Apartment vs Townhouse: Difference and Comparison

We all have lived in hotels, rented rooms, and other such kinds of places in our lives, but there is no more satisfaction than staying at your home. It is yet one of the best places in the world.

However, homes like rented apartments, bungalows, owned townhouses, and other things can be different.

Well, a townhouse is a name called, especially in the United States, and they are large than an apartment. However, some differences differ, and size is one of them.

A townhouse and an apartment are two of the most common houses people live in.

Key Takeaways

  1. Apartments are residential units part of a larger building complex, where walls, floors, and ceilings separate each unit. At the same time, townhouses are multi-level, attached units that share a wall with adjacent units.
  2. Apartments have shared amenities like a pool, gym, and laundry facilities, while townhouses have individual private entrances and outdoor spaces.
  3. Apartments are rented out, while townhouses can be rented or owned, offering more privacy and space than apartments.

Apartment vs Townhouse

The difference between an apartment and a townhouse is that townhouses are larger than an apartment and have more than two bedrooms.

A townhouse has more like a traditional look than an apartment. However, both are equally good, and it is up to the people to choose according to their preferences.

Apartment vs Townhouse

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonApartmentTownhouse
MeaningAn apartment is a property that is attached to a property.A townhouse, on the other hand, can be freestanding or attached.
TerraceAn apartment does not come with a terrace.A townhouse has a terrace.
Rented or OwnedAn apartment can be both rented and owned.On the other hand, a townhouse can also be rented and owned.
ExpensiveAn apartment is less expensive than a townhouse.A townhouse is more expensive than an apartment.
AccommodationAn apartment has two bedrooms and can accommodate a single family.A townhouse can easily accommodate a single family.

What is Apartment?

An apartment is a self-contained house unit occupied by only a part of a building.

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An apartment building is larger, and apartments can be rented and owned, but mostly they are rented.

Apartments can be expensive according to their size and furnishings because if you are looking for an apartment fully furnished with 3-4 BHK, they will be quite expensive.

While on the other hand, if you are looking for semi-furnished with 1-2 BHK, they will be less expensive.

If you want to own an apartment, it depends on several parameters, but the parameters can keep changing, and even the cost can keep changing.

So, many people rent an apartment and pay a monthly EMI for their living which becomes very economical for middle-class families.

An apartment has not more than three bedrooms with a kitchen and bathrooms on the same level for a single family to live in.

Apartments are one of the oldest forms of housing structure and are considered to have dated back to Ancient Rome.

Most wealthy people lived in apartments during that period where the lower levels were for them, and the higher levels were for their servants.

So, one can say that the idea of apartments came from the people of Rome, unlike a townhouse from England.


What is Townhouse?

On the other hand, a townhouse can also be rented or owned property. A townhouse is larger than an apartment, so it can be more expensive than an apartment.

A townhouse has a terrace in it, and they are freestanding.

A townhouse can also be attached to another townhouse because freestanding townhouses are more expensive to live in. It is the wealthy people who can afford the freestanding townhouse.

But, what most people do is rent out their townhouse, and the owner gets a monthly fee from the tenants because they reside on the owner’s property.

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Townhouses can be single or double-storied, unlike apartments which are single. Townhouses are also a perfect choice for accommodation for a single family, and the rooms are quite spacious.

One of the advantages of living in a townhouse is that there is a high chance that you will have your yard, which is not offered to people living in an apartment.

But, some apartments will give some access to parks, swimming pools, spas, and other such kinds of stuff.

However, there is no disadvantage to living in an apartment because there will also be other families living beside you, which means there is a high-security level.


Main Differences Between An Apartment And A Townhouse

  1. Apartments can be owned or rented, and a townhouse can be owned or rented simultaneously.
  2. Townhouses are freestanding, but they can come with attached also, whereas an apartment is attached to other properties for rent.
  3. Apartments do not come with an attached terrace or a yard.
  4. On the other hand, a townhouse comes with a terrace and, in most cases, a personal yard.
  5. Some advantages of living in an apartment are that people can access several amenities and security and will have less maintenance.
  6. Living in a townhouse can be more expensive than living in an apartment.
Difference Between Apartment and Townhouse
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Last Updated : 11 June, 2023

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