Difference Between Amica Home Insurance and Geico Home Insurance

Many insurance companies are evolved in this century. Amica and Geico are two different types of home insurance. Home insurance is an essential one for sudden happenings. Both of them provide many benefits and advantages.


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Amica Home Insurance vs Geico Home Insurance

Amica offers a wider range of coverage options, including identity theft coverage, home business coverage, etc. GEICO offers more basic coverage options, including dwelling coverage, personal property coverage, and liability coverage. Amica offers discounts for security services, unlike GEICO.

Amica Home Insurance vs Geico Home Insurance

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The name of Amica home insurance company is Amical mutual insurance company. The headquarters of Amica Mutual Insurance is located in Lincoln. In 1907, the Amica Insurance is established.

In the United States, Amica Home Insurance is the oldest insurance providing company. Amica Mutual Insurance company is known for its financial strength and customer services.

Amica Life insurance company, Amica property and casualty insurance company, and Amica general agency are the subsidiaries of Amica Mutual insurance company.

Home insurance is more important than owning a home. Home insurance provides financial protection to your home. Home insurance is also called homeowners insurance.

The GEICO stands for Government Employees Insurance Company. The Geico insurance company is the second-largest company in the United States.

The Headquarters of Geico is located in Maryland in the United States. In 1936, The Geico insurance company was founded. Around 40,000 employees are working in Geico insurance company.

Comparison Table

Parameters of comparisonAmica Home InsuranceGeico Home Insurance
Personal property coverageAmica home insurance cover 75% of dwellingGeico home insurance cover 70% of dwelling
Monthly priceThe monthly price of Amica home insurance is $94The monthly price of Geico home insurance is $116
DiscountsAmica home insurance provides five discountsGeico home insurance provides three discounts
Unique featuresAmica home insurance have catastrophic coveragesGeico home insurance have valuable collections
Fraud monitoringAvailable in Amica home insuranceNot available in Geico home insurance

What is Amica Home Insurance?

Amica Home insurance has many coverages. They are dwelling coverage, other structures coverage, personal property coverage, personal liability coverage, and loss of use coverage.

The dwelling coverage includes damage caused by natural disasters like the wind. It also covers fire accidents. The other structure’s coverages include sheds and fences.

The personal property covers your furniture and electronics. The personal Liability coverages include accidents to your loved ones or your important objects. The loss of use coverage provides temporary housing and rental expenses.

Amica Home Insurance also provides extended home insurance coverage.

They are dwelling replacement coverage, personal property replacement coverage, valuable items coverage, catastrophic coverages, Identify fraud expense coverage, and home business coverage.

The dwelling replacement coverage provides an additional 30% limit. The personal property replacement coverage will provide the full expense for repairing the products. The valuable item coverage protects your valuable things.

The catastrophic coverages protect natural disasters. The fraud expense coverage helps to identify fraud influences. The home business coverage includes the business running in the home.

Amica Insurance Company provides premier home coverage. The platinum choice of Amica is an excellent feature. It is a convenient package.

Along with the above-mentioned features, platinum also includes water backup, computer storage, credit card coverage, and medical payments.

What is Geico Home Insurance?

The Geico insurance company has the best home insurance packages. Home insurance is an investment for your family. Geico home insurance provides various coverages.

They are property damage coverage, personal property coverage, and jewelry coverage. The property damage covers the damage caused by wind and fire.

The personal property coverage includes furniture, clothes, and electronics. The jewelry coverage includes all your valuable jewelry. These three are the important features of Geico home insurance.

Geico home insurance also covers personal liability, medical bills, and additional expenses. Personal liability includes personal liability issues.

The medical expenses cover all the expenses for the medicines and treatments. The additional expenses include the extra cost that you have not experienced before.

The three discounts provided by Geico home insurance are multi-policy discount, home security system discount, and fire extinguishers. It is an easy way to get home insurance in Geico.

Getting a quote is the first step, and the second and final step is your policy services and claims.

Geico also provides various insurance like renters insurance, condo insurance, mobile home insurance, landlord insurance, and flood insurance. The umbrella insurance is a unique add-on in Geico insurance.

The umbrella insurance protects from accidents and lawsuits. Geico home insurance is known for its financial strength and ratings for the company.

First-time homebuyers and Current homeowners must need home insurance for the protection of their property.

Main Differences Between Amica Home Insurance and Geico Home Insurance

  1. Amica home insurance covers 75% of the dwelling, whereas Geico home insurance cover 70% of the dwelling.
  2. The monthly price of Amica home insurance is $94, but The monthly price of Geico home insurance is $116.
  3. Amica home insurance provides five discounts, whereas Geico home insurance provides three discounts.
  4. The unique feature of Amico home insurance have catastrophic coverages, and Geico home insurance has valuable collections.
  5. Amica home insurance has a fraud monitoring feature, whereas Geico home insurance has no fraud monitoring option.
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