Difference Between City and Country

Settlements and ancient tribes likely started with the pairing of men and women to produce children. They in turn paired off with opposite-sex members and had even more kids.


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Initially, in search of food, they used to roam from place to place and later at one place started staying with the introduction of agriculture.  

From this ancient community, the settlements of the modern-day rose as well as the cities we know today. Nowadays, people have the choice to live in whether city or country. In this article, the main focus is on differentiating city and country. 

City vs Country 

The difference between the city and the country is that most of the developed and developed facilities like communication, housing, and transportation system are available in the city. On the other hand, many of the modern facilities might lack in the country.  

City vs Country

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The city is a large and more concentrated population area. That’s why they seem to be a very crowded place.

Seems like busy shopping malls, traffic jams, swarming streets, and crowded public buses and trains that come to mind after hearing the word city.  

In a rural area, the small community can be described as a country. Unlike the city, the country is quiet and calm. A lifestyle which is close to nature can close be spent in the country. The chief advantage of the country is its natural resource abundance. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of comparisonCityCountry
InterpretationIt is a geographical area that is bigger than a village or town.It is a geographical area that can be seen outside the cities and towns.
Cost of livingHigher costLower cost
Employment opportunitiesSeveral opportunitiesLack opportunities
Settlement Large settlement Small settlement
LifeFast-pacedTranquil, calm, and peaceful

What is City?  

A large town or simply a large human settlement can be described as a city.

It generally consists of a huge population and also has extensive for managing housing, land use, transportation, communication, and sanitation. It is often associated with modernity and development.  

The main focus of the city is on any ruling body development. Several major cities are present in any country and depending upon their economic situation these cities depict their living way and culture.

The availability of employment opportunities and developed facilities are its chief advantage.  

Moreover, the possibility for meeting people from the distinct race, backgrounds, religion, nationality, etc. are also there. Recreation is also one of the offers provided by them.

For instance, visiting several places like zoos, hotels, movie theaters, bars, libraries, museums, restaurants, etc.  

Cities are generally overcrowded with buildings, vehicles, and people. Due to time lack, the life of people is very busy as well as they do not even think about others.

It is fast-paced life present in the city. Although many products and facilities are present in a city, the higher living cost is also there as everything is expensive. 

What is Country? 

The country has typically lower population and small settlements. It has a landscape picturesque due to its vast farmland and geographical features like mountains, forests, rivers, valleys, and hills.

Agriculture is the chief occupation of people who lives in a country.  

Pros of residing in a country are several like one can find itself away from the bustle and hustle of the city. It is not developed in technological terms like city, and those who want to obtain facilities face some difficulties like education.

There is no mass pollution, noise as well as traffic jams. That’s why life is tranquil, peaceful, and calm in the country.  

People generally know each other because they are more kind as well as open and are willing for each other to help. In comparison to the city, the rates in terms of crime are low in-country.

Although it lacks shopping complexes offering several products, whereas unpolluted water, food, and fresh air are freely available in the country.  

That’s why a healthier lifestyle is promoted in the country. The country has limited access in terms of modernity like developed transportation and modern medicine.

Moreover, the employment opportunities are also in the country limited. As a result, the movement of people from the country to the city takes place. 

Main Differences Between City and Country 

  1. In terms of pollution, more pollution can be seen in the city. On the contrary, since the country is less polluted, it is full of fresh water and air.
  2. When it comes to appearance, the city has several vehicles buildings as well as people due to its advancements. Meanwhile, the appearance of the country consists of many hills, farmlands, forests, and greenery.  
  3. The life of people of the city is very busy as well as they do not even think about others due to time lack. On the other hand, people in the country are more open and also willing to give each other help.  
  4. A city is a good place for those who want opportunities like business or professional. In contrast, the country is preferred to those who are looking for quiet, peace, and tranquility that fails to experience in the city.  
  5. In the city, needs like food, housing, and others are quite expensive. On the flip side, own food can be grown in-country, and housing is also cheaper there. 
Difference Between City and Country
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