Difference Between Muhammad and Allah

In the World of population, people come from different communities. People follow their religious doctrines with the whole heart.


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Key Takeaways

  1. Allah is the Islamic concept of God, while Muhammad was the founder of Islam and the last prophet in the Islamic tradition.
  2. Muslims believe that Allah is the one true God, while Muhammad is considered a messenger of Allah.
  3. While Muhammad is revered as a prophet and leader in Islam, Allah is considered the ultimate authority and creator of the universe.

Muhammad vs Allah  

Allah is the God who created the world. Allah sent many prophets to the world who instructed muslims. Muslims fast in the month of Ramzan to seek forgiveness from Allah. Muslims pray five times a day to worship Allah. Muhammad is the last prophet of Allah. Muhammad conveyed messages of Allah to the Muslims.

Muhammad vs Allah

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Muhammad is the prophet created by Allah. Islam believes that Muhammad is the person created by Allah. Muhammad was born in Mecca, located in Saudi Arabia. The complete name of Muhammad is Abu al-Qasim Muhammad ibn ‚ÄėAbd Allah ibn Abd al-Mutalib ibn Hashim.

Allah is the god where people of the Muslim community believe. Islamic religion believes that Allah rules the universe with powerful rules. I

Comparison Table  

Parameters of Comparison Muhammad    Allah  
Meaning Muhammad is a prophet of Allah.  Allah is the powerful deity believed by the Islamic religion. 
Originated Muhammad is born in Mecca, located in Saudi Arabia. Allah god believed by the Islamic religion, where he appears everywhere.  
Belief  Islam believes that Muhammad was the person created by Allah. Allah is the deity where Islam believes he is the one who created the planet. 
Doctrines Muhammad is the messenger of Allah who instructs the people.  Allah messages had given by Muhammad where he is the intermediate person between Allah and people.  
Religion Arabic religion, Islamic religion and Muslims believe in Muhammad. Islamic, Muslims, Arabic believe in Allah. 
Language  People had used to speak Arabic as their mother tongue.  People had used to speak Arabic and Urdu as their mother tongue. 

What is Muhammad?  

Muhammad is from the Arabic region and founded the Islamic religion world widely. Islamic and Muslims believe Muhammad is the god person created by the deity in the World. Muhammad is the prophet and messenger of Allah and, Muhammad was born in Mecca, located in Saudi Arabia.

Muslims and Islamic treat Muhammad as a god and follow the instructions given by him. The holy book Quran was written by Muhammad and instruct the people in the name of a deity.     

The complete name of the Muhammad is Abu al-Qasim Muhammad ibn ‚ÄėAbd Allah ibn Abd al-Mutalib ibn Hashim.

On his 13 wives, only 2 gives birth to the children. Muhammad confirms the monotheistic teachings of Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Adam and other prophets.   


What is Allah?  

Allah is the deity believed by the Islamic religion. Muslims believe that Allah was the creator of the Universe and Allah was invisible to humans until the day of Judgment. Islamic and Muslims celebrate the Ramzan, believing that Allah can save them from sins by donating.

Muslims believe that Allah created the Globe in six days and sent Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, Jesus, and Muhammad as Prophets. Muslims believe that Goddess sends the prophets to worship only Allah and rejected idolatry, polytheism.   

The faith of all Muslims is obedience to Allah will. Abraham was the father of Allah, where Muslims pronounce as Ibrahim. Allah is the Arabic word for God where Arabic-speaking Christians, Jews and Muslims worship.

IEven all the Muslims and most Christians follow and believe in Allah but, their understandings are different. Muslims believe that deity had no race, no gender, no offspring towards human life. Muslims worship Islamic facts.  


Main Differences Between Muhammad and Allah  

  1. Muhammad is a prophet of God where Allah is the deity worshipped by Islamic, Muslims and Jews.  
  2. Muhammad is a god created human born in 570 AD, where Allah is the creator.  
Difference Between Muhammad and Allah
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