Elephant Insurance vs GEICO: Difference and Comparison

Insurance is an agreement that bounds the insurer, and the insured enter into a legal agreement. The agreement promises to the insured person that in the happening of any contingency, the insurer will make good the losses.

The agreement is known as an insurance policy. This policy tends to protect us from financial losses, and this is known as risk management.

Key Takeaways

  1. Elephant Insurance is a smaller, UK-based company, whereas Geico is a large, US-based insurance provider with broader coverage options.
  2. Geico offers a wider range of discounts and bundling options, potentially lowering premiums.
  3. Due to its smaller size, Elephant Insurance may provide more personalized customer service, but Geico has a more extensive network of agents and repair shops.

Elephant Insurance vs GEICO

Elephant is an American car insurance company that also offers roadside assistance. It has online services, sells policies directly to consumers and is only available in limited cities of the U.S. GEICO is a private American auto insurance company that is available all throughout the U.S.

Elephant Insurance vs GEICO

The Elephant Insurance company came up with online services for vehicles and driver coverage. The website offered 24/7 services to its consumers and solved their grievances as soon as possible.

The company is all set to offer every service that its audience needs. The company has its services in limited regions of the U.S.

While GEICO entered with a niche target of government and military employees understanding the market need and then slowly expanding its consumer base, introducing an app with a virtual assistant who can assist the consumer when in need.

GEICO has its services offered to cover the majority or the whole of the U.S.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonElephant insuranceGEICO
Target audienceGenericU.S. government and military employees
ServicesOnlineEarlier offline
AgentsNo agentsExclusive agents  
Presence Limited areas of the U.S. All over the U.S.

What is Elephant Insurance?

Established in 2009, Elephant Insurance entered the market as the new player in the field of competitors. The company differentiates itself not only by its name but also by the online services offered. Rather than using traditional independent storefronts, it sells policies directly to consumers.

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The company’s website says that this insurer’s name is meant to symbolize the traits that Elephant Insurance is known for. This symbol describes certain attributes of the company that it is being big, strong, kind, and caring.

Elephant insurance has its availability limited in the United States. Its policies are only available in Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Ohio, Tennessee, and Texas. 

Online tools can be used to add or remove vehicles and drivers, change coverage amounts, or make other adjustments to their policies and information through the Elephant website 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

It also offers a quote tool on its website, allowing users to get a rate estimate by entering basic information about themselves and their vehicle. The company also has company representatives who are available either by telephone or through live chat on the company website.

It additionally offers limits for packaging accident protection with mortgage holders, tenants, or different approaches, alongside a multi-vehicle rebate for people or families with more than one vehicle.

Notwithstanding auto and cruiser protection, Elephant offers emergency aides inclusion, with administrations, for example, towing, a kick-off, lock-out assistance, crisis fuel, and help with a punctured tire.

Past the domain of vehicles, Elephant composes approaches for property holders, leaseholders, and apartment suite proprietors. It likewise offers disaster protection and umbrella inclusion.

elephant insurance

What is GEICO? 

GEICO stands for Government Employees Insurance Company. The name has its own story. When the company began, the founder, Leo Goodwin, first decided to keep U.S. government employees and military personnel as its target audience.

Today, the company has expanded its consumer base by offering services to a wide range of customers.

The company was introduced in the year 1936 and since then, it has offered its services to the U.S. military with the most affordable insurance options, as they believe that the troops offer an important service to our country.

The company offers them special discount programs and service options. Thus it partners with various institutions like federal, state, and local agencies, and it doesn’t stop here, it also partners with private, non-profit groups to deliver the message of driving safely. 

GEICO’S most popular service is Private passenger auto insurance.

Apart from this, it also provides various other services like motorcycle, ATV, life insurance, boat insurance, jewellery insurance, renters, business owners, mobile home insurance, personal umbrella protection, general liability insurance, flood insurance, overseas insurance, commercial auto insurance, collector car insurance, professional liability insurance, identity protection, homeowners.

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The company has its mobile app. The app was created to offer valuable service to the consumer with easy access to their insurance information. It also offers immediate access to roadside assistance, a virtual assistant, and digital ID cards.

The company says that it never sells its products through any brokers or agencies. It has exclusive local agents for GEICO and partner companies. These local agents are individuals who go into different businesses to represent the company.


Main Differences Between Elephant Insurance and GEICO

  1. GEICO was established in 1936, while elephant insurance came into the market quite late by 2009. 
  2. The target audience for GEICO at first was U.S. government and military employees. In contrast, Elephant Insurance did not have any specific target audience like GEICO.
  3. Elephant Insurance disrupted the insurance market with its online services. 
  4. GEICO has an app offering various services.
  5. GEICO has its exclusive local agents with the specific objective of generating leads. 
  6. Elephant Insurance has its presence over limited areas of the U.S., while GEICO has its presence all over the U.S.
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Last Updated : 15 July, 2023

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23 thoughts on “Elephant Insurance vs GEICO: Difference and Comparison”

  1. The rich history and unique approach of Elephant and Geico highlight their individual contributions to the insurance industry. It’s a matter of understanding the specific advantages each insurer offers to consumers.

  2. Comparing Elephant and Geico reveals the variety of options and services available for consumers with diverse needs. Each insurer has its unique selling points.

  3. Elephant’s focus on online services and limited availability is an interesting approach. On the other hand, Geico’s extensive network and special discount programs set it apart.

  4. It is important to understand the terms and the coverage of both Elephant and Geico insurances before making a purchase decision.

    • Absolutely, insurance is a complex subject and comparing Elephant and Geico’s offerings is essential for choosing the best fit. It’s crucial to know exactly what each insurance policy covers.

  5. The comparison table provides a quick overview of the differences between Elephant and Geico. It seems that Geico has a wider audience while Elephant has personalized customer service.

  6. The approach of Elephant Insurance in offering personalized customer service and online tools is intriguing. It’s refreshing to see such innovation in the insurance industry.

  7. The expansion strategies and coverage limitations of Elephant and Geico play a crucial role in shaping their market presence and consumer reach.

    • The distinct insurance options and services offered by Elephant and Geico reflect the evolving dynamics of the insurance sector.

    • Absolutely, analyzing the market strategies and consumer-centric approaches of Elephant and Geico is vital for potential policyholders.

  8. The availability of online tools and customer service of Elephant and the historical foundation of GEICO showcase the diverse strategies in the insurance market.

    • Absolutely, the innovative approaches of Elephant and the extensive services of GEICO contribute to the complexity of choosing insurance.

    • Understanding the specific needs and expectations of customers is crucial for both Elephant and Geico to retain their market positions.

  9. The different service offerings and geographical presence of Elephant and Geico showcase the intricate landscape of the insurance industry.

  10. Both Elephant and Geico have distinct features and historical backgrounds. It’s important to weigh the pros and cons of each insurer before choosing one.


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