Difference Between Progressive and Geico RV Insurance

Unexpected events occur in people’s lives were losing a thing can be a huge mess. It can affect the daily routine of a person. But if there’s someone who says that he can cover up the damages it would be a lot easier to tolerate.


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Progressive and Geico RV Insurance are two such companies that provide necessary aid at the right time.

Progressive vs Geico RV Insurance

The difference between Progressive and Geico RV Insurance is that Progressive Insurance company was established to make innovations in the insurance industry while GEICO is a typical insurance company. GEICO is no more different from other insurance companies when it comes to describing the policies. Both Progressive and Geico have a notable position in the insurance industry.

Progressive vs Geico RV Insurance

Progressive insurance is an insurance service provided by the Progressive Corporation. Progressive is a US-based insurance company which also the third-largest insurance company that comes after GEICO.

The main objective of progressive insurance is to make innovations in the auto insurance industry. A large number of auto coverages are offered by Progressive Corp.

GEICO is a well-known name in the insurance industry. GEICO provides various types of insurance and one of them is RV Insurance.

RV Insurance is a type of insurance that covers damages such as natural disasters, vandalism, storms, fire, theft, broken objects, etc. It is one of the very essential insurance that is offered by GEICO at low rates.

Comparison Table

Parameters Of ComparisonProgressive InsuranceGEICO RV Insurance
FoundedThe progressive insurance company was founded in 1937. It also belongs to the United States headquartered in Chevy Chase. GEICO was founded in 1936. It belongs to the United States of Mayfield, Ohio.
FounderThe founders of Progressive insurance company are Jack Green and Joseph Lewis. The founders of GEICO are Leo Goodwin Sr and his wife Lillian Goodwin.
DiscountThe discount offered by Progressive Insurance company to its clients is 7 times. Which is a good number.The discount offered by GEICO to its clients is only 3 times which is quite low compared to Progressive.
Complain scoreThe complaint score of Progressive Insurance company according to the NAIC is 1.69 which is above average. The complaint score of GEICO according to the NAIC is 1.70(above average and almost similar to Progressive).
Person Injury coverageProgressive Insurance company provides Personal Injury coverage to its clientsGEICO does not provide Personal Injury Coverage to its clients.

What is Progressive Insurance?

The progressive insurance company is a prestigious name when it comes to buying an insurance plan. Its headquarter is located in Mayfield, Ohio, United States.

The progressive insurance company was established on 10 March 1937. Two people known as Joseph Lewis and Jack Green were the founder of Progressive insurance company.

A wide range of insurance coverage is provided by Progressive Insurance company for its clients.

These insurance coverage are commercial vehicles, motorcycles, trailers, boats, RVs, etc. In the Fortune 500 list of 2021, Progressive Insurance company ranked 74th place.

The progressive company gives its services internationally. The company is made of 3 segments that are Commercial Auto, Personal Lines, and Other Indemnity. The Commercial Auto segment covers physical damage for trucks and automobiles.

Personal Lines, covers insurance for boats, motorcycles, and recreational vehicles. As its name suggests, Progressive insurance company was founded keeping in mind the latest demands of people.

It has been very innovative in its related field and that’s the main reason that it became the third-largest insurance company in the United States.

Since the area served by Progressive is worldwide, it sells its insurance via the internet and telephone. In the native country, the independent agents also work for Progressive Insurance company.

From December 2009, Progressive company also started to sell auto insurance in Australia.

What is Geico RV Insurance?

RV in ‘RV insurance’ stands for ‘recreational insurance’. RV Insurance is very useful in circumstances where the client causes damage to others. Also, It offers the cost for the damages that its clients have taken.

A large corporation that is known as GEICO also provides RV insurance. GEICO is the second-largest insurance company in the United States. Many people prefer GEICO for its lower rates.

GEICO has been providing its services for many decades. RV Insurance of GEICO provides varieties of coverage. A client can choose any plan suitable to his needs. Talking about coverage for vehicles, GEICO RV Insurance covers class A, B, C motorhomes, truck Camper, travel trailers, etc.

The coverage that is offered by RV insurance for several incidents can be broken down into multiple categories.

For example, Uninsured Motorist coverages, Vehicle coverages, Auto insurance coverages, Liability coverages, Medical coverage, etc. GEICO provides RV Insurance in selected states.

States like Massachusetts, Hawaii, North Carolina, Michigan do not have the service of GEICO RV Insurance.

It also offers coverage like Vacation Liability coverage, Emergency Expense coverage, Recreational Vehicle Payments coverage, and many more. The prising of these coverages depends on multiple things. GEICO RV Insurance is offered for a lifetime.

Main Differences Between Progressive and Geico RV Insurance

  1. The clients of Progressive Insurance company can purchase Water backup coverage while GEICO does sell water backup coverage to its consumers.
  2. The Progressive Insurance company’s work is mostly done over the internet so it provides paperless documents whereas GEICO does not facilitate this feature.
  3. The Golf cart insurance is being sold by Progressive Insurance company. On the other hand, GEICO does not sell Golf cart insurance.
  4. The progressive insurance company does not have a live chat feature for policyholders while clients of GEICO can have live chat with people of the company.
  5. The progressive insurance company provides multiple and unique Personnel policies and coverage. On the other hand, GEICO has limited coverage options.


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