Difference Between Erie Insurance and Geico

Life can never be predicted, so it is always advised to be prepared to meet any losses (accidents or finance-related) that can occur at any point in time. Here is where insurance comes in handy. Insurance can help you to effectively manage the losses. One must always have their insurance ready to be redeemed to overcome their losses.

Erie Insurance vs Geico

The main difference between Erie insurance and Geico insurance is that Erie insurance is a US-based insurance company that provides insurance services in different sectors (Home insurance, auto/vehicle insurance, and life insurance). On the other hand, Geico is an America based insurance provider who offers insurance services primarily for vehicles and such.

Erie Insurance and Geico

Erie insurance is a very popular US-based public insurance company that first commenced its operations in 1925. Presently, Erie insurance is located in several states across the USA. They offer insurance services that include life insurance, vehicle insurance, business insurance, and home insurance. They also have subsidiaries operating under them.

Geico Insurance is a famous subsidiary company of Berkshire Hathaway. Geico insurance offers limited insurance services. Geico is very famous for its vehicle insurance, but they only provide limited discounts. Adding to this, Geico also provides additional services such as reimbursement of cars and so on. Government Employees Insurance Company was founded in the year 1936.

Comparison Table Between Erie Insurance and Geico

Parameters of ComparisonErie InsuranceGeico
MeaningErie Insurance is a US-based public insurance service.Geico is a private US insurance provider that provides auto insurance.
Insurance coverageLife insurance, Vehicle insurance, and home insurance.They only provide auto/vehicle insurance.
FoundedErie Insurance was founded in the year 1925.Geico insurance was founded in the year 1936.
Service offering areasPresently they offer their insurance service across twelve US states and D.C.Geico currently offers its services across fifty US states.
Other benefitsErie Insurance provides unique car insurance where the driver is insured for the whole trip.Geico’s insurance also offers reimbursement service and accidental forgiveness insurance.

 What is Erie Insurance?

Erie Insurance is a government-based insurance service that was founded in the year 1925 which now has grown into a widely popular and go-to insurance service provider in the US. Erie insurance offers insurances such as business insurance, home or property insurance, life insurance and vehicle insurances.

They are a large growing community with almost six thousand employees and around thirteen thousand independent agents working all over the US. The services of Erie insurance extend to over twelve US districts, and the D.C. Erie insurance also has around five subsidiaries that include Flagship city insurance company, Erie property and casualty company, Erie family life insurance company and Erie insurance company.

With regard to Erie insurance company’s business insurance, they have a unique type of insurance called Business auto insurance which helps the business or a firm to get insurance coverage for its commercial use vehicle. They also allow the customers to customize their commercial vehicle insurance, which makes it easy for their customers. Erie also provides insurance coverage for recreational vehicles along with various kinds of discounts. Speaking of property insurance, Erie insurance offers flood insurance, Condo insurance, renters’ insurance, home insurance, personal valuables insurance and motorcycle insurance. Erie provides twenty-four hours of roadside help.

What is Geico?

Geico insurance is a US-based insurance providing company that was founded in the year 1936. Leo Goodwin and Lillian Goodwin are the founders of Geico insurance. They are the second most popular auto insurance providers in the US. Geico primarily deals with auto or vehicle insurance.

Though the abbreviation of Geico is Government Employees Insurance Company, it is a privately managed insurance company. Geico is a subsidiary company of Berkshire Hathaway. Geico insurance operates over almost fifty US states. In terms of pricing, Erie insurance charges a relatively higher cost for its insurance coverage, while Geico is considered to be cheaper than Erie. Geico insurance is very famous for its umbrella insurance that gives coverage for plenty of situations. It helps one to get insurance from lawsuits and liability claims.

Geico insurance is highly recommended to the public by proficient insurers. It also has high ratings and reviews by experts in the field of insurance. Geico insurance company hires local agents who sell their policies on their behalf. These local agents are termed as Geico field representatives. One can also approach the Geico website to know more about their policies and services. Geico agents also provide assistance over call regarding the policies and plans. Same as Erie insurance, Geico also provides roadside assistance for its customers.

Main Differences Between Erie Insurance and Geico

  1. Erie Insurance offers insurance services such as home insurance, vehicle insurance, and life insurance. On the other hand, Geico offers only auto insurance.
  2. Geico insurance serves almost 50 states of the US, whereas Erie insurance extends its service to twelve US states and D.C.
  3. Geico is a popular insurance service subsidiary company of Berkshire Hathaway. Erie insurance is a public type of company.
  4. Geico insurance generally offers cheap insurance services, which also includes rental vehicle reimbursement and damage liability when compared to Erie insurance.
  5. Erie Insurance is a government-based insurance service, whereas Geico insurance is a private insurance company.


Insurance plays a very important role in our life whenever we face any financial losses or accidental losses. Thorough knowledge of insurance and the insurance providing companies helps in proper decision making whenever one tries to get insured for himself or herself. Geico and Erie are two such popular and growing insurance companies in the United States.

Geico is well regarded and is considered to be cheap when compared to Erie insurance company. Erie insurance company provides plenty of policies. Geico insurance has got many positive reviews and is considered to be a good insurance service. Erie insurance is also recommended by many insurance field experts. It is always advised that one must carefully consider their needs and choose the insurance policy that best fits for him or her.


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