The End of The Christmas Story – History of Xmas and Jesus

The Christmas tale, even though a short one, is one that brings great joy, peace, and excellent news.

Out of the 27 books located in the New Testament section of the Bible, the Christmas story is only found in the writings of Luke and Matthew, who were Jesus’ disciples and allies.

It is deemed to be a short one, since it is only told in only two out of twenty-four books of Luke, and two of the 28 sections of Matthew.

The two stories, as expressed by Matthew and Luke, are similar as both Luke and Matthew end their tale with the story of Jesus, Joseph, and Mary getting back to Nazareth alive.

However, Christians have confidence in Christmas being the commencement of the fascinating life of Jesus

Christians project that the most significant thing about the Christmas story is the ‘mas’ part, which is propelled to be the Mass of Jesus Christ.

Mass is deemed as communion and a way of worship when Christians around the world recall when Jesus lived a human life.

Christmas is a period of remembrance of how Christ became a human being, and gladly died for the sake of our sins, and to bring the human race closer to God.

Christians also celebrate the fact that Christ came to life three days later. Generally, Christmas is a way of remembering the birth of the savior-Jesus Christ.

Thus, it would be fit to say that there is the end of the Christmas story? Definitely no, because nothing ever remained the same after the first Christmas, which is the birth of Jesus Christ.

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You can find more about the life of Jesus in the Bible. Christmas brings about feelings of sharing, love, and tenderness.

A parent can confirm that such attitudes come with a successful birth, and without a doubt, Jesus’ birth was extraordinary.


The story of the birth of Jesus is a rather short story but one of great joy in the Bible, ending with the small family returning to Nazareth to live there, but many Christians think this was just the beginning.

The most important thing at Christmas to Christians is the “mas” in Christmas – the Mass of Christ.

A Christian act of worshiping Jesus in this case, and remembering how he died at the cross for man’s sins.

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End of The Christmas Story

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