Root Car Insurance vs Geico Insurance: Difference and Comparison

Car insurance is essential for every driver and car. Car insurance protects a huge expense by investing regularly. If any accident occurs, it provides coverage over all the injuries and damage caused.


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There are two main companies in the car insurance industry, that is Root Car Insurance and Geico Insurance.

Key Takeaways

  1. Root Car Insurance uses telematics to determine premiums based on driving behavior, while Geico Insurance uses traditional factors such as age and location.
  2. Root Car Insurance is only available in select states, while Geico Insurance is available nationwide.
  3. Root Car Insurance offers a mobile app that tracks driving behavior and provides improvement tips, while Geico Insurance does not.

Root Car Insurance vs Geico Insurance

The difference between Root Car Insurance and Geico Car Insurance is that Root Car Insurance works on the principle of providing insurance according to the way the driver drives the car. In contrast, Geico works on the principle of the demographic information model rather than focusing on individual plans.

Root Car Insurance vs Geico Insurance

Root car insurance provides insurance based on the driving behaviour of the driver. It works on the technology which determines the speed, braking patterns, and driving consistency and provides customizable insurance plans.

It also allows the customers to make changes to the policy according to their needs and current situation. In contrast, Geico Insurance provides drivers with a standard insurance policy and does not follow the principle of personalization for every driver.

Geico Insurance caters best coverage plans along with add-ons like Mechanical Breakdown Insurance (MBI), emergency roadside assistance, rideshare insurance, rental car reimbursement, and several other discounts apart from the regular plan to the customers.

Comparison Table

Parameters of comparisonRoot Car InsuranceGeico Insurance
PrincipleProvides customizable premium based on the driving skillsProvides standard plans for every driver
Policies coveredCovers all damages that could be caused in an accidentApart from regular policies of injury and damage, it offers additional perks
Multiple vehiclesCovers only carsCovers vehicles like cars, bikes, watercraft, boats, collector cars, etc
Roadside assistanceProvides roadside assistance with every policy Roadside assistance is available and should be requested by the user to avail
Special discountsDiscounts to good drivers and use of semi-autonomous vehicles Discount to federal employees and military service members

What is Root Car Insurance?

The Root car insurance has been running since 2015. It is the first car insurance company to adjust premiums based on the driving skills of the driver. It also provides discounts on semi-autonomous vehicles and drivers who use Autosteer mode, especially Tesla.

Root car insurance functions on its mobile app. The drivers need to take the driving test on the mobile app of root car insurance, which detects driving patterns like gentle turning, smooth braking, and driving during safe hours to generate a good score.

The driving score achieved at the end of the test determines the type of discount offered on the premium. The car insurance company has the lowest rates in the entire market as it is personalized.

Good drivers are rewarded with the best prices, but drivers with not the best driving habits will not be able to get covered under Root. Root Car Insurance also provides special emergency roadside assistance free of cost.

The company covers almost all the damages likely to be caused by an accident. It is only available in 30 states which is a drawback. Root Insurance also provides a bonus to the customers on referring Root to a friend.

root car insurance

What is Geico Insurance?

Geico Insurance has been in the car insurance industry since 1936 to provide coverage policies to drivers. Geico Insurance offers standard plans for every driver, whether of a bike, car, or boat.

Apart from the regular policies, Geico Insurance is known for its unmatchable additional perks like Mechanical Breakdown Insurance (MBI), emergency roadside assistance, rideshare insurance, and rental car reimbursement, which most car insurance companies do not commonly offer.

Geico Insurance has a personal mobile app that detects the driving habits of the driver, like distractions during driving, braking and speed patterns, road type, and others, to provide additional discounts on the ongoing premium. It also provides a special discount to federal employees and military service members.

Most customers do complain about the poor functioning of the mobile app while appreciating the widespread coverage options provided. It is renowned for its low rates and high policy limits for all kinds of drivers. It has also been rated A++ in financial strength by AM Best.

Apart from car insurance, Geico Insurance provides coverage policies in various domains like property, jewellery, life, travel, pet, renters, business, and personal watercraft insurance policies. Geico offers affordable premium rates when compared to other insurance companies.

geico car insurance

Main Differences Between Root Car Insurance and Geico Insurance

  1. Root car insurance provides policies based on driving skills, while Geico insurance offers standard plans for every driver.
  2. Drivers with good driving habits are eligible for root car insurance policies, while Geico insurance provides coverage to every driver.
  3. Root car insurance provides coverage to only car drivers, while Geico insurance offers coverage to drivers of cars, bikes, boat watercraft, collector cars, and multiple other vehicles.
  4. Root Car Insurance offers special discounts to drivers with good driving habits and semi-autonomous vehicle drivers, while Geico Insurance caters for discounts on premiums to federal employees and military service members.
  5. Root car insurance offers policies to cover possible damages and injuries caused in an accident, while Geico Insurance offers additional perks along with regular policies.
  6. Root car insurance is available only in 30 states, while Geico insurance is available in all the US states.
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