, for a range of applications by combining automation, learning of new devices, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

The technologies include traffic management, where the board manages the traffic lights to reduce the traffic of vehicles. Also, when the roads are empty, the street lights automatically get dim to conserve the electricity supply.

To provide necessary solutions for the public, smart cities use a wide variety of software, communication networks like the Internet of Things (IoT).

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the most prominent because it allows the connection between everyday technology in our day-to-day activities for communication and sharing of data.

Some of the examples of IoT are mobile phones, vehicles, sensor devices, appliances, types of machinery, etc. The data acquired from these devices are fixed in the servers that benefit various sectors and help grow economically.

The available resources are increasing due to the increase in the population managed by the local government.

The smart city looks after all the issues like waste management, sanitation, pollution and overcomes the problems by implementing proper disposable methods.

It has sensors as well that detects and provide the data. This information helps in assessing the life of the citizens.

A smart city can increase the economy of the nation, which helps in its popularity.

What is Satellite City?

A satellite city is a city that does not have much population like other smart cities but helps in the activities of metropolitan cities.

The main purpose of the satellite city is to look after the problems of the large metro cities and accommodate the citizens. The satellite city has its municipal government to look after the necessities.

It’s fact that when a city grows and turns into a smart city, the expenses increase gradually. So here, satellite city helps in providing affordable accommodation facilities.

Satellite city is located by side of the smart city to handle the immense population, land requirement, infrastructure, public sanitation, and safety.

Satellite city helps in the progress of smart cities to make the country notable in the world. The purpose of a satellite city is to provide fosters to all the residents at an affordable rate.

The government plans the satellite city by considering different factors like security, arrangements, capital, and more. Satellite cities also have a well-built infrastructure with government norms.

They are not much advanced as smart cities. The residents travel to the smart cities from the satellite cities for work and travel.

Workers and students from the satellite city move to the smart cities for work and education. In the future, satellite cities can be transformed into metropolitan cities.

Main Differences Between Smart City and Satellite City

  1. Smart cities are the ones that are developed in every sector whereas satellite city is their backbone i.e. it helps in their development.
  2. Due to technology and other facilities in smart cities, the rates and expenses are higher as compared to the satellite city.
  3. There is a big rush in the metropolitan city due to employment opportunities which is not the case for the satellite city.
  4. The quality lifestyle in the smart city is prominent compared to the satellite city.
  5. The residential areas are highly costed in the smart cities, whereas one can find affordable staying options in the satellite city.
  6. The smart city works at the forefront, whereas the satellite city works at the back of the smart city.
Difference Between Smart City and Satellite City


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