GEICO Home Insurance vs Allstate: Difference and Comparison

A home is the most essential element in human life that can not be avoided under any condition. It is the place where a person keeps his beloved things.

People desire to have the most attractive house in the town. To make this dream come true, two instance companies, GEICO and Allstate, are in the field to help.

Key Takeaways

  1. Third-party insurance companies underwrite GEICO home insurance policies, whereas Allstate underwrites its own policies.
  2. Allstate offers more comprehensive coverage options and discounts for home insurance than GEICO.
  3. GEICO is known for its competitive pricing, while Allstate is recognized for its personalized service and local agents.

GEICO Home Insurance vs Allstate

GEICO offers a range of insurance products, including home insurance, with affordable rates and an online platform for policy management. Allstate is a larger insurance company that provides a wide range of insurance products, including home insurance. It also provides additional coverage options.

GEICO Home Insurance vs Allstate

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GEICO Home insurance is also known as homeowners insurance. GEICO is an eminent insurance company that offers several types of insurance to its clients, and Home insurance is one of them.

It is based in the United States and has been providing services for its consumers for a long time.

Allstate is a contemporary insurance company with GEICO. Allstate offers a wide range of insurance policies,, including home insurance.

Allstate Insurance company has provided this insurance policy by keeping in mind the needs of homeowners across the nation. Allstate is an insurance company that provides its services across the US.

Comparison Table

Parameters Of ComparisonGEICO Home InsuranceAllstate Home Insurance
Sold byAllstate Home Insurance is the policy sold by Allstate Corporation, headquartered in Northfield Township, Illinois. The Coverage limit GEICO offers for personal property to its consumers is 70%.
The coverage limit for personal propertyGEICO facilitates its clients by giving nine types of discounts. The Coverage limit offered by AllState for personal property to its consumers is 60% to 70%.
DiscountAllstate facilitates its clients by giving three types of discounts. Allstate facilitates its clients by giving 3 types of discounts.
Add-onThe extra features or add-ons added by GEICO are the gardens, yard, and musical instruments. The extra features or add-ons added by Allstate are to rebuild the house or valuable collection of the owner.
Type of serviceGEICO works as the link between the actual insurance company and the consumer. Local agents work as the links between AllState and its consumers.

What is Geico Home Insurance?

When a person owns a house, he becomes liable for many responsibilities. GEICO provides lucrative coverage for homeowners.

Even Home Insurance companies can have various types to serve consumers with multiple aspects.

Though Auto Insurance is the only service GEICO provides, it can be used in choosing the best homeowner insurance policy.

GEICO can provide its users with the best quality of coverage. The prices selected by GEICO for Home insurance are pretty affordable.

GEICO Home insurance can be accessed by contacting the licensed team of insurance agents.

This team is accountable for giving necessary answers to the consumers looking for or assisting them through every trouble they go through.

The main problem with GEICO home insurance is that it offers such insurance to the client as a middleman.

It has nothing to do with the home insurance policy, such as writing the terms and conditions for these policies.

Also, the client does not have the option where he can select the company; it entirely depends on GEICO.

GEICO matches its clients to affiliated companies. In addition, the client can not report the company through GEICO. He has to claim the fraudulence himself.

Hence, it becomes a bit risky, but there are many advantages for which people tend to choose GEICO when buying a Home Insurance policy.

What is Allstate Home Insurance?

When buying a home insurance policy, Allstate emerges as the best option available. It provides flexible pricing ranges and a team of local agents across the country.

Allstate covers almost every state where the residents can enjoy the privileges. The home insurance policy sold by Allstate can vary from state to state.

Because the needs of clients are entirely affected by the geological condition of the reign.

This home insurance policy is developed to cover several perils, including when plumbing causes water damage, theft, water heater, fire, smoke, falling objects, hail, storms, etc.

To see which of these coverages are available in the required state, one can reach the local agent of AllState because it is possible not to enjoy a particular service.

Allstate also offers flexible conditions that can be moderated with the agent’s help. Since the response from the Allstate insurance company is rapid, a person can be the consumer of the policy within some days.

The property quality on which the house is constructed also matters when moderating terms and conditions.

Allstate has divided home insurance policies into categories so a user can choose the most essential one. These categories are Mobile & Manufactured homes, Renters Insurance, Condo Insurance, and Landlord Insurance.

Main Differences Between Geico Home Insurance and Allstate

  1. The AM rating for the best financial strength of GEICO is A++. On the other hand, the similar rating for the financial stability of Allstate is A+.
  2. GEICO offers an Anti-theft system to clients. On the other hand, such a facility does not exist in Allstate Corporation to offer its clients.
  3. GEICO does not offer travel expense coverage. On the other hand, Allstate Corporation provides travel expense coverage to clients.
  4. The extra areas in the home insurance policy of GEICO cover the garden and musical instruments, while Allstate protects valuable things collected by the owners.
  5. 9 types of discounts are offered to the consumer by GEICO, while Allstate is only capable of giving 3 types of discounts.

Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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