Toyota Land Cruiser vs Lexus lx: Difference and Comparison

The Toyota land cruiser possesses the fuel type of diesel, whereas the Lexus lx possesses the fuel type of petrol. The fuel tank capacity of the Toyota land cruiser is 138 L, and the fuel tank capacity of the Lexus lx is 93l.

The former has adaptive suspension for variables, but the latter has a four-link with a coil spring associated with its rear suspension.

Key Takeaways

  1. Toyota Land Cruiser offers a more rugged, off-road experience, while Lexus LX provides a luxurious, comfortable ride.
  2. Lexus LX has advanced safety features and a more refined interior than the Toyota Land Cruiser.
  3. Both vehicles share similar engines and platforms, but Lexus LX has a higher price tag due to its premium features.

Toyota Land Cruiser vs Lexus lx

The difference between Toyota Land Cruiser and Lexus Lx is that the Toyota land cruiser has a TFT display, whereas the Lexus Lx has an LCD. The former does not possess a gear indicator, but the latter has a gear indicator. Toyota land cruiser does not contain a shift indicator, whereas Lexus lx contains a dynamic shift indicator. The former does not have side window blinds, while the latter has rear-manual side window blinds.

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The boot lid opener of the Toyota land cruiser is internally associated with a remote. It is associated with an internal hard drive and can connect to phones.

It does not offer rear passengers a display screen and does not possess cornering headlights. The exterior door handles of the body are body-colored.

It does not have an internal hard drive and avails audio and phone connectivity through Bluetooth. It has a screen to display in front of the rear passenger.

The boot lid opener of Lexus lx is associated with electric closing and opening. The exterior door handles of the car’s body are chrome.

Comparison Table

Parameters of comparison
ToyotaLexus Lx
Engine and transmission
The engine is 4461 cc, four-cylinder or valves, and DOHC. The fuel type of Lexus lx is diesel.
The engine is 5663 ccc, four-cylinder or valves, V shape 8 cylinders. The fuel type of Toyota Land Cruiser is Petrol.
It has a seating capacity for 7 people and contains 5 doors along with 3 rows. The fuel tank capacity is 138 l.
it has a seating capacity of 8 people having 3 rows of seating and 5 doors. The fuel tank capacity is 93 l.
The safety system of the car is associated with 10 airbags, points for child seat anchors along with a warning for wearing seatbelts.
The car is associated with a secure safety system that beeps while speeding at 80 Kmph and carries on beeping at 12kmph.
Toyota land cruiser has an electrically adjustable sunroof, chrome-finished exhaust pipe with roof-mounted antenna, and body kit.
Lexus lx contains body-colored bumpers and an electrically adjustable moonroof. It does not possess a chrome-finish exhaust pipe and body kit.
It is associated with double-wishbone along with the suspension of adaptive variables and active control of height.
Lexus lx is associated with KDSS technology or double wishbone. Its rear suspension also contains four links along with a coil spring.

What is Toyota Land Cruiser?

Toyota land cruiser has the engine type of V8, 1VD- FTV. It has a maximum power of about 262 bhp at the rate of 3400 rpm.

The maximum torque associated with this vehicle is approximately 650 Nm at the rate of 1600 rpm.

It is associated with all-wheel drive or AWD. The transmission type in this car is automatic, and it contains 6 gears. It has manual override and is affiliated with sport mode. It is turbocharged.

The Toyota land cruiser has a length of about 49950 mm, a width of about 1980 mm, a height of about 1910 mm, a wheelbase of about 225 mm, and a curb weight of about 2725 kg.

It is affiliated with ABS or a system for anti-lock breaking as well as electronic brake-force distribution or EBD. The parking assist of this vehicle is associated with a reverse camera as well as guidance.

It has rear sensors for parking and is affiliated with cruise control.

The seat adjustment can be made in 6 different ways with the help of electrical control, two adjustments can be made manually, and the exterior can be adjusted electrically.

Toyota land cruiser is quite expensive for the company but is worth it as an ultimate off-roader.

toyota land cruiser scaled

What is Lexus Lx?

It has a maximum power of about 362 bhp at the rate of 5600 rpm. Lexus lx has the engine type of 5.7L 3UR-FE V8.

It is not affiliated with brake assist or BA but contains an electronic stability program or ESP. It can provide hill hold control, ride height adjustment, and hill descent control.

It has a center differential lock. As per considering the locks and security segment, the Lexus lx contains an engine immobilizer and keyless central locking.

It also has a child safety lock along with a speed-sensing door lock. It has an automatic four-zone air conditioner, a frontal air conditioner for two zones as well as controls for the individual speed of the fan.

The rare AC is associated with two zones, controls for individual fans, along with vents on the roof as well as behind the front armrest, and the third row of AC has a blower and vents on the roof.

The anti-glare mirror of the car is completely electronic, and the parking assist contains a 360 camera. The seat adjustment can be done in 8 different ways, electrically.

Along with this, 2 additional adjustments can be made manually. Lexus lx has a few powertrain options but is loaded with features and has a humongous cabin.

lexus lx scaled

Main Differences Between Toyota Land Cruiser and Lexus lx

  1. The engine of the Toyota land cruiser is 4461 cc having four valves or cylinders. On the other hand, the engine of Lexus lx is 5663 ccs having 8 cylinders in V shape.
  2. The seating capacity of the Toyota land cruiser is for 7 people, whereas the seating capacity for the Lexus lx is for 8 people.
  3. Toyota land cruiser is associated with 10 airbags for safety purposes, child seat anchor plugs, and seatbelt-wearing warnings. Lexus lx has a beeping system for cars speeding at 80 kmph and 12 kmph.
  4. Toyota land cruiser has chrome-finished exhaust pipe, and Lexus lx does not contain chrome-finished exhaust pipe.
  5. The suspension of the Toyota Land Cruiser is associated with double-wishbone along with the suspension of adaptive variables, while the Lexus lx is associated with KDSS technology or double-wishbone.

Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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