Geico vs Liberty Mutual Home Insurance: Difference and Comparison

Insurance companies provide various services to their customers, which helps in one or another ways. They have all the coverage and offers. While some have better rates, others have different coverages and customer services.


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Two popular insurance companies in the United States are Liberty Mutual Home Insurance and Geico. Based on their coverages and rates, the customers are rating them. 

Key Takeaways

  1. GEICO offers competitively priced home insurance policies, often with lower premiums than Liberty Mutual.
  2. Liberty Mutual provides a greater variety of coverage options and endorsements for customization.
  3. GEICO is known for its user-friendly digital tools and customer service, while Liberty Mutual emphasizes personalized service through local agents.

Geico vs Liberty Mutual Home Insurance 

Geico is a large insurance company that has its headquarters in Maryland and was founded over 80 years ago by David Lloyd George. It is known for its auto insurance services. Liberty Mutual Home Insurance is the fourth largest insurance company in the US, with its headquarters in Massachusetts.

Geico vs Liberty Mutual Home Insurance

It is headquartered in Chevy Chase, Maryland, and was founded by David Lloyd George. Geico is more popular than Grange Insurance and has been around for 80 years.

It is a bit more expensive than Grange and has limited liability coverages in the States. Geico is highly rated for its offers and its auto insurance services.

Liberty Mutual Home Insurance is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, United States is an insurance company that is the fourth largest in the US and has a branch in 29 countries.

Founded in 1912, they offer many services and discounts for their valued customers. They are slightly more expensive than Geico and provide various insurance such as for cars and houses.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonGeicoLiberty Mutual Home Insurance
Roadside assistanceA mobile app of Geico can be used for Geico roadside emergency service that will help in towing the car, help if you have a dead battery or flat tire.Offering 24-hour service, Liberty offers services like fuel delivery, repair facility, unlocking vehicle doors, jump starts, etc.
Customer experienceGeico has better customer shopping experiences, better claim satisfaction, and better rental experiences.Liberty Insurance has more customer complaints, offers below-average claims satisfaction and call center experience.
About themHeadquartered in  Chevy Chase, Maryland, doesn’t rely on independent agents and follow direct-to-customer sales model to provide superior services to their customers.Headquartered in Boston, the United States, Liberty mutual insurance provides drivers with many discounts and services which they can customize. The customization allows them to pay only for what they need.
Additional discountsProvides discount for federal employees, on vehicles with daytime running lights.Provides many discounts such as discounts for new Teen, good payers, newly independents, etc. Offering some benefits like accident forgiveness, liberty also allows the drivers to lock in their rate.
Customer servicesWith a Customer portal, chat function on the website, and mobile app, Geico has 24/7 customer service for any insurance question.With only a portal and mobile app, Liberty insurance has limited hours for policy and sales questions but also a 24/7 claims line.

What is Geico?

Geico is a retail insurance company founded in 1936. It offers car insurance with other insurances like flood, identity, overseas, motorcycle, general liability, commercial auto insurance, etc.

They are much more popular than Grange Insurance and have a wide range of offers and services. The liability service provided by Geico is limited in some states.

Even if the vehicle doesn’t have collision coverage, they can still get the vehicle fixed. They are offering services in more than 18,000 locations in the US.

They have high prices, but they also have some rates which have more coverage at less cost. They depend from location to location. It is the second-largest private passenger auto insurer in the US.

It has more than 40,000 associates and has 17 major offices around the country.

geico 1

What is Liberty Mutual Home Insurance?

Founded in 1912, Liberty Mutual Insurance is the fourth-largest insurance company in the US. It serves in 29 countries and is known for its best coverages, values, services, and costs.

They have a customer portal and app where customers can get a service for their claims and further information. They have limited customer support services, but the claims line is available 24/7. 

They are a bit more expensive than Geico and provide many additional discounts to the drivers. Drivers can avail of discounts if they buy the insurance online, and they also get the benefit of customizing the plan to pay only for what they want.

Also, some additional benefits like road assistance services are also given by them.

liberty mutual home insurance

Main Differences Between Geico and Liberty Mutual Home Insurance 

  1. Geico offers road assistance through a mobile app service where you can request service, and they will assist them in any kind of Emergency Roadside services, whereas Liberty Insurance provides 24-hour services for the car services such as repair facility, fuel delivery, unlocking of the car, etc.
  2. Geico has additional discounts for federal employees and also policy features of accident forgiveness, whereas Liberty provides additional discounts to newly teens, newly independents, and benefits like accident forgiveness.
  3. Also, the ‘Buy Online Now’ option for drivers qualifies them for additional discounts.
  4. Geico provides exceptional services along with superior coverage for customers using their direct-to-customer sales model, whereas Liberty has limited hours for sales and policy questions.
  5. Geico has a mobile app, chat support function on the website where customers can chat for their services, and also a customer portal, whereas Liberty Insurance has only an online portal and app for customers.
  6. Geico has better customer shopping experiences, better claim satisfaction, and better rental experiences, whereas Liberty Mutual insurance has below-average customer satisfaction for claims and shopping experiences.

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