Allah vs Jesus: Difference and Comparison

Humans are, by nature, extremely social creatures, and an aspect in which social tendency manifests is religion.

There are roughly 4200 religions in the world; the most followed is Christianity, which has Jesus Christ as its prophet, and the second is Islam, with Allah as its prophet.

Key Takeaways

  1. Allah is the Arabic word for God, representing Islam’s single, all-powerful deity.
  2. Jesus is a central figure in Christianity, believed to be the Son of God and the Messiah.
  3. The two concepts reflect different religious beliefs and understanding of divinity in Islam and Christianity.

Allah vs Jesus

The difference between Allah and Jesus is that Allah is the God in Islam, whereas Jesus is just the messenger of God who was elevated to divinity. Jesus is many times referred to as the son of God whereas Allah is the supreme deity who holds all power and truth.

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Allah is the supreme God in Abrahamic religions. It is believed that Allah told his teachings to archangel Gabriel, who then narrated them to prophet Muhammed, which formed the basis of Islam.

According to Islam, Allah is the creator of all things and has no defects, being free from human attributes.

Jesus is the focus of Christianity, in which he is a prophet or the son of God, who saved humankind by sacrificing his life for the sins of humanity.

He was believed to be a part of the holy trinity, being a part of God himself. He was then resurrected as the saviour.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonAllahJesus
ReligionAllah is the God in Islam and is the supreme power in Islamic and Abrahamic religions.Jesus is the focal point of Christianity and is the messenger of God.
FollowingIt is the second most followed religion in the world.The word Jesus is derived from Latin, where he’s called Iesus. The word also has Greek annotations.
EtymologyThe word Allah originates from the term Al-Ilah, which has Arabic roots.Jesus is a mortal part of a holy trinity of divine beings.
HistoryJesus is supposed to have lived from 4 BC to AD 30 when he died.Allah, in Islam, is an ever-existing, omnipotent being who is timeless.
PowerAllah is the only power in Islam and is the creator and protector of everything and everyone.Jesus is a mortal who is part of a holy trinity of divine beings.

What is Allah?

Allah is the God upon whose teachings and word the religion Islam is based. It is believed that Allah is an almighty being who has created the universe and everything in it and is the power responsible for its preservation.

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Unlike anthropomorphic divine beings, he is just a force, a power that does not have any comprehensible form.

The teachings of Allah are contained in the Islamic holy book called the Quran.

It contains the sacred word of God and mentions how everything exists for a higher purpose and everyone must obey God and his will. The Quran contains 114 chapters.

Islam is considered a rigorous and rule-adhering religion in which every Muslim must follow the set of rules written in the Quran,, or else there is severe punishment written in his fate.

God is supreme and always correct, without any accidents or flaws.

Allah is also highly benevolent and merciful, and it is stated that he is the source of all mercy, even in the land of mortals.

He has complete knowledge of everything, guides humans to the righteous path,, and keeps mercy until the Day of Resurrection, Allah’s final test for humanity.


What is Jesus?

Jesus is the entity around which Christianity is based. He was a mortal man who gave his life for the wrong deeds of humanity and, in turn, became the saviour who protected humanity from the wrath of God.

It is believed that Jesus was the son of God, having a part of God within him.

The holy book of the Christians is the Bible which elaborates upon the teachings of God. In the Christian faith, God does not have a name.

He is a powerful, all-knowing being who manifests in the universe, the Holy Spirit, and Jesus. It is believed that when Jesus gave his life for humanity, he ascended to heaven and regained energy.

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All Christians believe that Jesus was a living and breathing human man who lived a life without sin but died a painful death that the sins of others deserved, and thus, he restored connection with God.

It is also written that some involvement of the Holy Spirit birthed him.

Jesus presents an ideal human being, full of mercy and love and the black-and-white example of a follower of God,, which is why God loved him so much. The existence of Jesus is also stated in other religions.


Main Differences Between Allah and Jesus

  1. Allah is an all-knowing timeless power responsible for creating everything that exists, whereas Jesus was a mortal man who sacrificed himself for humanity.
  2. Allah is the only deity in Islam whereas Jesus is one of the many sons of God and Christianity has many other divine beings.
  3. The birth of Jesus Christ is celebrated as Christmas, whereas Allah has existed longer than the world, and we are all his children.
  4. In Christianity, Jesus is one of the 3 parts that God exists in, whereas Allah is the only divine power in Islam.
  5. Allah is not prone to any accident, disease, sin or injury as he is perfect in every sense of the word but Jesus was very much human and prone to all of the above flaws.
Difference Between Allah and Jesus

Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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