Difference Between Harley Davidson Insurance and Geico

Some people consider their bikes no less than a family member. They maintain and protect it just like they do for a human being.

But sometimes these vehicles suffer damage and the owner incurs heavy loss due to that incident. In times like these, a person having a good insurance plan manages to recover from such loss easily.  

Harley Davidson Insurance and Geico are two of the most popular insurance companies covering losses for two-wheelers. To find the most suitable one, one needs to differentiate between the two. 

Harley Davidson Insurance vs Geico 

The main difference between Harley Davidson Insurance and Geico is that these two companies are entirely different from each other in terms of services offered and conduct performed. Their insurance products differ from one another widely.  

Harley Davidson Insurance vs Geico

The Harley Davidson Insurance is an affiliate of Harley Davidson Inc. They offer insurance and assistance services for all types of bikes, even the customized ones too.

Operating in around 48 states of the United States, the company specializes in offering services for Harley Davidson bikes mainly. 

Comparison Table Between Harley Davidson Insurance and Geico 

Parameters of Comparison Harley Davidson Insurance Geico 
Definition  Harley Davidson Insurance is a bike insurance company that offers services related to insurance covers etc.   Geico is an acronym that stands for Government Employees Insurance Company. It is one of the most popular auto insurance companies in the USA. 
Parent Company Harley Davidson Insurance is a company under the Harley Davidson Inc.  Geico is an insurance company under Berkshire Hathaway.  
Established in Gradually developed under the parent company as a subsidiary. Year 1936. 
Operations  It operates only in 48 states of U.S. It does not write services in Alaska, Hawaii and Washington D.C.  It operates in all 50 U.S. states along with the District of Columbia. 
Best Suitable for People with Harley Davidson bikes or with bikes having custom parts.  For people looking for a more affordable insurance policy.  
Specialization  Harley Davidson Insurance offers special insurance packages for Harley Davidson bikes.  No such specialised services. 

What is Harley Davidson Insurance?  

Harley Davidson Insurance is a subsidiary company owned and managed by Harley Davidson Inc. The company offers insurance schemes for Harley Davidson bikes especially.

But it also offers services for people having other bikes. The only requirement is that the bike should not be older than 25 years at the time of the insurance.   

The insurance quotes offered by this company are slightly expensive than that of its counterparts but can be worth every penny if we look at the services offered.   

The company offers insurance and claims services just like the other companies, but there are some services, which are nowhere seen. Such services are-  

  1. Insurance for a specific motorcycle called as an autocycle.  
  2. Insurance for custom parts attached to the bike.  
  3. Road assistance policies such as locksmith services or tire replacement. 
  4. Insurance cover includes food and lodging if the accident takes place about 100 Kilometers away from their home. It is a safe option for those who like going on long road trips.  
  5. Finance services and extended dealership plan along with the insurance cover. (Which means you can get your purchase financed from the same company)  

However, if a person is looking for a bundle auto and bike insurance or looking for much affordable insurance, Harley Davidson insurance might not be the ideal choice.   

What is Geico? 

Geico is a subsidiary company owned by Berkshire Hathway, involved in providing motor insurance to people at affordable rates. The company offers services in every state of the U.S. and runs 17 major offices across the country for better customer service.   

The company is known as the second-largest insurance company in the U.S. it is most popular for its wide variety of services offered at a very affordable price.

The major USP of the company is that it offers its services widely over online means and over the phone. Therefore, it is preferred by people who do not wish to recourse to an agent for their insurance.   

The company allows the buyers to bundle their auto and bike insurance into one, reducing the cost to some extent. However, the company has no policy for securing customized vehicles.   

The company offers many discount policies and has lower customer complaint records. This implies that the customers are mostly satisfied with its services.   

Main Difference Between Harley Davidson Insurance and Geico  

  1. Harley Davidson Insurance is a company registered under Harley Davidson Inc. and Geico is a subsidiary under Berkshire Hathway.  
  2. Harley Davidson Insurance offers insurance services for bikes only while Geico offers services for both two-wheelers and four-wheelers.   
  3. Harley Davidson Insurance is an ideal choice for people who are looking for insurance add-ons or insurance for customized bikes, and Geico is an ideal choice for those who wish to bundle their auto and bike insurance at lesser rates.   
  4. Harley Davidson Insurance is not available in Laska, Hawaii, and Washington D.C. On the other hand, Geico offers services in all the states along with the district of Columbia.   
  5. Harley Davidson Insurance is relatively expansive than Geico.   


Finding an insurance plan is not about best or worst, but more of a requirement check thing. Choosing between Harley Davidson Insurance and Geico depends upon what a person expects from his insurance plan.  

Harley Davidson Insurance is a good choice if needed for custom parts of the bike along with a few dd Ons such as roadside services, food & lodging expenses for far away accidents and financing options etc. But it may not be the perfect choice for people having budget constraints and for people wanting to bundle two types of insurances.   

While on the other hand, Geico can be a good option if a comparatively affordable and less expensive insurance plan is sought. And for people looking for a plan where they get to join their auto and bike insurance, Geico is a better option as it allows them to do so.   


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