Townhouse vs Duplex: Difference and Comparison

Townhouses and duplexes are two different kinds of settlements developed for residents in real estate. A townhouse consists of a large terraced house in an area.

A duplex is a living space divided into two and can be entered using two doors. They can also be called twin houses.

Key Takeaways

  1. A townhouse is a type of residential building that shares one or more walls with adjacent units and has multiple floors, resembling a narrow, vertical single-family home.
  2. A duplex is a residential building containing two separate living units that share a common wall or are divided by a floor, with each unit having its separate entrance.
  3. The main difference between townhouses and duplexes lies in the number of units and their layout, with townhouses consisting of a row of connected units and duplexes containing only two units, one above or beside the other.

Townhouse vs Duplex

A townhouse is a term used to describe a type of residential property that has multiple floors and shares one or two walls with adjacent units. A duplex is a term used to describe a type of building that contains two separate units with their own entrances, side by side.

Townhouse vs

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Townhouses were considered luxury living in Western countries. When a townhouse is built, a person’s facilities are enormous compared to a normal home.

A primarily residential area is promised here. It contains multiple floors that can be used for a variety of purposes.

A duplex is a residential space built for 1-2 families. It is also known as a twin house.

The speciality of duplexes is that multiple people can live privately in a single arrangement. A duplex is a single home which can be accessed using two doors.

These two doors have some rooms in common, but some are attached privately.


Comparison Table

Parameter of ComparisonTownhouseDuplex
IdeaThe basic idea of the townhouse is to increase people’s ease by living in a vast space.The idea of duplexes is to provide an additional space for people to share or rent extra rooms.
Number of housesA single large home is promised with multiple floors.A house can be divided into two or two similar spaces to make a duplex home.
InvestmentA significant investment is made to build a townhouse.Comparatively, duplexes are cheaper than townships.
FacilitiesSince they have ample space, each house department will be elaborate; hence, the facilities are also high.Only the house structure is present in the duplex. All the rest needs have to be satisfied externally.
ExpensesAs the space is vast, maintaining it takes a lot of time and energy. So this costs high.Since only a house is allotted for the residents, the expenses are comparatively low.


What is Townhouse?

Townhouses are large houses that are used for both residential and commercial businesses. They are houses built for families to reside and other commercial corporations for all their requirements.

With this, the residents enjoy a vast space as a home and have a lavish life. Townhouses are commonly seen in Western countries.

It takes a very high capital investment to build a townhouse. So, many budding real estate builders become a part of the investment by giving the builders a share.

The rest are given by other shareholders. And hence, they get a good amount from the profit of selling these spaces.

Investing in the next space will also be simple for them.

Besides searching for a better living space, people all over the globe consider townhouses as a symbol of pride. Many people own townhouses to spend holidays well.

People need their social status to be high. This is guaranteed by the builders when townhouses are built.

The advertisements for these constructions are very posh, so buyers fall for them.


What is Duplex?

A duplex is a structure built by combining two living spaces. They are commonly called twin houses.

Twin houses are the ones that have similar spaces in both of them. Their construction work is somewhat similar, and a familiar passage connects them.

This familiar passage allows people to access both of these homes.

The name duplex also suggests that two houses are present in a single structure. Duplexes are profitable for buyers because they are available at a lower cost than buying two houses separately.

Also, they can maintain it as a single home because of its’ familiar passage.

The separate space provided can be used as an extra space or can be given for rent. This passage can be blocked if both parties agree.

Also, this space can be used for leisure activities and extra activities like tuition and classes. So people buying such a construction have the advantage of obtaining ample space that can be used for various operations.

Duplex houses are budget-friendly assets. They can be bought and sold quickly.

They are always worth the amount that has to be spent on them. Nowadays, they can be seen as apartments and flats.

All these structures promise an extra space from the typical ones.

Main Differences Between Townhouse and Duplex

  1. The target of townhouses is to increase the ease of buyers by providing huge spaces. Duplexes concentrate on expanding the area that a typical home has.
  2. Many floors and related amenities in a house make it a townhouse. Two houses that have a common link are the speciality of duplexes.
  3. For building a townhouse, investors have to spend a considerable amount. A duplex does not require such massive amounts and hence are budget plans.
  4. Many facilities, such as gymnasiums and swimming pools, can be added to a townhouse since they have many floors. No extra facilities are built with duplexes. They have to be arranged separately.
  5. The maintenance cost is high for a townhouse and comparatively low for a duplex.
Difference Between Townhouse and

Last Updated : 11 June, 2023

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